8 RX Vega 64 Mining Rig 15.4Kh/s+ @ 1415W Moded Registry

Quick video showing you guys that it is possible to get a massive 8 RX vega 56/64 cards up and running on the same system. It is quite difficult, but with a bit of dedication it can be done!

Parts used:

RX Vega 64: http://amzn.to/2BcSVah
Pcie 16x to 1x Risers: http://amzn.to/2jfBlbj
M.2 to PCIE expansion card : http://amzn.to/2jPWMz2
Motherboard: http://amzn.to/2jIfF7d
Processor: http://amzn.to/2jHR02s
Power Supply: http://amzn.to/2ApoInv
RAM: http://amzn.to/2A2JjdW
PSU Combo (connect 2 PSU) : http://amzn.to/2Anivbq

If you are feeling gracious and wanna help the channel grow, feel free to drop a donation below :D

XMR address: 43WshdjoBvh6rX1r5WJdm4KrosQmVtJrmUDQMtSzfs7FCDf6NvSiSEzEfKofkAa2gu1jxaSaQU9V3cXjb8PjJisiLNULaXZ

ETH address:

ZEN Address:

ETN Address:
  • wangjueliang

    Hello Mark, I am going to use six Vega 56 cards. I worried having all 6 Vega on one PSU is not enough power for each card. For the manufacturers spec, each card will consume up to 300w. So I feel like I need to split them into two 1200w PSU. But base on your previous exp, that might be an issue. Also some blogs says it’s better to keep all GPU on one PSU and motherboard on the other. Any advice? What is the splitter you used to link both PSU btw.Thank you so so much!

  • EL Baron

    I tested for 8 vega, it stop like after 14hours, with 7 vega it's stable with power -20%

  • Ben Nykiel

    Hey Mark, would you be interested for significant beer donation :) give me some pointers, i hit the wall, working 4 cards on beginning (thanks to ur video) turn to madness, each time i mode bios i got crazy results, reinstalled windows got one card to work 2nd card bios mod crashes it, been 48 hr, almost no sleep, i about open jack Daniels hehe

  • martin baron

    Hey man, I'm having issues going from 4 x cards to 6. I can get them working but after a little while the miner freezes and I get a video tdr failure (atikmpag.sys).Did you experince this at all? any ideas?My rig is as follows;6 x vega 64biostar tb250 btc pro mb8gb ram120gb ssd1200w psu1000w psuad2psu adapterxmr stak amd

  • Homer Simpson

    Noob question. Are you also powering the risers?

  • The King

    can minning vega 64 on equihash ?

  • Chriss Martin

    What is the ambiant temp there?....Dat temp and fan speed way too low compared to mine.....can you share the settings?

  • Ryan Dugan

    Any chance you ever tried running those off a single 8 (or 6+2) pin connector each? That plus the 75W from the pcie slot/riser should be plenty of power for mining, but I'm not sure if the Vegas test the pins before powering on... My sapphire nitro 580s are fine w/ it, but haven't tested the vegas yet.

  • Electroneum Rich

    Awesome Rig man! ETN ---> MOON

  • D Bone

    Hi, thanks for sharing, question where did you get the 8 pin to 2x 8pin ribbon cable from? and could 8 cards be run off of one 1600W PSU ?

  • lootpatient

    Do you still have this rig updated and running stable since the march fork? Update video would be awesome!

  • Ruvindra

    may i know which coins your are mining

  • Jay Asnani

    Sir plz make a video on how to make mining rig step by step

  • D Bone

    someone can answer that please, I see the suggested PSU has only 4 of 6+2 connectors...each card require 2 x 6+2 .. 8 cards that's a total of 16. How did you go around this... thanks

  • fijillian

    Nice frame and setup man. You're definitely right about wasting money on a $200 pre-built rig.

  • Farhad Ameri

    Hi man thanks for your shares and video.I see all your videos for Vega64...i can't install them more than 7 gpu on the same MB (Asus Z270a), with the Blockchian Driver (https://goo.gl/MisMNq), the only one i see that works for Vega64 at 2000 k/s.I tried with M.2 to put 8 card but nothing to do with all settings i can do in bios.I had install windows 10 1709, maybee thats the problem?Please can you help me? i'm going mad around 3 days of trying.Thanks in advance.

  • Gaby k.

    Hi Mark,What bios is the mother board and which drivers are you using, My windows on Z270-P crashes once i plugin more than 5 cards.

  • Robert Benoit

    I paid 35 for mine. I think he is talking about some of the more insane frames out there. Some genius is making a killing and people are buying them. I am looking to expand but I can't find a video on how to setup 19 card rig. All I see is the rig not how they actually reach the top tier cards with the PCIe cables from the PSU and the risers with the usb cables plus the sata cables for the riser power. I'm Guessing extension cables?

  • Robert Dencher

    How in God's green earth have you gotten windows to find 8 Vega's? I have tried everything followed every guide I could find plus your videos no dice... Max it'll find is 7 then it error code 45's that 7th card

  • MacaDamian jsonBr0n

    thanks for the video, very informative!

  • ALTCoin Research

    Mark, you mentioned that no one has put 10 Vega's on a single Windows computer before. If you wanted to scale your mining operation to include dozens of cards, does this mean you would have to have one Windows computer to run every 8-10 GPU mining rig?

  • Cody Nemeth

    hey bro so your pulling 1415W wouldn't this work with just one 1600w supply? some people are telling me on discord that 8X 64 would bottleneck and be unstable and that its better to just do 4X vega 64 with 1000w psu

  • Define Modified

    How did you power the 2 extra cards Did u use the 4 pin cpu slots on your psu

  • Patrick Wright

    Slightly jealous! Great job

  • Jesús Argüelles

    I have been running a rig with 3 vega 56 (flashed) with the settings similar to your previous videos, initially it gets a hashrate of around 1950 for each card but after a while it dropes to 1600, do you know what could be causing this?, all of the gpus have regedit (1100) and powerplay applied, and I have tried cast xmr anmd stak xmr, the only stable minner for me has been claymore but only at 1700 H/s per card.

  • TC

    Mark, I have a 8 Vega setup but cant seem to get the card that the monitor runs off of to mining, just pixelates and crashes system. Any hints?

  • FreshLemunz

    I'm getting about 11700 hashes with my 6 rx Vega 56 cards.

  • Fabiano S.

    Hi guys There is a groups about mining in Telegram? I would like to participate

  • Robert Benoit

    That's Terahash not kilohash. since Mega is higher than kilo. Kilo, Mega, Tera, Peta......

  • HiaaaFullpower

    Dude what are your clocks, my setup is on 48c holds 47c 46c with start from 4500rpm, going down to 3400rpm, and if it is colder it goes down to 3100rpm. Is it dangerous to have that kind of rpm???

  • Leonardo H.

    I have a asus b250 expert with 8 vegas 56/64 mixed, those are running great with 1500w and hashing 15.55k. But i´d like to add more cards, i could not find on the web information about what is this card limit. I have a rx570 rig runnig simplemining and over there, this limit is 13 cards. But on monero mining, i´ve never saw a video on youtube with a 9+ vega mining rig (on 1 motherboard). Thanks!

  • what what

    hi sir do you use 20amp or higher on your outlet?

  • smashandre

    Have you had any success with 8 vega frontier setup?

  • Cody Nemeth

    do u think 8 of the ASUS Radeon RX Vega 64 8GB Overclocked 2048-Bit would crank out 15 kilohash?

  • Alex Marshall

    Has your reward gone down quite substantially with the increase in difficulty since December 12?

  • Ben Nykiel

    what power supplies you running?

  • kram mago

    Do you mine etn and monero at the same time?

  • Swifteagle

    Have you ever used the H270 plus with your vega builds? I am have been trying for about a week trying to get it to work without any luck.. Also how much ram do you use per vega build? Thanks

  • taco bond

    Geek Maek you are the MAN!!! GOT 6 VEGA 64'S UP and going thanks to you. Bought the exact same shit as you listed except my Vega 64s have the three cooling fans. I did however buy a nice stand for them too lol. I'm mining the shit out of Masari right now and the Vegas make it rain Masari. Thanks again for all the time you put in to making your vids.

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