Old Office PC + GT 1030 = Gaming PC?! ($116 Gaming PC!)

What's going on guys? Welcome to my showcase of the GT 1030 inside of an older OEM dell system with a sandy bridge i3. I hope you guys enjoy the video and let me know what you thought of it in the comment section down below!

GT 1030 on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2tY8D4I
Actively cooled GT 1030: http://amzn.to/2sBroYr

NOAB's video on PCIE power w/ OEM systems: http://bit.ly/2tXYpl7

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/TechByMatt
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-680263165/

Full specs:
CPU: i3 2100
Ram: 8gb DDR3
Cooler: OEM Dell
Mobo: OEM Dell
Case: Optiplex 790 SFF
GPU: MSI GT 1030

Thanks for wtaching!
  • Ricardo B

    I can't seem to install the drivers for this exact card.. Have you got a video getting around the incompatibility issues, or can you explain what to do.? Because it has done my head in..

  • IbtiX Gaming

    I got mine for 50 with a i5-2400

  • LiamTheNerd

    I have same specs but with i5 2nd gen. will my cpu give higher frames?

  • You triggered??

    I have a very bad mother board can anyone see if this will work on it??

  • N30N Thunder

    YES, finally found a video about a small case and weak PSU prebuilt PC to gaming PC. My PC is also a Dell Optiplex 790 SFF but with 8gb ram and core i5.


    What is your opengl version in that pc

  • Poly0Tech

    I need help, I have same computer same gt 1030 but my pc say that it doesn’t support it

  • Avalon Wolf

    Can a PC like this run a 1050ti ?? I have the dell Optiplex 390, Same thing just smaller in hight, but was wandering if you could run something better than a GT1030, as like you said, buying used parts might be a better option if the deal is good. But overall, thank you for this video it helped me allot!!

  • Uncle Billy Bob

    Should of saved for gtx 1050

  • bazz black

    I recently bought the exact same pc as shown in the video, the slim version of the optiplex 7010, believe it or not, I stuffed a gtx 770 in it, upgraded the psu of course. Card took so much space I had to remove the disc drive, psu would not fit either, that now sits outside the case, side panel will not go back on and I'm running gta 5 at high with 70fps +

  • Brandon Brenner

    I'm running a rx580 8gb in a 790sff with a pcie 16 extender and a separate psu for gpu

  • DropletRain

    I have basically the same pc but it has a i5

  • PastLight

    Haha, i did very similar built with an i5 dell sff and chose the gt1030 even tho everyone were screaming that it will be no good now all i keep seeing is these exact builts with 1030 being done 😂 took a risk and it paid off 😂

  • no u

    A dell +dvd+gt 1030+a holy macaroni 1 tb hdd =good?

  • Eggpie_614

    Does it fit into a 780 with a core 2 quad?

  • One man

    Can I put 6pin connector

  • Darko ND

    You needed an i7 back in 2011 to play anything and even then there were hickups and other dogshit. In 2017 you are talking about an used i3 office PC with sticking in a low end shitty MSI garbage and using it for "gaming" are you insane? Buy a console and play games as meant to be played stop living in a cheap PC fairy tales nonsense. PC isn't cheap for gaming and even if you have a 3k$ setup it is a question how long it will work and what on it.


    Can u tell me what is your opengl version

  • Iluvucardi B

    Why are the games so stuttery yet he explained the average FPS to be higher than what it looked like

  • 18matts

    You can have a gaming pc for under 150 evidence of God much? :)

  • roti halia

    hey matt can you send me gt 1030 pls i very need that card

  • Mexi

    But Matt, the minimum that is needed for this card is a 300 watt power source, can you use a 1030 gt with a source of less than 300w, like that of the optiplex?

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