$23 + a Day | The best possible coin to mine April 2018 | Monero GPU profit King | Cryptonight

The best possible coin to mine April 2018 | Monero GPU profit King | Cryptonight Algo |

Yea, watch it and thank me later, GPU profits are back BABY!

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List of Parts: in stock
MSI B350
https://amzn.to/2HxuK9g - white look, pretty sick looking
EVGA 750w g3
750 gq
corsair vengeance 3000mhz ram
Geil Super Luce
ryzen 3
ryzen 5 1600

msi 8g armor
mk2 armor by msi
Thermaltake Riser Extender for GPU:

Crypto warrior
  • zodiacfml

    Hmm, it is being mined pretty fast. Using your specs, the revenue is lower at $19 despite a sharp increase in value today.

  • kong vue

    would like to know, are those cards are 1080 ti's?

  • Eibegruss19057

    But this depends very much on the GPU you are using. If you have 570/580/480 ist not that good... Vega Cards are very good in monero mining. But the rx480 arent that good...

  • Hanacoin

    Best coin to mine in June - Hanacoin. Please check it out.

  • Gregwinson Gregwinson

    kloviaclinks com sent 4.03btc to my wallet

  • Belarus Inc

    How much did it cost to build the rig that makes 20$ a day?

  • Solaiman Eshmael Batara

    yeah.. monera have big returns.. but xxxxkoin still have a bigger return than monera... hehehe

  • KYGamer

    Love how all you miners shoot yourself in the foot by telling people what to mine and profits being up, keep doing it so you keep killing your profits, so mining will continue to die.

  • mikroman6

    The profit has gone again as of today due to too many miners have turned to Monero mining !

  • benjiebarker

    are all the graphics cards in one rig?

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