First Profitable Simple Mining Rig Build - Graft

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If you would like to build this mining rig for yourself here is the shopping list:



Artic Silver:


Flash drive:

Power supply:

Nvidia 1070 TI:

Nvidia 1080:

On/off switch:


Graft blog article mentioned in video:

Want to skip ahead to certain part in the video:
1:18 Motherboard
3:53 CPU
7:14 RAM
7:57 GPU's
10:36 PSU
13:10 Flash drive (Linux OS)
16:03 Week 1 results


Things to note from this video, if you are planning on mining Asic resistant cryptocurrencies such as Monero and or Graft you will need to install XMR-Stak rather than CCMiner as suggested on the Graft mining guide.
To install either on a linux system you will need to do so by running commands in Terminal. Plus you will need to be able to understand any error messages when things go wrong and understand how to find which dependencies are required to build the software you are trying to install.

In short, building a mining rig is easy, installing and running the mining software can be pretty complicated for the average PC user.
I'm a web developer and I struggled to the point of needing a friend to come help me out.
If you plan on building a mining rig on your own for the first time and are not experienced in typing code into a Linux Terminal then you may be better off investing in cloud mining or just sticking to buying cryptocurrency on an exchange ;-)

Please watch: "Cryptocurrency That Could Kill Paypal - Pundi X - Graft - UTrust"
  • Dr Fixer

    Hi Ben. Count me in it sounds great. Also when will the coin purchase section be starting??

  • John Sloan

    Hi BenA mining club is a really good idea bro. I’d thought of it myself with a few guys from work, but the ninja is a good platform to set this up.

  • Josh Michelle

    Use smos ,,, much easier

  • Gaurav Mishra

    Suddenly all of rigs starts to produce only 5mhs, I formated and reinstalled the window many times but the problem is still not solved.

  • Nick Morphew

    Yes. Flash drive. Don't waste cash on a needless forward to GRAFT.. great/ A way to take payments. However, you've got to think, why would a regular joe (not a crypto enthusiast--think MASS adoption) someone convert their cash to crypto to then spend it again. It serves the same purpose as cash or visa or paypal.What can using bitcoin or eth as a currency do that paypal can't?I'd suggest looking into Safex and safex cash. They're actually building the WHOLE e-commerce platform to compete with amazon, ebay etc. Now, why would you spend safex cash on the safex cash plaform on the safex blockchain?1. The fees are astronomically lower and the fees paid go back to token HOLDERS! (not a centralised company, like Amazon).2. It's decentralised with safex cash being released in an s curve where early adopters don't get a massive advantage which then discourages MASS adoption.3. It's anonymous. You don't have to disclose purchases, you're identity etc.You've got to go to discord or or safex news and READ everything there. Soak it up. This will be the way e-commerce is done in 10 years. Get rich SLOWLY and ensure you have a passive income into the future by holding safex tokens in your safex wallet.I have been in safex since 2017. It was the single BEST move transferring all by DGB to SAFEX coins. Take care.

  • Moses Tran

    OMG. How much thermal paste is he applying!!!!! This is the of verge.

  • Elie Kabre

    Hey BenGreat to hear from you again. That was amazing ! I am interested but I think for me the best option is the Cloud Mining. As I am living in Africa and we do not have the best climat for the mining with an Asic or rig, because the tempeture can reach 45 degres, you know ! and sometimes we are experiencing electricity issues. So, let's say it was very exciting to watch the video and to know it is someting we can do. I absolutely learn with you. Really appreciated. Thank you for your time Ben. Talk to you soon !Elie

  • Oto Mitas

    Nice, have a look on Raven as it has better algorithm, I get around 60 coins with 1080ti a day, then maybe you could tell us what you think. Its hard to predict which coin will sky rocket.

  • graffix3001

    Click Bait thumbnail and I fell for it.

  • Svn Grhms

    When you get some extra time can you research The Webchain Network? Its the most undervalued coin in my opinion.

  • Dan B

    Instead of using silicone to glue down the power supply, try two strips of Velcro tape. That will secure the power supply to the two wooden runners without all the mess

  • Raw Evidence

    I have bought 40k of graft as you said, and fellow master, but I have one major concern. As graft is based on monero, won’t there be problems with anonymity with POS devices and governments. Paypal, visa etc are not anonymous. Can’t see governments too happy with graft and therefore they will restricted or limit it’s use. Love to hear your thoughts.

  • Tony Thoreson

    you dont have to remove the black cover, push down the lever and it will fome out on its own, you dont need additional thermal paste and you went a litte crazy with the arctic silver, too much paste

  • Pat London

    Yes get them built, sounds like a great Idea. Jumping the gun, I Went onto Moocharoo while you were talking to take a look before you had said it was not there yet. :-0. Look forward to joining in.

  • Kodi Pagan Shqiptare

    stop waste energy , Before make sure bills

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