GT 1030 vs GTX 750 Ti vs GTX 1050

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  • Mr Eretic

    test gt 1030 in 900p and 768p on low settings fallout 4, witcher 3

  • NovaVex

    1050 if you're on a budget, 750 Ti if you're on a budget and don't have the money, 1030 for upgrading an old prebuilt system (because of it's low power consumption)

  • MJS

    buy gtx 1050 / gtx 1050 ti now or buy gt 1030 and wait and then buy new 1150 / 1150 ti hmm?

  • Peter Cruz

    It's nice to know that $100 gets you a lot more than a year ago. (750 ti vs 1050)

  • 32MBRam

    Gtx 1050 vs gtx 660 plzzzzz

  • raptor6600gt

    I want a card that sits between the 1050 ti and 1060 3GB in performance, but uses around GTX 1050 power. Hopefully Volta or Navi will deliver this year.

  • VajfertTV pr0

    fhy in fucking sebia gtx 1050 cost 170 euros

  • ___

    GTX 680 VS GTX 770 VS GTX 960 VS GTX 1050

  • Abdullah Khaled

    Nice video keep up ❤️❤️👍🏻


    I sell gtx 960 4gb and going to buy gtx 970 used this month

  • MisterUrbanWorld

    Can the GT 1030 handle CEMU (Wii U) emulation?


    This is 1050 by EVGA?

  • Berserker 98

    what should I do in my country the GT 1030 is a 120$ and the 1050 is a 170$ it's gonna take me a while to get enough money for the 1050 should I just say fuck it and go for the 1030 ?

  • EG Channel

    750ti sucks, its costs 120$ in ukraine

  • Nisic

    Dude can i run Gta V on high settings?And Call of Duty WW2 on low-medium?8gb ddr3gt 1030i3 2100If i can how much fps i will have?

  • gamer hub

    Please do a combo comparison on g4560 vs i5 3470 with gtx 1050

  • Od1sseas

    Dude i have GTX 1050 but i get 45 FPS on High (G4560, 8GB RAM, 1080p)Why? Maybe because of the CPU? You used i7 7700K.

  • Adama John

    I wanna get a 1050. But also considering a 1030 as the 60fps thing doesn't bother me.

  • Gurjeet maan

    Really GT 1030 is bad graphic card

  • RK

    gtx 150 vs r9 270 please

  • hisoka KUN

    plz i have prblm can you help meprblm is youneed permision in google drive

  • Deadpool Gamer X1

    I need a temporary graphic card until Volta gets released. I'm waiting for Volta because my 2 yrs old 960 4gb died and company refused warranty claiming water damage, which is utter bs but I cannot change a thing. Will play casual fornite and cs go waiting and saving for next gen cards. Or will just get the ps4 pro..but till then 750ti used should be great for casual stuff.


    r7 260x vs gtx 650ti vs gt 1030 pls

  • Riga Style

    the surprisingly stub of the GTX 1050 is not bad.. ))


    if u have time see my channel @benchmark

  • DenZi2K

    I have i5 3470 8gb ram and gtx 1050 cost me 300 e

  • Kreatos

    If you have 750 ti, overclock + overvolt it = Reward Gtx 1050 for free!

  • white wolf

    i have 1050TI lol :)

  • Eden KG

    Gtx 660 ti vs gtx 1050 non ti plz

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