Gigabyte GTX 1060 3GB Crypto Mining Benchmarks: ETH/ZEC/XMR

Today i show you the first card of the Mining Benchmark Series, The Gigabyte GTX 1060 3GB did not shock me with the low performance it had on mining coins like Ethereum, ZCash and Monero. It seems not to be worth the $219.99!

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  • Tucker

    i have an fx-8320 and a gtx-670 and on monero i get, with 6 cores on cpu about 120h/s and card about 300h/s, and my rig is 4yrs old, how can this be?

  • Ankush Minhas

    I'm getting 290 Sol/s on my 1060 ( hynix ) ! core:+150 , memory:+500+ & TDP:65%

  • Jaycee

    Can you benchmark the rx 470 4gb and 8gb? My friend is saying he's pulling 22-30 mh/s stock bios, at 60 degrees centigrade.

  • PC Gamex

    sorry but i disagree.. if you have to have this card you should be mining anything apart from ethereum. go for zcash and anything in nicehash. use to nicehash profitability. there you'll see the profit over electricity consumption better than the gtx 1060 6gb, rx 580 and any other expensive cards.

  • Buried ONE Crypto

    It was s*** Hynix Memory

  • void

    why do people even use 1060 for ETH mining? it's pretty useless from the start. RX580 makes approx. 30mh/s. which is the same as 1070.

  • paolo

    I hope you all lose an absurd amount of money just for driving the prices up on graphics cards.

  • Geebin Inc

    You're supposed to downclock the core for ETH, homie.Try -128/+756 for ETH. You'll get better results. Probably around 22 to 23Mh/s

  • Brian

    so the 1060 6g is the way to go but is there one brand that just uses samsung or is it a crap shoot with all brands and memory?

  • Imran shah

    Then which brand card r good for mining in gtx 1060? Which cards r way more better according to you?

  • Khalid Al-Ghamdi

    Please benchmark it with 100 power limit

  • Cynical Fox

    dont mine please your ruining the pc parts market D:

  • Pohodacik 007

    my Gigabyte gtx 1060 - 6 gb is like my EVGA gtx 1060 sc - 6 gb (ETH ZEC).. no diference in HR.. just EVGA is much noisy..

  • c.o.a d

    My 1060 3gb asus give ~300-315 sol/s on zcash 250/460 clock +110 PL

  • ghkbeetle

    I think your resumee about the etherium is wrong. I run several cards of this Gigabyte 3GB 1060 OC versions. Using Claympore DualMiner 10 I do get 24.5 - 24.8mhs @ 70-75 Watt per card when I do use following settings in MSI Afterburner:CV +11; PL 54; TL 80; CC +160; MC +850. No reboots, no restarts since more than a month on 8 cards (Samsung Memory)

  • Aaron Armstrong Skomra

    Great idea for a video series but you have to say you memory and driver version or it's not as useful as a benchmark.

  • shawn meira


  • Ardent Winston

    Hi..i need your advice on OC'ing my GPU ...I'm using zotac GTX 1070 mini 8 GB for mining. I need a stable OC values with temp limits to mine zcash..pls help out..

  • Jessie Evangelista

    hey! its a known issue that 1060 cards with memory other than samsung and micron will perform poorly on ethash.

  • Random Youtuber

    Heated pool part 6! Plz

  • Meherab Alam

    How do you bench mark coins?any tutorials that I can follow?

  • jäänu

    What are you mining right now? The most coins are not very profitable right now....

  • Anuar Ali

    Gigabyte 1060 3g - eth=24 mh, zec=310s, xmr=520h. Memory +700

  • SCZaka

    Hi BuriedOne! What about GTX 1060 6GB. For Monero I got with Power Limit 105, Coreclock +110, Mem Clock +600 = 538 H/s Average. I think 500+ H/s is very very good tho.

  • bear northpole

    It all comes down to hashes per watt.

  • anton72000

    I have a problem. I don't know i should buy a GTX 1060 3GB or GTX 1060 6GB. I will upgrade my rig for the profit. Which one will goes fastest to i can reinvest?. @BuriedONE Cryptomining

  • theRickmeister3

    now costs $365 on amazon

  • Mindaugas Zilius

    core+70 memory+600 I got 280-305sol

  • Robert

    I think 19.8 Mhs isn't too bad. I got "lucky" and bought 20 evga gtx 1060 3gb cards. All have Hynix memory and aren't even capable of mining stable at 19 Mhs. I have to lower the memory offset to - 200 core and 400 memory at 80% power target to get them stable. After having stability issues when mining ubiq with 12 cards rig using SMOS i switched to windows 10 but get only 7 pcs running but not even stable. Pretty annoying stuff. It surely was a waste of money. I should have stick with amd cards which may consume more power but once they are bios modded and running they are pretty stable. Any good alternative mining os? I didn't try ethOS or pimp and easyMINE os yet.

  • loden888

    you are lucky to get 19.8 on these. I have 4 Gigabyte 1060 3gb cards from them and got only 18.7 stable.

  • BADMINTONWAY Cornelius Andika

    Dear Rory. How i set payment in your pool. I join just now with 570mh/s. Or is it daily payment. Thanks. I look everywhere i still can't find how to set minimum payment. Thanks. Goodluck with the pool.

  • Aqdw Muhagungr

    plis tutor mod bios use Hex Editor :)

  • Mazaribeiro

    Welcome to the Hinyx world lol.

  • Xavi Sanch

    Dude, like miners we have a big problem called Metropolis... The last hardfork of ethereum which includes a great bomb of difficulty and the reduction of the reward by block to 3 ETH... So this hardfork coming too fast just a couple of week i think, what to do with ours GPU when that happen?

  • Theodor Ghannam

    Going to add in here, My friend built an 8 GPU 1060 3GB rig, with 5 gigabytes (one reviewed here) and 3 MSI all are Hynix memory. OC'ed to 100 core/+500 Memory and they all do 19Mh/s-18mh/s, He has his running ETH+DCR for a total fo 144Mh/s 3500DCR 100w(TDP per card).

  • Alireza Mortazavi

    overclock the mem and you'll be surprised !

  • christophe malgogne

    Be careful with this gigabyte card. After four days it explode and cost me my RIG. It's a very short card, light, it have bad performance and it's dangerous. The gtx1060 armor 3GB with Samsung memory was very good but because of this gigabyte s**t I loose everything in the fire, I nearly lost my house

  • Silent Killer

    Try using linux, my gtx 1060 makes 24 mh/s

  • BR Edits

    How much do you make a day with 1 1060?

  • PSU Calculator

    Check our mining rig builder - it has ROI, power, pricing and compatibility info!

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