How To Fix: "No Signal/Black screen" After installing new GPU (Graphics Card)

Hey guys, after building my new PC, I came into yet another issue, which was having no signal to my monitor after installing my new GPU (graphics card). After doing some research I came up with a solution and I hope this works for you.

Assuming you have taken your GPU back out and are running on your motherboards Internal Graphics card. These are the steps:

1.Go to "Control panel"
2. Click "Hardware and Sounds"
3. Click "Device Manager"
4. Go to "display Adaptors"
5. Disable your Intel motherboard graphics display
6.Turn Off your PC and unplug all power to it
7. Connect your new GPU into your motherboard and connect
DVI / HDMI cable and power on.

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  • HasSan HK

    that is true ?? plz tell me

  • Wildling Prepper

    Hey guys, I appreciate the feedback on this video, if you like my content make sure to check out my twitch: would mean a lot guys

  • Joseph Mendenhall

    After doing this my pc boots up then powers down and so on and so on???

  • Treudden

    Thank you so much man! I got my new 1070 today and it didn't work but this really helped

  • Vanity

    0:53 don’t worry I type with my toes too.


    This work as fuck!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH


    Ive tried it. Didnt work for me. Ill try reseting the cmos battery, usually works

  • APlaylistUploader

    Worked! And then I proceeded to violently curse out my intel onboard graphics for scaring me like that.

  • Kirkland Elsworth

    So I have a 1070 ti and I did everything exactly like you did, and it didn't work. I took out my GPU and put HDMI in mother board output, and it displays, then disabled it like you did. Then I put my gpu back in and put hdmi back in gpu output and still doesn't work...I'm playing on a 50 inch Samsung flatscreen. My gtx 770 was working fine . But now with this 1070 ti, It won't even display on TV.

  • Sebby Boi

    After days and hours spent stressing over my pc not having any display. I came across this video. Helped me and finally I don't have to stress over having to buy new parts

  • Tadhg Kavanagh

    So I disabled cpu and still didn’t work so now I just can’t use my pc thanks

  • OneShot Player

    I had to uninstall the 630 intel graphics card


    I have different problem once I install the gpu the pc won't power on at all!!! any suggestion

  • Neithan Lerma

    My says Microsoft basic display adapter

  • Bárbara Consigliere

    Man, Im in debt with you! I spent 4hs trying to fix my freaking PC after having it formatted. I've tried everything! But this, THIS did the trick mate! I owe you a big fuckkking beer man! Thank you so very much for postting this video! Bless you!

  • D e a t h S k u l l

    I dont have a onboard gpu

  • Pikajew

    Without a GPU In I hace no way of connecting my PC to my monitor

  • Mtthw3Land

    Can i still enable back the intel graphics if it didn't work?

  • NoxiousBeatz

    Rx 570 here. The white led is powered up however no display, only onboard graphics work. Any suggestions?

  • FinskaRS

    I dont get a signal at all, my pc is at sleeping mode.

  • Fernando Alcantar

    Today when I post this comment this still works

  • Joker

    Lol i have exact same card as you!

  • DrayzOCE

    I have a old evga 580 ti and when i connect it and start the pc the evga logo flashes but no display please help

  • alspacka

    Worked a treat thanks bud

  • Oosie Korton

    How do you expect us to download a driver for the gpu when the problem is that I can’t access my pc...

  • Mike Manahon

    what to do if this doesn't work??

  • Charles Williams

    what did you connect your dvi cable to?

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