7x NVIDIA Quadro P4000 смотреть онлайн в хорошем качестве hd 720 лицензия

Just want to show that this is possible.
  • Lorenz Kern

    Butt will it run Crysis

  • SKA

    Hey can you make some rendering video with this cards? :)

  • さしすせお


  • Alexander Rex

    What motherboard do you use?

  • Online_Foxx

    What CPU and Mainboard are you using ?

  • IdvbI

    I expected you did some kind of benchmark with it, instead you're just showing off... sad

  • Niko Nikolov

    Awesome setup!I plan on buying 2xp4000 in 2-3 weeks(870€ each) and later upgrade to a third one.Coud you please give me some info that i need.The reviews ive found are lame and i need some info on its real world performance.For example i will be using it in maya(replace my old k4200) and the second one will aid me in gpu rendering.But i also work with the unreal engine and interchange assets between maya and realtime in game.Coud you tell me(maybe in gpu z) if a p4000 uses the gp104 chip(gtx1070)or is it the gp 106(gtx 1060).Also it loud mean great deal to me if you coud tell me the scores of some benchmark so that i can compare the raw perfomance of the p4000.A default firestrike score shoud tell me exactly where this gpu sits.I suspect in raw game/realtime perfomance it shoud be like a stock gtx 980/1060 but im not sure.If you have the time,please run a test to tell us how one p4000 scores.Cheers man!

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