The Blockchain and Us (2017)

A film by Manuel Stagars

For more interviews about the brave new world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, see Manuel's podcast:

In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto invented bitcoin and the blockchain. For the first time in history, his invention made it possible to send money around the globe without banks, governments or any other intermediaries. The concept of the blockchain isn’t very intuitive. But still, many people believe it is a game changer.

Economist and filmmaker Manuel Stagars portrays this exciting technology in interviews with software developers, cryptologists, researchers, entrepreneurs, consultants, VCs, authors, politicians, and futurists from the United States, Canada, Switzerland, the UK, and Australia.

The Blockchain and Us is no explainer video of the technology. It gives a view on the topic, makes it accessible and starts a conversation about its potential wider implications in a non-technical way. The film deliberately poses more questions than it answers.

For a deep dive, see all full-length interviews from the film here:


Conversations with (in alphabetical order)

David Birch
Director of Innovation, Consult Hyperion
Guildford, UK

Perianne Boring
Founder & President, Chamber of Digital Commerce
Washington, USA

Christian Decker
Core Tech Engineer, Blockstream
Zurich, Switzerland

Taylor Gerring
Co-Founder, Ethereum
Zug, Switzerland

Marco Carlo Grossi
Director Audit & Risk Advisory, Deloitte Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland

Caitlin Long
Chairman of the Board & President at
New York, USA

R. Jesse McWaters
Financial Innovation Lead, World Economic Forum
New York, USA

Paul Meeusen
Head Finance and Treasury Services, Swiss Re
Zurich, Switzerland

Dolfi Müller
Mayor of the City of Zug
Zug, Switzerland

Matthew Roszak
Co-Founder & Chairman, Bloq
Chicago, USA

Guido Rudolphi
Founder, Cryptocash
Uster, Switzerland

Jan Seffinga
Partner, Deloitte Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland

Elizabeth Stark
Co-Founder & CEO, Lightning
San Francisco, USA

Alex Tapscott
Founder & CEO, Northwest Passage Ventures
Co-Author "Blockchain Revolution"
Toronto, Canada

Lars Thomsen
Chief Futurist & Founder, Future Matters
Zurich, Switzerland

Eric Van der Kleij
Founder Adeptra, London Tech City, Level39. Adviser UK Govt, Kickstart Accelerator
London, UK

Roger Wattenhofer
Professor, Distributed Computing Group, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)
Zurich, Switzerland

Rik Willard
Founder & Managing Director, Agentic Group
New York, USA

Steve Wilson
Digital Identity Innovator & Analyst
Sydney, Australia

Additional conversations and special thanks (in alphabetical order): Iris Belle, Ben Bledsoe, Thomas Bromehead, Richard Cheng, Dario Duran, Marie Farrar Knowles, Olga Feldmeier, Sony Fricker, Daniel Gasteiger, Daniel Grassinger, Johs. Hoehener, Richard Kastelein, Leanne Kemp, Thomas Kern, Francine Klopfenstein, Veronica Lange, Claire LaRocca, Adriano B. Lucatelli, Christian Mäder, Ruedi Maeder, Luzius Meisser, Michael Monceaux, Martin Müller, Mia Mutic, Ian Petchenik, Nathaniel Popper, Ramon Quesada, Kamesh Raghavendra, Brian Rogers, Jouko Salonen, Vadim Shamigulov, Raffaela Stelzer, Don Tapscott, Elizabeth Wesson

Many thanks to all conversation partners and all others who made this film possible

Additional thanks (in alphabetical order): Agentic Group, Blockchain News, Blockstream, Bloq, Chamber of Digital Commerce, Constellation Research, Consult Hyperion, Cryptocash, Deloitte Switzerland, Ethereum Foundation, Everledger, Flightradar24, Future Matters,, Lightning, Lockstep Consulting, Municipality of Zug, nexussquared, Northwest Passage Ventures, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Swiss Re, Symbiont, World Economic Forum (WEF), Zurich Airport

Recording of live air traffic courtesy of Flightradar24

Chinese subtitles: Richard Cheng
Dutch subtitles: Rein Jonkman
French translation: Thomas Bromehead
Portuguese subtitles: Caio Rearte
Russian subtitles: Vadim Shamigulov, Sergey Sevantsyan
Spanish subtitles: Jose Felip Daras and team

Many thanks to all individuals and teams who contributed additional subtitles and translations.

Cinematography, Editing, Music, Narration & Sound Design by Manuel Stagars

© 2017 Manuel Stagars

The goal of this film is to encourage the conversation about the economic and social impacts of blockchain technology. Participate in the comments and subscribe to the channel to stay in the loop.

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Listen to the song in the end credits:
  • carlo moretti

    Ethereum has an enormous potential

  • Davinder Arora

    Blockchain is reality now and going to take over legacy systems with in 2019. Please check if below social moral principles can be helpful for core fabric of this revolution1.     One should always beready to accept truth and to renounce untruth.2.     All acts should beperformed after deliberating what is right and wrong.3.     The prime objective ofnew Society is to do well to the world, that is, to promote physical, spiritualand social good of everyone.4.     Our/Every one conducttowards all should be guided by love, righteousness and justice.5.     We should dispel ignorance)and promote (knowledge).6.     No one should becontent with promoting his/her good only; on the contrary, one should look forhis/her good in promoting the good of all.7.     One should regardoneself under restriction to follow the rules of society calculated to promotethe well-being of all, while in following the rules of individual welfare allshould be free.

  • Barbara Brinkmeyer

    10 to 20-yr delay. We're motivated to birth this change.

  • Gerbear

    A resource based economy is where blockchain will ultimately end up producing. It's the end game for crypo

  • John

    Great documentary Manuel and crew! Very cool corporation perspectives and long term vision potential of blockchain. The question is 'will we'? Best line.

  • Home Made Jam

    Great work. I am already a believer in the blockchain technology, your documentary laid it all out very succinctly. There is really no excuse to be ignorant about the phenomenon. I have shared this on my FB page. Thanks.


    Yes, santos dumont! BRAZIL

  • luli amigos

    A brazilian named Santos Dumont invented the airplane.

  • okram ovic

    dude, nice shots, but wheres some -ucking data? it has the exact same limitation as every other introductory resource on blockchain, except that in this case its financial + tech insiders who say those big generic prophecies. i want something to hold, some concrete examples for my brain to understand how it will be and is used. its like jehova witnesses promising me something in future that i should not deny right now but you - filmmaker - give no arguments, what is then the reason to watch this?? why is so information-scarce?

  • Nora Germain

    Wish there was a documentary or at least footage of what people said about the internet before it got going, or anyone speculating about technology we all use every day now. Would be interesting to compare :)

  • Crypto Nova

    the Wright brothers did not invent the airplane...BS!

  • Nathan Simmons

    Brilliant! Stands up well over a year later.

  • Alejandro Miles

    Muy bueno. Muchas Gracias.

  • quantaplusplus

    A bunch of salespeople trying to sell you the technology. Code your own blockchain to learn it (google it). Then think critically about what can be wrong with it and search for critics. Consider both sides -- those pro and against it. Then make up your mind. Personally, I find the currency application unfeasible. Blockchain can have some applications but then you realize the hype isn't real -- cryptography has been there forever and nobody celebrates it this way. A million other inventions are as profound, or more, and the average person does not spend time thinking or hyping those. Wake up.

  • T Jay

    Blockchain is completely useless once it hits the human world. It only works in the digital world, like bitcoin.

  • J.Gabriel Parra Cortes

    Me gustó mucho este documental; como entusiasta de blockchain te digo gracias por postearlo. Sorry if i no writte in your lenguage and bad ortography . 👍

  • David Bermudez

    I discovered BTC back in late 2009 through 4chan

  • angelo

    great and love this ^^

  • TheMojoincc

    Blockchain is ushering in Agorism.

  • Wong BenBen my eye!!!! Thanks!

  • alan roig

    Bitcoin= perfect way for MAFIAS, NARCOTRAFFIC, TERRORISTS, CRIMINALS etc. to pass money without any control.

  • [BTFD] Live Webinars & Trading Education

    just brilliant! wel done on a great job on so many levels

  • Ujjawal Gupta

    I guess it's the money thing which makes its attracting more and more people apart from solving different problems

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