How To Fix: "No Signal/Black screen" After installing new GPU (Graphics Card)

Hey guys, after building my new PC, I came into yet another issue, which was having no signal to my monitor after installing my new GPU (graphics card). After doing some research I came up with a solution and I hope this works for you.

Assuming you have taken your GPU back out and are running on your motherboards Internal Graphics card. These are the steps:

1.Go to "Control panel"
2. Click "Hardware and Sounds"
3. Click "Device Manager"
4. Go to "display Adaptors"
5. Disable your Intel motherboard graphics display
6.Turn Off your PC and unplug all power to it
7. Connect your new GPU into your motherboard and connect
DVI / HDMI cable and power on.

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  • Robin Nieuwenhuis

    Worked with my rx580, just needed to disable vega 8 graphics. Your the best!

  • Danielle Bailey

    Thank you! Now I can play fallout 4 again

  • TenzoG

    Typically your BIOS should disable the IGPU if you install dedicated cards. I reccomend updating your BIOS to the latest version if possible if you decide to upgrade to newer hardware. This is a odd occurrence where you have to disable the IGPU in order to receive signal from your GPUs.

  • Ramazan İstanbullu

    i fix this with using teamwiever. u should upgrade your graphic card driver. after that it works fineif you have questions just ask me guyz

  • ggdolla

    Fcking finally!! Thank u very much.

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation

    What if it doesn't work and I dont know how to turn on integrated graphics again?

  • Juls

    Hey guys! I know how to solve this. Go to nVidia’s «driver download» page on the internett. not geforce expirience, but google. Then download the drivers for your new graphics card, while still using the old one. When finished, shut off the pc and insert your new graphics card that you just downloaded the drivers for. Boot up, download geforce experience, and install the newest drivers in the app. Hope this works, it did for me.

  • Abdul Moiz

    You just saved my ass thank you

  • TheLordKiller_YT xxShadowMinecraftxx

    I like the 3:10 message but like for real dood how? Anyway if it will work , im going to sub to you like and like all ur vids

  • SeriouS

    jesus fucking christ this actually fixed it,, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I LOVE YOU... I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU. I WILL CALL MY SON YOUR NAME.. WHATS YOUR NAME?

  • Varad Ijantkar

    Didn't work!! Any other ideas??

  • Efecto Aloha

    Shiiit thanks a lot man!!! it worked for me

  • JohnMark Cerilla

    thank you man it works perfectly.

  • Sgt_Danbo

    Hey guys, I appreciate the feedback on this video, if you like my content make sure to check out my twitch: would mean a lot guys

  • PeJv

    My pc wont boot after I removed the gpu

  • Jack Hurlbut

    I am so thankful you

  • Osvaldo Garcia

    I just build my pc. But my graphic card. Shows no movement on the fans. Also when I plug the DVI or HDMI shows no signal. Can’t really do anything on the video. Cause all i have is a black screen

  • Gareth Lewis

    This would be great if I could get a signal through my TV to do this..

  • Emmanuel Nicolaides

    This worked perfectly! Thanks!!

  • Taylor P

    Saving people here in 2018 aswell! Good man thanks for the video, saved me having to go through the returning process 👍🏻

  • alex anokhin

    guys i need help!!!!!!!!!! i have a navida 1050 graphics card i used it for 1 year and so suddenly one day it just blacked out the screen and said something went wrong and came to the blue screen i gave options then i pressed restart PC and then and so when i turn my pc and moniter on the moniter shows that it is in sleep mode and cant detect the hdmi cable i checked all thye cables and its correct but when i remove my graphics card and use my build in graphics card which very low graphics it was working .now i dont know what to do becuase i want to play games with the high graphics card but it wont show on the moniter and its all black and says its in sleep mode please help

  • Tony Lee

    holy fk it work. you are the best. thanks !!!

  • Ionel Harna

    1070 and works perfectly!! Thanks for your help mate !!

  • Gre Gor

    Probably the power supply don't gives power to the GPU just change the supply and it will work

  • Shaiigon

    Didn't work for me

  • Moleman

    Does this work if my graphics card has only a DisplayPort and a hdmi.

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