Fix GTX 960 Hashrate on Windows 10

People use to get (ETH) 2.2MH/s on Windows 10. Here is the fix.

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  • ripley arv

    Very good man with 2 gtx 960 give me 4.000 Mh/s now its up to 14.000 Mh/s!!!!!

  • Pat Tibo

    You're the man gtx 970 is performing like a charm

  • Tekie Tek

    Hey guys so all you guys know, this is for Ethereum.

  • Jay Fisher

    Thanks a lot. I tried it and I still only get about 300 h/s any idea why?

  • Drift Maniac

    I'm getting 19MH/s with a single 960

  • Green Leaf YT

    didnt work still the same

  • Bobin

    good video subscribed

  • madr8b

    Would this help with Equihash as well??

  • Chevy

    Hi can you tell me how many cards are you running and what power supply you have for this setup please. I have this same card and I want to increase it to 4 cards but not sure if I need to replace my power supply.

  • Sean Myers

    How'd you get the prompt window for hash rate

  • Johnny McMenamin

    2GB 960 isn't worth the effort then?

  • James Pratt

    Thanks for the info. My Nvidia control panel did not include the "Optimize for computer performance" option of course. 388 drive, gtx 960. My numbers are way lower on MSI afterburner, probably because mine is a China Special Card and not a high end version i am guessing.

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