How to Cryptonight v7 CPU Mining using XMRig for Windows

Step-by-step Tutorial How to Monero v7 CPU Mining using XMRig for Windows 32 bit and Windows 64 bit with some optimized config settings for better performance mining. Read More ☟☟☟☟☟
⛏ Enable Huge Pages and Full Optimized XMRig Config file :
⛏How to Cryptonight V7 CPU Mining Using XMRIG Ubuntu

I use my Core i7 Laptop with Windows 10 64 bit Installed to mine Monero v7 using XMRig for Windows.
⛏ Learn more about CPU Mining at
  • STriderFIN77

    i never tought that putting a miner to work, whould sound this Amazingk! <3

  • Lex Saint Dry

    Lbh bagus ini atau minergate yang simpel??

  • Crypto Fish

    Just set mine up, thanks

  • koclok dw

    wallet monero pakai apa om ?

  • Bien être Et Santé

    how much you can mine per day?

  • Aaron Lindner

    Does anyone know a video similar to this for version 8?

  • Nuclear Jeff

    I can see algo is cryptonight and not cryptonight v7 in your config. Is it ok?

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