Cheap mining rig for your buck! 6X 1060GTX with quick ROI!

Bitcoin mining: ( ROI 90 days at present Diff )

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GPU: Nvidia Geforce 1060GTX 3GB
Biostar BT250 M/board
PSU: 1 x 750watt
Power Risers:
SSD Drive: ( Optional if using windows )
6pin to 2xPCIE 8 splitter:

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  • Chris Bradley

    I have just finished my first ever mining rig a 4 x 1050ti rig and i regret not buying the 1060's. For comparison i just put my 980 sc out of my old gaming rig on equihash and am getting 355 on nicehash miner with no overclock so the 1060 is half the price and gets 290 im impressed, and im def buying 1060's for my next rig im starting. Iv just got a 6 pcie slot motherboard , cheap cpu and here in the UK i can get the 3gb 1060's for 180 ukp , 6gb single fan itx cards for 220 ukp or the zotac 6gb twin fan for 250 gb pounds. I have only learnt how to use easy miner and nicehash miner and my electricity is a set cost monthly so dont worry about that it doesnt change with 1 rig or 6 rigs, Knowing all this does anyone have any advice on which of the 1060's i should get for my next Build ?? Help a noob miner out will ya lol

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