Old Office PC + GT 1030 = Gaming PC?! ($116 Gaming PC!)

What's going on guys? Welcome to my showcase of the GT 1030 inside of an older OEM dell system with a sandy bridge i3. I hope you guys enjoy the video and let me know what you thought of it in the comment section down below!

Prebuilts to upgrade: https://ebay.to/2FGe1kz

GT 1030 on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2tY8D4I
Actively cooled GT 1030: http://amzn.to/2sBroYr

NOAB's video on PCIE power w/ OEM systems: http://bit.ly/2tXYpl7

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/TechByMatt
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-680263165/

Full specs:
CPU: i3 2100
Ram: 8gb DDR3
Cooler: OEM Dell
Mobo: OEM Dell
Case: Optiplex 790 SFF
GPU: MSI GT 1030

Thanks for wtaching!
  • kav0da

    I have an i5 2400, 8GB DDR3 1300MHz RAM and 240GB Kingston SSD I dont have money to buy a GPU, I only play tf2 but I want to play GTA 5

  • Whodini6likesSharpGF

    I've put the gt 1030 into my small lenovo pc, which has a haswell i3 4130 and 180 watt psu =D using MSI afterburner revealed, that the CPU was the bottleneck at trying to get 60fps in GTA 5. The 1030 although performed pretty well

  • Jake Constantinou

    Which GTX 1050 would work with this? Amazon link would be appreciated...

  • hahhuli

    Sometimes I think my gtx 1060 6gb and ryzen 5 1600 kind of sucks. And those parts aren't even expensive in 2019. Then I watch videos where real budget people use gt 1030 and gtx 1050.

  • Random Comment

    I legit had this exact pc and gpu a few months ago but then sold it to my homie I met online then upgraded to a better pc

  • Mike Jason

    Why my new gt 730 4gb not working on my 2011 HP pc ? The graphics card is peeping

  • Quinn Reiswig

    Thanks Matt for very informative and helpful video

  • James Boaz

    Got my sub and like. Very informative and when you didn't have the info, you linked to someone else who did. Great job.

  • Sean Mondout

    "Ever since the launch of the GTX 750ti back in 2014, people have been slowly realizing that they can easily upgrade their older systems to play games instead of just completely scrapping them and building a new one." People have been realizing that since the 80s, kid. Ever heard of the Intel Inboard 386 and an 8-bit ISA VGA card? You could put them in an original IBM PC from 1981 to play modern games well into the 90s. Nor is that the only example. LOL!

  • Jule Eric Bernasor

    Excuse me. Can we put any MINI-ITX Motherboard on it?

  • vig p72

    So at 768p it will perform even better..

  • EthanDraws

    The GT1030 handles Devil May Cry 5 incredibly well!!

  • Ivelisse Franco

    I installed on 8GB Memory + GTX 1050 Ti + i5-2500 = 1080p Goodness Rock solid for over a year.

  • Alcedo B.

    I got GT1030 by asus with passive cooling and with gpu tweak OC this GPU was much better

  • TheSkeleton900

    I have one of these and I made a video on it too. https://youtu.be/h0eDdigkIiwBTW I'm NOT trying to get views and subs. I don't care about that.


    How many watt psu do you use

  • Cássio Araújo

    SSD ,fast ,low price

  • Robert Spaulding

    Can I take it out of the case out and evade the problem with the half height problem?

  • Pie Studios

    That GTA V footage looks awful.

  • Bajan Roblox

    can it work on hp elite ????? mine is I5 5200 or 400 3.1 ghz and 8 gb ram can it work???

  • Flash Gordan

    get quad core you can find used one on ebay for around 20 dollar

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