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Antminer Z9 mini is the latest miner from Bitmain, which mines the Equihash algorithm. In this guide, we walk you through the step by step process of setting up a new Antminer Z9 Mini using Antpool.

What you need to setup a Z9 mini:

Antiminer Z9 mini
Power supply
Ethernet cable
IP Reporter application (click to download)
Account on Antpool / Bitmain (Sign up here)
Computer/Laptop connected to the same network

Step 1: Connect the power supply to the 4 connectors on the Z9 mini. 1 connector on the controller and three connectors on the hashing boards each. Connect the Ethernet cable from the Z9 mini to your internet router.

Step 2: Turn on the power supply. The miner will automatically start. Open the IP Reporter Application and Click on “Start” button. Press the “IP Report” black switch on the Z9 mini. The IP reporter will display the IP of the miner.

Step 3: Type the IP on the browser and hit enter. The Z9 miner will ask for the username/password.
Username: root
Password: root

Step 4: Login into Antpool with the your username/password. From the drop-down, select ZCash.

Step 5: Create a sub-account with a unique name. This name should be unique among all Antpool sub-accounts. Then create a worker name for your Z9 Mini.

Step 5: Go back to the Antminer dashboard in Step 3. Select Miner Configuration, then enter the subaccount.workername as the workername, then click on the “Save and Apply” button.

The miner will restart automatically and start mining. The hash rate details can be seen on the “Miner Status” screen as well as on the AntPool login.

Provide the wallet address for receiving mining payout within AntPool, by visiting Settings Edit and and update.
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  • bahri ahmed

    pleas can you tell me from which site you bought it?

  • Eduardo Cruz

    Do you use 110 or 220 v for the psu?

  • Michael Moff

    That thing is just sooo sexy baby!!

  • Mark Liberatore

    Thundercat, great vid man. Appreciated. Which cables do you hook up on the psu? Does it make a difference which one?

  • David Chachava

    260watt is on low hash rate. if you want min 10k sols it will use 300+wats.

  • Preston Jones

    If you by direct, does the power supply come with it?

  • Cryto solution

    WoW Thanks, Merci beaucoup :)

  • Szymon Jesion

    I do not have to change the frequencyWhy ?

  • Nicolás Muñoz

    Hi, nice video. I got this message: Socket connect failed: Connection refused. Any idea why??

  • Sean Ohagan

    do you know how often antpool payout?

  • Z

    Will it work good on Nicehash ?

  • Hiren Savaliya

    Where ethernet cable connected at other end ??By the way video is great...

  • Nikolay Protopopov

    Thanks, nice video!!!!

  • benjamin dover

    Are these worth buying at 900 bucks?

  • Kevin Mirshahi

    How much does this profit a month?

  • Da Ridg

    Do you need a motherboard, what exactly do you need altogether for the miner?

  • Janakair Austin

    I have 10 machines is the same method?

  • Anib Xam

    do you have tested 2 miner z9 mini with just only 1 PSU?

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