Building a 8 GPU Mining Box Rig - MiningSky & RX560's

In this video I complete an 8 GPU mining rig build using the Miningsky rig as the base for the miner. I used eight RX560's for the mining gpu and show you the whole process from start to finish including any problems along the way.

The Mining Sky 8 GPU miner box allows for the quick & simple setup of a multi gpu miner without the complication of building frames, risers cables or tangled wires of power management.

Specs and Overview Video -

For sales and more information please visit -

Hardware in this video.

Sapphire RX560 Pulse 4GB OC

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  • Andy Bradley

    Pretty pointless at that price.

  • pronerd_jay

    Bought a Mining Sky box because of this - I'm really into ease of deployment for scaling. Machine runs like a charm, I swapped fans like you did as well. Please do a follow up if you can, love seeing your farm and hearing your opinions!

  • Niall Macdonald

    As I live with a cat, I like the look of these types of enclosed rig over the open frames.

  • jincuteguy

    Where can I buy this case???

  • Dmitry

    Nice video. I have two questions. 1 what kind of motherboard is it and 2 what bios setting did you change to get smos working? I was having an issue on my Biostar h110m-btc but fixed it by enabling csm

  • CyptoLiam

    Can this mining box be placed in a server rack? My father has a server in his office and I am dying to start mining and have no knowledge about building one. Can you help me out? I want to mine with the cryptonight algorithm for Electroneum

  • Travis Broforce Richard

    Would this support 8 690's ? For a total of 16 gpus ?

  • Jimmy Engdahl

    My first thought when I saw the thumbnail. Oh this will be hot or loud as hell. 😂

  • jamesshaw89

    One of your most entertaining videos yet. When those fans first spun up 👀 welcome to the data center lol.This is a really slick setup thanks for showing us how to set it up and how to overcome the issues you had.Keep making videos I really enjoy them.

  • Stewart Stanley

    CMOS battery not installed?

  • Catalin Pune

    what a stupid case.... not enough space between the gpus and no need for ssd... rubbish.

  • rgaufman

    Is there any way to make it quiet?

  • jeff

    Hey Imineblocks.Which OS can you recommend for AMD Mining? Because of the custom BIOS and undervolting.Something newbie friendly maybe? Thanks in advance

  • Ronald Whittaker

    alternative cooling will kick the shit out of the noise and there are believe it or not water cooled power supplies . will "= " a reinvestment for those with limited space that would make since but if you have plenty of room i wouldn't bother

  • Amador Bautista Jr

    what mother board did you use?

  • PROXIlol

    China idiot this object cost 900$ very no sense

  • Ahmed Mohmed

    what power supply are you using in this rig

  • Joshua Nagel

    When you left the GPUs still plugged into the motherboard, but the power supply cable disconnected, it creates a over current short circuit on the motherboard. Next time, you just plug in one GPU, one power cable, start up windows, adjust BIOS, if necessary, then you can power down. Plug the the remaining GPUs with Power Cables, Boot up, install your mining software and O/C software, e.g. Nicehash and MSI afterburner, then good 2 go after a performance adjustment. Good video btw, its encourages me to buy the same time of Mobo, I like how neat it is without the riser and pci cables

  • GabakUSA Free computer training

    where do you buy that motherboard and computer cases?

  • GoodDay

    Is it 10 gigabit lan port?

  • Crypto With Incin

    Please link the mining rig

  • TechBaron, Cameras and more!

    sexy enclosure my god

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