Read & Write ANYTHING in Arabic in only 6 lessons! Alphabet #1

This is the first Lesson of a 6 series lessons about the Arabic Alphabet.
In only 5 lessons I am going to teach you how to write all the Arabic letters and vowels.
You can read and write EVERYTHING in Arabic in just 5 lessons. can you imagine that? :)

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  • HandiCrafts UAE

    This is the easiest way among all the lessons i searched in the internet! Thank you so much!

  • P T Alexander

    well im here, because there is this Jordanian man i want to impress. I have been at it for two weeks i will say the more i understand the differences between Arabic and English the easier it gets

  • iicandysweet Bloxburg

    بنت did I do it right lol

  • Leo Molina Lopez

    1. بيت = bayt= Casa2. بنتي = banti= Mi hermana3. يبني = yabni= Construir

  • david doggy

    Im american never been to any Mideastern country and my English hand writing looks Arabic.. i just naturally right in that style I've never tried to write in that style it's just the way I write. I have blonde hair and eyes , I must have old Arabic blood. I was looking to see how Arabic people write their English litters to compare my hand writting to ..

  • BarefootShaman

    I love your lessons Maha; more please!

  • Zulkifli Jamil

    This is a very marvellous lesson. Maha , i congratulate you on your personal achievement. There are approximately 1.6M views. Very exceptional achievement. أنت ممتاذ.

  • ivor worrell

    Mar7aba Maha, the 1st word is BYT (house in English), 2nd word is BNTY (my girl or my daughter), 3rd word is YBNY (pronounced IBNY=my son).Shukran.

  • Gabi 88

    If the video has 1.6 million views it’s because of the girl not the learning lol

  • ew no

    بنت omg I just wrote my first word :D

  • Jaime Carrillo

    7:48 sec, It's so easy

  • Channu Chandelker

    It's really wonderful to learn Arabic languageThanks

  • Gabi 88

    6:39 when u forget you are doing a YouTube video lol

  • Amen Sheani

    Hay... Pretty eyes Babe... Whats up where are you?

  • Soma Rasheed

    I've been looking for classes forever, and what you taught me in 7 mins, I have been trying to teach myself in two weeks. Thank you.

  • Hayes

    Turkish or Arabic, can't decide

  • John Lockwood

    بنت,girl, bentبيت, house, baitبنتي, daughter, bentyيبني, builds, yebneeI did them longhand too, but found useful. I got the translations and pronunciations from Google voice since I'm very much a beginner, with four Pimsleur units in the first level and only a lesson or two under my belt so far, so my vocabulary is rudimentary at best. Good times. Well organized and helpful lesson, moving on to the next.


    You are my favorite person ever! lol thank you so much! Learning allot and you are a great teacher!

  • Bibi Redford

    really good lessons!!!!

  • Class 3D

    For me I find your videos easy and fun

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