Gigabyte GTX 1070ti GPU mining REVIEW. Testing Ethereum and Zcash.

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  • Cristian A.

    Cause people like u i cant assembly my PC cause there is no GPU stock since 1 month ago... fuk you

  • REZ_ Performance

    Did you know the Hardest OC for GTX1050TI G! with Power Limit of 125%? and +100 % Core Voltage

  • TurboShane

    What up Steve. How is the windforce vs other 1070 ti's hash rates?

  • Jar Of Mayonaise

    Guys if y'all are miners, what are you going to do now bcs the bitcoin prices are lower than ever

  • Juan Esteban Martinez Diaz

    You fucking miner >:v

Почему 1070 ti для майнинга это очень хорошая видеокарта. Тесты на Zcash и Ethereum
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