Is Mining on ASICs Worth It? - Mining Adventure Part 3

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Mining was for a long time a GPU only game, but with ASIC miners seemingly everywhere these days, are they actually profitable?

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  • Derposaurus

    Buy 100 Antminers.....Buy solar panels and a batteryplace it into the desert (a lot of solar enery but also a lot of heat)and get 500 to 1000 $ a day :DAND you can also sell your electricity :P

  • Steven Machado

    I realize this is an old video but can anyone direct me on the initial setup and whats required before purchasing your own mining equipment?

  • Ana Assburgian

    Surely those ASIC's could be repurposed as 3D render farms?

  • Michael Brady

    I prefer using wet cardboard, tin foil and cat hair. Winner!!

  • Georgio Henderson

    I prefer to run in my Asics than mine in them, i'm not a minor anymore

  • AtienzaLouie

    Here's a thought - FPGA mining... then they can be reconfigured to mine different currencies instead of going into the parts bin...

  • Mares Fillies

    That is 2 weeks Linus. ...

  • Artillery Horse

    Hey, what happened? Lmao...

  • Adrian Pras

    Bitcoin miners are subhumans

  • Why Me

    holy crap and i thought the reason i couldn't upgrade my pc was because i'm broke

  • Samuel Noggle

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  • 910AM Superstation Funnies

    Shouldn't be paying for power! "Idiots" ...

  • darthdude

    once again, the only people to make money are those who who are already loaded, can't have the poor rise too high right? might present opposition and we can't have that can we?

  • Charles Benca

    What if we use cloud gaming computers for mining ?

  • technological reinovations

    on a running shoe?  What is this guy talking about?  I own a pair of asics running shorts and and running shoes. How do I use these?

  • Joni

    Saw the date and thought it was today, was about to flip at yt xD

  • Zolta Erdei

    Linus i have seen all the 3 parts of mining adventure but i dont know what to do when i got the pc and plugged in to network + power . So what i have to do ?

  • Bbd L

    The fact I have 20 s9s for sale for 200 a piece local to me lmao

  • SirChristian100

    Linus sweaty hands over everything :(

  • Park Micro7

    that's good ,it was great ASIC thank you.btc: 17LM19DZ8zmM5ip2Vfb5qv1tT74csZSG63

  • Master Chief 00117

    $30.00 a day... I can cut grass for $150.00 a day. And not be out but the cost of gas and a lawn mower. Not have to wait 7 months to break even....

  • MrSmitheroons

    Cryptocurrency uses (wastes) an enormous amount of energy. Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies fail at providing true and total anonymity... while being very hard to use for legal purposes. They aren't designed in such a way as to be very good as currency for most regular people, doing business with other regular people. And it's not worth getting the critical mass of users to the point where everyone knows how to use cryptocurrencies... Because at that point most of our energy would go to mining.Cryptocurrencies are bad. I'm 99.99999% sure blockchain PER SE is bad. It's solving a problem we don't have, which is distributed trust, arbitrated by machines. Have programmers heard of anything called "society"? Having a "social life" where you "trust" "people"? Not everything has to be done by a computer. Not everything has to be sending 1's and 0's over the internet. Not every decision has to be made by computers. There's this thing called "real life" that I hear is really cool. And people, I dunno... I heard they might be kinda important too.Drop it like it's hot. If for no other reason, do it because it's the right thing to do. Human aims and goals, and the principles cryptocurrency is based on, are on some level intrinsically opposed.I will admit cryptocurrencies are potentially a cool little project for tech nerds to look into and try out. But as a serious attempt to change the way we spend money, I think it mostly goes in wrong directions. And so for most people, getting deeply involved with cryptocurrency is ultimately a bad choice.

  • Politically Correct

    I guess the bar is now set as to who can mine.

  • kuny9213

    もしあなたが、アイフォンを持てましたら、pls sarch kuny9213 it is nice.

  • GamePlayGeek

    I’m just gonna buy this go to my local Tim Hortons and plug it in

  • Michael Kilday

    6 months down the road ASICs are worthless due to their very nature (lose money instead of make it)...ASIC-resistant coins that are (mostly) GPU-only mined are best, unless you like upgrading your hardware every 6 months. Example: you can still feasibly mine with 6gb 1060 GPUs for free heat / private coins without an exchange transfer history.

  • Natan Stanek

    0:40 guy in back gets aired

  • kyo adam

    You forgoted the data internet

  • Icebreaker680

    Linus, 1 year followup to this video maybe?

  • Mohamed El-Sadany

    Best Mining Program here: I just made a video about mining PCs and I would Love it if you can view it and maybe comment on how I could do better. <3

  • Royameadow

    Back in November of 20I8 and up to around the time of the United States Partial Government Shutdown, we had noticed the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and Standard & Poors branches of the Stock Market drop by insanely brutal numbers, a major part of that (outside of the current speculations of a Trade War with China) being due to Tech Stocks taking a massive decline that I still do not know the full details about, which is where I hope that some of you will be able to explain to me.Does anybody here in the comments feel that Cryptocurrency Mining was a major contribution to the declines in Tech Stocks, and does it sound so farfetched that Cryptocurrency is a major part of what could trigger another Recession (if not a Depression) in at least North America?As Linus mentioned, Mining has ultimately resulted in a lot of hardware becoming violently overpriced if you were to get it New, much to the point where your best bets of getting a good prebuilt computer or the relevant CPU or GPU that you want must be a Refurbished or Pre~owned variant; this is creating a rather disturbing outlook for the tech world and it honestly could make those who want to upgrade their hardware have to surge up their budget to High End Gaming or Workstation Grade numbers (we're talking about 2000$ USD or better, at the very least), I would never want the industry to ever go down that direction because it's not good from a consumer and business perspective and thus would cause developers and local entertainers such as myself to wait for four to eight years to upgrade their hardware proper, and even at that, some CPUs, GPUs, and other resources have not gone down in price across five or even ten years.This is a major part of why whenever I do end up officially creating and releasing my own computer hardware concepts, I intend to permanently keep the prices as is from their Launch Date and going forward, so that if they are ever used for Mining, I would remain in absolute maximum control of telling the consumer class what they are truly worth, no currency of any form must ever be the reason for why a product suffers extreme or near~criminal levels of Price Gouging; if this were handled on a legal forefront, very likely I feel that Mining would end up restricted solely to ASICs and other unreasonably expensive Mining devices, wishfully this would save consumers a lot when investing in newer hardware for their computers and help even out what has lately been a horribly unbalanced playing field for millions, the lower grade hardware undoubtedly deserves far better.

  • evan wonsey

    Wow only 140$ for the s9 (clicks on color) (over 1000$) oh...

  • NaCl10

    6:23 By “mini Linux computer” do you mean Raspberry Pi? Because that little box on top is about the size and shape of a Raspberry Pi...

  • Maaq Trkk

    Dude! I've been watching your channel whole day :DDDD ITS AWESOME!!!! u got new subscriber!

  • Yorumcu Turk

    When the bitcoin price was $18000 , the prime minister of Turkey mr. Erdogan said to people; Do not trust bitcoin. Its controlling by unknown people. They can make trick. Stay away! After that, 6 months later the bitcoin price reduced to $3500. That video can be found on the internet.

  • Chrrlees Whitesand

    Can u just use water cooler for gpu ?

  • RBXII3

    This is what cryptonight is for

  • justin downton

    So did this every workout well for you guys? now that it's been a year I'd like to hear if this was profitable or not? was it worth the time money and energy?

  • Michael

    Way to save on money-do your mining during the winter, and save on heating bills by just having your ASIC(s) blowing on you...if you don't mind the noise

  • jbooks888

    Here in Australia, electricity is 30c+ per kWhr so I guess that totally excludes all chances of making a profit with any kind of setup.

  • Retroke

    just use some solar panels or other renovable energy sort and i think you will just be making money for free

  • liam stockton

    love the spyderco knivfe linus

  • Stunami

    How did you connect the machines to an account? How to manage it? Remote?

  • EP11 pen guns

    Mining on a $25 toy (bbc micro:bit) is worth it.If you use your own currency and create a radio network.Which I may have done...And I may have dropped $250 for 3H/s

  • Jussi Kankinen

    sure that mining companies use that "mining" to hacking banks or something, or is really billion cards just calcultaing 1 or 0, wasting energy

  • MechaBits

    is it worth mining full stop?

  • James

    can you come back to mining? did you sell off you equipment or keep it running? how has your profitability changed over the last 14months? how do the RTX cards compare? try mining with the Titan cards you have, how do they compare? i look forward to an update video!!!

  • MatDude

    Maybe this is worth that kidney

  • Russ Gallagher

    Just saw two vid's made by miners who said they had to shut down their commercial mining operations when the B/C price went to $3,000. Yeah, they had good hardware but even running in locales with relatively low electric costs they were losing money. Right now probably only the Chinese with coal-fired electricity - ie. super dirty - are making any money; probably with commie government subsidies.

  • Bruno Reis

    Earn Bitcoin Surfing the Internet!

  • patrick jimenez

    what backpack is the one Linus is wearing @1:00

  • bogart19693

    WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE Sun ORACLE SPARC T5 16-cores/128-threads 2803pin LGA Processor RARE

  • Mobile Master

    Where can I get my hands on one of these my friend

  • Christopher Mckee

    In just about 12 months, BTC has made a drop of over 80% from a peak of $19,800 to less than $4,000 and I wonder how silly those that kept talking of $100,000 and more look now. Seriously, how much more evidence do we need that cryptocurrencies are purely speculative bubbles that are best treated as such and milked at the moment? The only space for investing is in real companies doing actual business with real currency valuation. My forecast for the long-term value of bitcoin is 0$, 0€, 0£, 0¥. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a crypto hater, in fact, I am above average financially but I still have a strategy which I implement with which I make a minimum of $30,000 monthly for a couple of months already. Even though I get assistance from Mr. James Long with trade strategies and signals, I still trade on my own so I don’t have to grant anyone access to my trade account (funds). What I do is seek his opinion on the markets as he is a very seasoned analyst and trader and then I use his signals which are very simple to use in placing trades and in the process, I learn a lot from him. You can mail him** (jameslong241 @ gmail. com) if you need his assistance too. A word of caution, never mix emotion with coins if you want to succeed and you have to be brutal as well i.e sell, buy, and trade when you have to follow the rules and always seek help if you are not already a master trader and are not making good and consistent profit on your own already.

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