How to Fix A PC That Keeps Restarting Again And Again Automatically - Solution For Windows 7/10

Hello everyone this is the video on how to fix a PC that keeps restarting or Computer Restarting automatically problem easily within one minute. A short tutorial on how to fix: Your PC Ran In To A Problem And Needs To Restart,My Friend asked Me His PC Keeps Shutting Down... Here Is Why in this Video,how to fix PC restarts again and again, computer startup problems windows 7, how to fix a computer that turns on and then off, PC problems and solutions, laptop restart automatically problem, How to Fix Windows 10 startup problems,how to fix a PC that keeps restarting again and again.
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    I found this very useful thank u so much

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    I hope it worked BTW i liked and subscribed

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    in my computer it work 15-20 minutes then it restart and on monitor says power saving mode . pc is workin mouse and keyboard work but monitor is black

  • K NaveeN TecH7

    hello Acer aspire 5735z laptop is automatically shutdown and on because when I am connect the power cable at time this is problem automatically shut down again switch on when I am connect the laptop battery this problem not showing perfectly work and when I am down safe mode at a time laptop not shut Downing it's a perfect two ok but I am connect power cable I am using a laptop after 5 seconds at and second automatically restarted and shutdown and on please help me bro

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    Instead of that my pc is restarting again and again ..what to do next

  • TheChasFred

    OK I watched your video 2X. Did exactly as you showed to do, and my computer still continues to reboot. Try again.

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    hi bro! i can do this but ofter pc showing {a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer} plz reply

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  • Julian James III

    clean your ram and battery and that should work!

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    mine is already unchecked but its still restarting on its own, what do you think?

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    Thanks, bro!Really a good tutorial.

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    How can I do these fucking steps if My laptop isn't loading correctly, stupid video.

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    It worked the first time, however it happend to me the second time and this doesn’t work, it already unchecked. (edit) 👇👇to fix it if it happend to you again just uncheck it, restart and go back and check, then restart again and it should work, any help needed just comment and i’ll reply.

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