Dan's Intro to How Ethereum Works

MetaMask's Dan Finlay gives a basic technical overview of how Ethereum and blockchains work at the opening talks of the IPFS Ethererum Hackathon, Seattle 2017.

Slides online here:
  • Ryan Stallard

    One of the best videos I've seen on this topic.

  • Gordon Rios

    Great intro, well done!

  • Paulo Aurelio

    Hey Dan, congrats, very good presentation!!!! cool!!!!

  • Guadzilah

    I invested in this currency because it makes sense.

  • kena bartholomew

    Hey, I'm loving your content. I think we can do some business. Would love to connect with you. Here is my contact. +18687741806

  • Shutter Eff3ct

    Thanks, but that was super fast :(


    I thought my fan was on (Audio)

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