MSI GeForce GTX 960 OC 2GB White Edition Unboxing

GPU Boost 2.0 TechnologyNVIDIA GPU Boost 2.0 Technology offers new levels of customization, including GPU temperature target, overclocking, and unlocked voltage. It ensures the GPU runs at its peak performance, and games run at the highest frame rate possible.

The MSI GTX 960 2GD5T OC provides extra power at your disposal right out of the box. It is factory overclocked at 1178MHz (51MHz higher than the reference card), and goes to 1241MHz in boost mode.

Cooler and quieterPair the overclocked GeForce GTX 960 GPU with MSI’s luxuriously-designed cooler. The two fans and the huge heat sink collaborate to provide better and quieter cooling performance. Each fan has 11 propeller blades to produce 20% more airflow and less noise than traditional fan designs. With airflow control technology, more airflow is deflected to the heat pipes for improved airflow efficiency. The increased heat sink area takes more heat away from the high-performance GTX 960 GPU.

Enjoy military-class stability and qualityA well-built video card! On the PCB are Military Class 4 Components, like Hi-c Cap, SFC, and All Solid Cap. It meets the stringent MIL-STD-810G standards for the best stability and quality. Also, this video card offers the longest lifetime.

3D Vision SurroundExpand your games across three displays in full stereoscopic 3D for the ultimate “inside the game?? experience with the power of NVIDIA 3D Vision technology. Up to four display outputs are supported on one single card, allowing gamers to take full advantage of multiple displays and multi-tasking while gaming.
  • Peter Thress

    I would say it's at least lower midrange

  • Emon

    can you do a tutorial about overclocking this card? :D

  • Sentritium Network

    "I am using this card because on-board graphics suck and it get good FPS" No kidding, idiot....

  • Jamie Bergin

    I'm worried cuz this card fits my colour scheme perfectly, but doesn't have twin frozr cooling will this mean it's bad also will I be able to overclock?

  • Benton

    Why are you wearing surgical gloves??? 😂

  • Jamie Bergin

    Thanks for the video it's good :D

  • Keenan Smith

    do you always listen to the box? #reviewme

  • Liam Borella

    This is a pretty good unboxing video. I think you might want to say 'guys' a little less but otherwise it's pretty good

  • Syahmi Rizki

    which is better between zotac gtx 960 amp or msi gtx 960 white edition?

  • Asyraaf Wheezer

    What the difference between the white and the red one? Other than the design obviously.. xD then why if differ?

  • Gamer RN

    sometimes it stays idle sometimes it rotates

  • -T-X-M-

    Should I get the Strix 950 OC for 230 euros or get the MSI OC 960 for 257 euros?(Spend 10,1% more in money to get 12% more in performance?) it needs to run everything on 1080p at 45 or more FPS preferably on high-ultra/max settings, right now the MSI OC 960 is the chepest 960, anything over it is over my budget (and in the price range of 380s) this is just cheaper than 270X.

  • Alexhit 91

    MSI GeForce GTX 970 4GB Tiger OC Own it ...

  • Jared

    this guy... no backplate, chintzy plastic fan frame. but it usually goes for $150-$160 after rebates which is hard to beat for a midrange.

  • xprodigyx100

    I would've liked to have seen what FPS this card can get on some games, but still a good unboxing video.

  • Mohammad Shebli

    "low end card".. What does this make of the gtx 750ti? Trash? I agree that the 960 is not the best card out there, but it's definitely not low end.

  • Contaminate

    So let me get this right you can get a white one with 2gb gddr5 and a white one with 4gb gddr5? Because i found a white msi 960 with 4gb gddr5!? Pls answer asap

  • Gixxer Fixxer

    Should I get this or the 4GB Gaming model?

  • ArxCreampuff

    1920 by 1060 anyone else hear that hahaha

  • Gamer RN

    my card is running at 49° idle.I m afraid!!...

  • Kiefer Gambelin

    Just because it's not what some would call an "enthusiast" card doesn't mean it's low end lmao

  • PJV1990

    Low end? You have no clue what low end graphics are, GTX 720 maybe, but a 960? No way, 960 is an upper mid at the worst.

  • Yori Dj

    I didn't see the 6-pin connector to the power supply that I think should be on every graphics card. If I buy this card, how do I connect it to my power supply?

  • Alvaro Graterol

    Hello to everyone. Do you know if i can use the gaming app with this card? Because when i install the program and try to use it, only appear "This can't be supported". Help please :)

  • Achim Villones

    I have that and i can OC it to the same freq with those that are 50$ more expensive variant than it. :D Very good card!

  • Adam MacLennan

    Will this kind of Graphic card will it fit inside of my computer just wondering they look pretty big or will it fit in any computer.

  • Loveumielle

    Does the msi logo lights up? Like its red counter part

  • Gamer RN

    Bro need a help..My msi Nvidia gtx 960 armor edition..Keeps rotating at startup....It does not stay keeps rotating from starting...Is my card faulty???In msi after burner lowest is 33.???Please need a immediate help

  • MysticalKitty71

    can anyone help me.. i bought the 4GB version, the nvidia thing says its 4gb, but everwhere i look its only 2gb.. like can you run it, says my 2gb is a 4gb.. and now my 4gb is a 2gb :/

  • RetributionAngel

    is it normal that the fans are off belllow 36°C ?

  • Antonio Campiglia

    Which is the better?This or the red one?

  • nickpcchanel 1™

    excuse me , I would know the name of the case .

  • Matheus Araújo

    The MSI logo lights up?

  • NuTLock23

    whats that knife that you used to open the box?

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