My Burstcoin Mining Earnings Update January & February 2018

I share my Burstcoin earnings for the months of January & February 2018, I talk a little about the recent huge increase in network difficult and how it effects our mining earnings.

I'm often asked about my mining earnings and so I wanted to show you exactly what your earnings are likely to be and hope to set your exceptions closer to reality rather than a rough estimate from the online calculator.

January 103TB Plotted

Burstcoin Price 500sats $0.07 avg
Revenue $436.72 Burst 6238.86
Power Cost $25
Profit $411.72

February 103TB Plotted

Burstcoin Price 325sats $0.03 avg
Revenue $53.90 Burst 1796.9
Power Cost $25
Profit $28.9

Current Prices 23/03/18
Jan 6238.86 x $0.02 = $124.77
Feb 1796.9 x $0.02 = $35.94

Hardware used for the Burstcoin Miner.

5TB Toshiba Canvio USB3 External Drive

8TB Seagate Backup Plus Hub

8TB Lacie External Drives

Orico 7 Port USB 3 Hub

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Burstcoin BURST-N8KB-DKKW-9C4W-AF289
Storj 1PtCzyShTUXwhf63nRqQuxEgLZRkjwu4SK
Ethereum Classic:0x0927B3ff51BFC3865788aE7ad90246D850c05325
  • adriiPortillo

    In a way this is partially your fault. You have done quite a good promotion for burst, with these excelent videos, so i guess people jumped in the burst train - i did.

  • Pratik Patel

    RavencoinMining in ethos

  • Investiruyu v BURST coin

    BURST will reach $1 USD very soon remember guys!!!

  • Henrik Christensen

    Nice to see you again. More regular videos would be nice.

  • Viktor Nerlander

    Nice video Lee! Harddrive mining is weird. Wonder if Satoshi ever imagined this. Greetings from Sweden!

  • Sam -mbs-

    Ridiculous, invest in stock market u will gain more than this shit, u buy a dream that have 0.000001% to come true, idiot consumer

  • Anomalous

    Hey Lee just built my PC for burstcoin mining using the build list from your previous video but it fails to turn on.I get you really can't help as you cannot see what I've done but can you give me any links to videos which would help me out?

  • Wheatnuts

    Hi Lee, Good to see you are still BURST mining. I have you to thank for myself getting into it :-) I couldn't help but notice, you are still mining on a pool that is not supporting the Dymaxion. I've been a avid BURST enthusiast for a while now and there are some great changes ahead. I would strongly advise you to change pools to a Dymaxion one. Maybe even vid about the new developments would be useful for others that follow you? Pool info here: Keep up the good work!

  • A M A Z O

    All those HDD sellers make lots of money.

  • Nasdaq trader

    There's a shocking drop in profitability for GPU mining!

  • Mark Seveland

    Seeing the same thing on my end. Sadly the MicroBurst payouts are in the same state. On a happy not though, I've been able to add 2 new GPUs to the farm. It hasn't done much more the give a little boost. Thank you for the update sir. Keep up the good work you do. Oh, also, about the same time your jminer started acting wierd, mine decided to stop working completely. I've had to move back to using Blago. Still acceptable scan times,. But hey, I get to use the gpu for mining ETH. ;)

  • VoskCoin

    Nice update Lee, sad to see the burst price plummet recently but I’m really excited that HDD mining is even an option. Now we just need some more HDD coins to mine!

  • Paul Cairns

    Hi Lee/Everyone, Enjoy the videos Lee! I 'm new to burst coin I need one coin to start mining can anyone help? BURST-AW9G-BYKU-AZWL-GXY26

  • De Luxe

    Memory speed is quite important for jminer, maybe due to removing a memory stick, you are not using dual or quad channel memory anymore ...

  • 1dariansdad

    Thanks for the update. I had plotted 16 of 101TB and I'm now stopping and returning the drives. Good luck miners!

  • joczo97

    Maybe the ram could be your problem,dual channel vs single channel.basically half performance

  • TheMissingLing

    Maybe you can correlate it to Linus Tech Tips ( ) starting to talk about BURST in January ... they built a sample BURST miner, and have also been using plotting as a simple I/O Benchmark.

  • loves2spo0ge

    What are your thoughts on current market prices, do a vid. Also any other HDD mining you recommend?

  • Ben Misrahi

    Did you replot the hds when you took the 8GBs out? Could be why you didn't find any blocks that month

  • vukken99

    Hey Lee nice videos you got and I particularly like your summary of results for those who have short attention 103TB plotted means your hard drive capacity was 103TB?I am thinking about a 600 TB hard disk Mining gear what your thoughts on this?

  • frederik van duuren

    where do you mine? solo?

  • J P

    The Burstcoin is the Bitcoin 4.0- i missing the global marketing to Burstcoin

  • OnA mission

    eeerrrggg, can someone tell me how to move my BC from bittrex to to bc local wallet? it says invalid... BURST-SZ8P-E5Y9-N8TB-5SPE9

  • Bittruth-bitcoin, cryptocurrency, mining, and news

    Nice vid Lee!!!!!!!!

  • AlexNOSAM

    The difficulty rose really high so fast it ridiculous! I followed it with lots of pain. Totally jeopardised my mining ambitions.

  • Joe Pint

    what pool do you use? I was using the but that pool has had downtime issues and has not been good for us. So we switched over to the 0-100 Cryptoguru pool and it seems to be better for payout at 100 Burst rather the 250, but we are getting lower payout due to so many more miners and difficulty is way higher - so its taking longer to get paid. We are about 50 TB capacity so far on our 100 TB server - still have 50 TB to plot. Once we plot out we want a reliable pool so we dont loose out on down time (we understand network difficulty and pool size differ - just looking for reliability i guess). What do you recommend for a pool for our size?

  • Tim Schnedler

    Another Great video! thanks for the info,

  • Ehsan Ag

    So you mine with 21 TB hard driver ? based on your description. If not then why making a 10 fucking minutes video and not mentionning how many hatd drives you use?

  • cracklingice

    Wow. My February sucked but not that badly. I was about 50% of Jan.

  • David Sassoon

    Can I use archive drives ? do slower drives exist ?

  • J C


  • Schmonkee Shomky

    Too many youtubers taught how to mine using memory via burst. Now, people all over are dedicating a portion of their hard drives to mine. Difficulty has gone up, more miners, less rewarding. Mining has hit mainstream. Everyone thinks it’s “free money” That, coupled with a crypto bear market driving mining payout down, and mining will soon be worthless in effort. Selling GPU and other equipment now is best. Once nvidias next generation of cards come out (soon) mining cards of the 1000 generation will be worth very little. Like the 900 series cards compared to 1000, the 1000 will be so compared to 2000 series. I bought my 1080 ti for 719, sold for well over that (profit) and have BTC as well. Win win. Not selling now when there’s a perfect storm coming is bad imo.

  • CryptoDave

    I hit 2 blocks in both Jan and Feb, just one so far in March, certainly a lot different from even 6 months ago. Getting tougher to justify running my burst mining rig, but hopefully if the price gets back to the circa 10 cent range over the next few months it'll still be worth it.

  • kaliappan muneeswaran

    Thanks for the updateBased on yr video I started miningLet us See how I am doing

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