Nicehash Mining Guide For NVIDIA and AMD Graphics Card

Make money with your gaming pc or mining rig. Easy step by step guide.

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  • CyaN

    the amount of lip smacking tho

  • Fun Mazza

    SHOWING THIS ERROR EVERY TIME. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!::::::::::::::::::SOCKET ERROR - [] CONNECT error: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.

  • Kurt

    Thank god i finally found a decent tutorial

  • Mehedi Ferdous

    what to set as worker?

  • Jayden Nightshade

    thanks bro dope video. You think i can mine with i7 7700hq +nvidia 1060GTX on my laptop?

  • DakiPlays

    why i have malware virus detaction help!!???

  • nacho martin

    nicehash is not detecting my hd 5770!


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  • Prasanna Media Solutions

    Thank you for making it easily understanding for beginners.

  • pol core

    It would be the safest to use your ledger wallet.

  • herovshero Universe

    you skipped the most important said "after you install.." it comes in a zipped file. How do I install after unzipping?

  • Victor Ivanovich

    Guуs I just fоund free $8250.this аwеsоmе cash gеnеrаtоr:(just go to) its working

  • DKW868

    Download nice hash miner here donate at 1MWZkA9nZ3jyWPoFAcpwHDVSR6yNMmcimp if you like it

  • Random Guy

    I don't see and AMD Card running. There are different steps to take.

  • G A

    What a waste of 15 mimutes never trust a video that doesn't show you the outcome didn't even mine a thing so no proof if it even works or not.

  • Robbie Grant


  • Matthew Slivar

    when i open nicehash it dosent open the black screen

  • john viti

    i need your help i have like 0.00000502 bitcoing mined on nicehash while i use the jaxx wallet but the boitcoins are not goin on jaxx they stay on nicehash how toi transfer them?

  • The Tech Master

    can i perfectly use it my laptop ?

  • TwoStarII

    The profit calculator is based on how many hours of mining per day?

  • Michael VanDyne

    I have tried this many times and mine never starts the downloading miners process. I have to use task manager to close it.

  • Mladen Peric

    @TechTunerLife I can not mine :( . Is it because the GPU is 6 years old???

  • Tudor Paun

    who else is getting trojan warnings off norton

  • Victor Lucas Cerqueira

    it wont detect my rx 480, it only finds my cpu. plis help!!!!!!!!!

  • Marcus Allan

    Hi what is the name of the installation file? please

  • ravena sigh

    Nice Video buddy..You really saved my ass :D

  • Kaiser Popal

    when i extract the files for amd it loses a bunch of files including the legacy so idk what to do because it also doesnt let me run it when it is zipped

  • CaddyWhumpusGamer

    Very Helpful Info. Liked and Subbed. Keep up the good work.

  • Steve Dvernichuk

    damn. I am making that with FOUR AMD RX580 CARDS in november 2018

  • Nathaniel Maxey

    I just bought a pc today the omen 870-244 and I keep getting stuck on the server part of the download of this nice hash please help

  • lil sockpuppet

    When I extract the file. I can't find nice hash minerlegacy. Please help

  • griffinynYT

    This is the best video I have found yet thank you for being legit

  • hchen25

    Thanks for the help! Love ur vids!

  • ihackerex YT

    it doesent work and i have a NVIDIA GTX 1060 3GB

  • Thecrazyjellybean

    Awesome video I’m about to start getting into this with my gaming pc. Great help thanks


    ETH on .... ? i can understand from video

  • Muzahidul Islam Onikwe

    আমি মনে করি এটি আপনার ভালো একটি আয়ের মাধ্যম হতে পারে। এখানে আপনাকে দৈনিক দেয়া হবে, ১.৫% ইনকাম। এটি অনেক বড় একটি পাওনা আপনার জন্য। এখন এটির আইসিও বিক্রয় চলছে, ১.৬৫$ ২৭ জানুয়ারী-২০১৮ এটি আসছে ক্রিপ্টকারেন্সি মার্কেটে। আনুমানিক তখনকার দাম ধরা হয়েছে, জানুয়ারীঃ ১৪ ডলার, ফেব্রুয়ারীঃ ২৪ ডলার, মার্চঃ ৪২ ডলার... যে কোনো সহযোগিতার জন্য যোগাযোগ করতে পারেন, WhatsUp- +8801874559041 এই লিঙ্কে জয়েন করতে পারেন, think it could be a good medium for you. Here you will be given daily, 1.5% income. This is a big one for you. Now its ICO sales are going on, 1.65 $ 27-January-2015, it's coming in the cryptanarity market. Estimated price is estimated, January 14 dollars, February 24 dollars, March: 42 dollars ... You can contact for any assistance, WhatsUp- +8801874559041 You can join this link,

  • Jason Almashy

    I am having a problem with my gtx 960. I cannot for the life of me get this to work. I have updated Driver, reinstalled windows etc. I have been working on this for a week now. Minergate recognized it, but had a hash rate of 13 lol. Any insight would be great!

  • Quick M4ths

    I just got NiceHash and it gets stuck loading when it is "starting excavator server". Anyone know what to do?

  • Tyler Freese

    Every time I try and use NiceHashLegacy for AMD, I get a COMException when I initialize the program and I can never use it. Does anyone know why this happens? I can't find any fix ANYWHERE.

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