Is Mining on ASICs Worth It? - Mining Adventure Part 3

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Mining was for a long time a GPU only game, but with ASIC miners seemingly everywhere these days, are they actually profitable?

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  • Mrpersonman0

    He made this after the crypto crash.

  • Black Ghost

    Have you ever just boot up anything without taking it apart. Lol. Great content by the way.

  • Tanking Trucker

    I see ads on eBay for video cards where people say never used for mining. Can you or is there a way to find out if it actually was used for mining or is it just a shot in the dark. And if it was used for mining does it make the card not work as good or the lifespan not as long?

  • ZeroCold Gg

    youd probably be better of opening a tech store/repair shop tbh...

  • Adin Laad

    Give away please Gtx750ti love you. :*

  • Anthony Box

    You should build a fpga miner, just to try out each way to mine. Here's a link to a card you should use

  • Ab Mathew

    If you wish to find an effective way to have btc you only need to lookup for " bitcoin pranaholistico " in the google. I tried out and I got them!

  • ryan jack

    We should just stop miners, driving up gpu prices by 2-3x

  • Captin Cookie Face

    the owner of that company could have like 30 of the newest ones and be like super rich

  • Cole Recksiedler

    lmao jake getting left hanging with the exacto knife

  • Master StellKerZ

    btc donation

  • crazygamingfab

    would this mean that graphics cards would get cheaper?

  • Thirty Three

    So are quantum computers the next stage after asics or is there some hybrid of the two

  • Muhammad [Local guide]

    Cheapest option right now for for bitcoin asic

  • prival fang

    step one - get an old tanker truck step two - go to the town with the lowest gas pricesstep three - fill up tanker with lowest price gasstep four - get a medium sized generator step five - set up mining rig and use generator power with cheap gas to mine bitcoinstep six - profit(jk)

  • Leor Awesome

    Electric bills are too high

  • Brandanscho

    I may have missed it in the video, but did you factor in the power required (power bill jump) to operate the mining devices?

  • laken marion

    are you a beginner ?? looking to start earning on bitcoin in no time, Mr BTCKYLE has the fastest miner as for now

  • Daniel Dipo

    Can you please make an update to this video? It is real outdated now....

  • Jose Rodriguez

    Hey, can you make a video teaching how to mine SOLO with the L3+ and D3. Please! Please! There's nothing online to teach us.

  • Phuindrad

    Lets hope this ends the Gaming-GPU wasting.

  • HitmarkBlaz3r

    I bought a GTX 1080 is that enough to make a reasonable amount of bitcoin with a graphics card

  • WildBuck007

    Sounds like a pyramid scheme for stupid investors not even aware of why their magic money is getting tapped out. Disturbing stuff.

  • AndreasH900

    I love Mining on MY RIG GTX 1070 SLI

  • Mark Ardon Bañga

    As it says *Linus never learned how to count *1 week = 16 days :D thats great ^^

  • Gazza-usa

    Bitcoin mining is a waste of energy, compute power and money. We are at the point where the compute density required to mine is way above the profit level required to maintain the task. It’s a scam to sell you on the idea that you can make money. You won’t. You are buying a shovel to dig for a 1mm speck of gold that is worthless. You’re better off collecting plastic bottles and trading them in for cash !!!

  • Cyanide543

    This guy looks like a bird

  • Jeremy McGregor

    FPGA is taking over mining

  • nzeogu

    They released v1.2.2 finally, my S9 hashrate improved a bit.Im getting between 23-25 T/h with the new version your results guys...

  • firefoxo

    So the ASIC Hardware has come down in price like crazy. From 2500$+, to 500$. I wonder why? I am assuming is getting harder to ROI because of the massive competition right now.

  • Don Mega

    8:00 the noise is comparable to those old western digital hard-drives. those were some pretty whiney sounding things.

  • Bonacci Invest

    Guys mining is not actual in 2018 😂 Check how we grow Bitcoin investments with forex trading👌👌👌

  • Harley Me

    lol poor antminers, they take so much electricity mining they've all become non-profitable.. how's that for them killing themselves off..meanwhile my lil usb asic is pumpin 23 gigahash at only 1 watt of use... profitable I get 14 cents a week and pay 13 cent for power....LOL mining is becoming unprofitable... meanwhile I make 1 doge fast on faucets.

  • Conor Stewart

    But can you watercool them for higher efficiencies?

  • Ricky Neff

    At our facility we are mining with CPU, GPU, and ASIC's, dramatically more profitable per power consumption and part cost to build your own rig, that is because as the market fluctuates you want to change what currencies you mine. With ASIC's you are stuck mining one algo per machine, S9 (SHA256) L3(Scrypt) (MY FAVORITE <3 ) and with graphics cards, you can learn how to github, build, and mine anything you want.I am not listing my facilities hardware here, but if you got any old computers you want to get rid of,

  • sysmanpda

    where you miss BitFury ?

  • JungYeon Han

    Can you BUILD a asic miner???

  • jozef taliga

    Great video guys!!!!!! Thank you!!! Very much!!! 😍😍😍

  • mak who

    mine btc with your cpu/gpu without any further knowledge! the app does it for you! i love honeyminer!

  • Agent Hunk

    so,in other words have money to spend and afford everything or do not play the game...makes it a rich man's game...not worth it if your unable to compensate for large bill's...

  • Nenita Lore

    Check for it’s newest competitor “Unicorn Titan” which hashes 110Th/s

  • Thirty Three

    Is anyone using the heat from mining to do useful work in say a greenhouse?

  • Khalid Alamimi

    how much they pay u bro

  • vh9network

    Why hasn't the original Bitcoin creator made himself known and fork Bitcoin.

  • Useless Shit

    MH/W is not a correct unit. It would either be MH/s/W or MH/J

  • Julien SC

    You cannot miss this if youre interested in new mining tech.

  • jack5001ful

    this isn't worth the headache it takes to set

  • first last

    Can you not simply mine with your regular PC with one video card during idle times? Or even mine while using your computer during low video card demand use, mining with spare resources?

  • cam anderson

    I can just imagine if I had that thing in my room

  • Ingax

    can you toast marshmellows?

  • Mr. Tech God

    For very fast BTC mining #MrTechGod

  • Shahabaz Khan

    So.. to the people who make and sell these ASICs.. WHY WOULD ANYONE SELL A MACHINE THAT PRINTS MONEY????

  • Charlie Brouckunier

    Don't be deceived by those fucking asshole asking for an investment before you could make bitcoin, but if you're paxful user then I congratulate you, just login your previous account on here and see the new affiliated paxful mining it's only works for those having account on there before....thanks

  • dheasley2

    This shit is stupid. They dont even make shit for money. Too many lazy ass people out there these days.

  • NoneUrBuissness sszszzsss

    People think these vids are destroying the GPU market, when actually its sacrificing the near future in order to kill CriptoMining even faster.

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