Why are England's schools at breaking point?

According to the government, schools in England are getting more funding than ever. Teachers, however, say they are having to cut staff, classes, equipment and even parts of the curriculum. Sonia Sodha takes a closer look at the issue to uncover the truth
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  • Claudia r

    That is an obvious result that happens when you import so many more impoverished refugees. Your population increases, and your tax base remains the same, or slightly increases. Given that more money needs to be allocated to these migrants in taxes, it is obvious schools will have less money per pupil.

  • Big Strawb

    My school couldn't afford science equipment that both GCSE and A Level students needed to pass the controlled assessments. They went to another school to do it.

  • Possibly Me

    My teachers are always complaining about not having enough glue sticks but I mean it’s fair a lot of teachers have to buy their students things out of their own pockets and that’s so wrong

  • Coffee Lover

    They want the poor to stay poor and the rich to stay rich

  • Tom Green

    Ive seen this in school, we have no money for glue, pens or anything like that. Rulers rubbers etc

  • Mohit Kc

    THIS IS RIDICULOUS. I come from an underdeveloped country Nepal, but even I am ashamed to see the degrading condition of education in such a prosperous country as the UK.Although the government of Nepal doesn't have enough revenue to tackle its public spending and has to rely on foreign aids, it still is doing everything it can to get more children in school. Since parents in rural areas are reluctant to send their children in school, gov has not just been providing free education but also rewards(in form of daily consumable products such as oils, rice, salt..) for those parents who send their children to schools.And on the other corner of the world where the government is making trillions of pounds from tax payer's money is cutting its support on education. JUST WOW.

  • Michiel Jansen

    Isn't it ironic how your so-called public schools are in fact the contrary and meant only for arrogant, narcistic and over-confident Etonian brats who will laugh and cheer as the paupers perish, but in the end will wonder who is left to cook their meals and clean their loos.

  • Redlioness 2019

    To lessen the financial burden put upon my sons school, I decided to home school him and he is learning without the stress of having to put up with stressed out teachers. So thank you government. You did us a favour. 😏

  • Brix Trix

    To be brutally honest, the spending has to be cut somewhere

  • sierra stanley

    now their even teaching CHILDREN how to TREAT KNIFE WOUNDS CAUSED BY A STABBING!!! (because of the high stabbing rate they have now!!!)

  • Zahra

    Two words: Conservative government

  • Jerzy Feliks

    One issue that's not mentioned is the effect this has on current workforce and potential workforce. How many people will choose a career in teaching seeing how you get to work 50 hour work weeks for shitty pay? I've heard about many teachers who left the educational system because they couldn't cope. You are leaving an entire generation with no or poorly trained teachers. I wonder how that's going to pan out?

  • Tony Toons

    The society on my country saw U.S.A and Europe as roll models.For us the success was to work on one of those places.But...guess that's why we are so doomed.

  • Kishore S

    That women is sooo Uglywe Indians are not ugly like her

  • Mateja Ikonic

    If we on the Balkans can manage to make ours school works (quality is on medium level) , then you in UK can also do that. It's just do you want to cut more "fat" or not(i'm totally disagree with "There is not more fat to cut"), believe me there is. And the part where you say "They came hungry at school" that's because the price of food in western Europe is DAME high!Also "Children fails to finish the school, because of the poor back round" HILARIOUS!!! Personally, i'm from Serbia (We are POOR country), but guess what, we have free education system, even the universities. Think about it! Here you can't just say "ohhh, i can't finish school because of my poor back round" (90% of us are from poor back round here in Serbia). If you want to finish a school, you will, on plus of that you have a hundred+ organisations who gives scholarships.

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Is not only school is the entire society with the influx of Instant brainless whore culture celebrities which the kids inspires to be on this days

  • Mux_

    we only have 1 gluestick per classroom by summertime lol

  • Ruitt

    In my school, I think 2 sets had no teacher so they put 50 students in 1 class... Before that, 60% failed anyway cause the students didn't care about school and that % will increase. I'm still getting substitute teachers in year 11 while all the good teachers go to year 7s. This only happens in 'bad' areas

  • Tamil Thimir

    British known for corruption.. They don't care about brits any more.

  • Lucas-Tyler Harrington

    I’m so glad I didn’t need to go through this. Cannot thank my family enough for sending me into public funded education

  • Julie Hana

    Us students are at breaking point too :)

  • Seth Sinclair

    Ban privatized schools and problem solved. The rich would be forced to make all school districts on equal ground.

  • Fish Army

    and were still given money to Africa and they don’t want it

  • Nyal Burns

    We need to cut government budget because our country WILL become bankrupt if we keep on borrowing.

  • The Guardian

    Watch more in this series ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCnd8KA-iPk&index=4&list=PLa_1MA_DEorEhUu6kn-zvtvNNrEgtnAg6&t=0s

  • psulionz87

    I see our friends and their children across the pond are being fucked by the 1% and corporations of wealth taxes

  • Andrei Roman

    Because of the conservatives

  • um brooke

    my isd in texas literally made a $50 million stadium last year, this is sad.

  • robert9ish

    What's all this talk about "cutting fat" when there was no fat to start with? Teachers and quality education are vital to a Nation's future, to say nothing of the present. What a shambles my country of birth has become...

  • John Mitchell

    Labour over spend, Torries forced to make cut backs. Labour then over spend again, Torries again forced to make cut backs. Rinse and repeat decade after decade.The main reason? Over populated country. 56 million people crammed into a small country. 416 people per square kilometer which makes England the most over populated country in Europe. That's actually a higher population density than India! If that's the problem then what's the solution? More people need to move from England to Scotland and/or Wales. Privatize our public transportation (which is abysmal). Stop giving 500 million pounds to non British charities every year.

  • Nathan Soper

    And yet we are told that immigration pays for it self.

  • Soraka Main

    Brah just motherfucking eat mint cookies. Problem solved.

  • Tom Langford

    I don't know but I'm sure we can find a way to blame it on immigrants

  • SimplyGuided

    The government are liars. They don't give a damn because their kids go to private schools. Disgusting.

  • Samuel Patrick

    When you cut education funding, you’re ensuring growth in crime, unemployment, domestic abuse, and poverty. It’s the dumbest thing you can save money on because everything else gets more expensive, it’s like using your credit card to pay your rent, it always backfires eventually.

  • Milani Inalim

    ‘He who opens a school door, closes a prison’

  • Pasty Baker

    England's schools are at breaking point because there are too many ISIS kids

  • daniel waluyo

    I blame over population, limits the number how much kids people can have and stop taking in immigrants, Britain is just an small islands

  • mezsh

    It's not just "England", it's the same over the whole of the UK, Wales, Scotland an NI are the same.

  • EqualsThreeable

    You mean, what's been going on in America for decades is finally happening in England?

  • Rez Kara

    I live in one of South East Asian country and always though that europe is a paradise full of bright opportunities especially UK. what the hell happened there?

  • RoadKillzine

    Because the country is over crowded for the current infrastructure? so stop letting in millions of extra people?...no? to simple?... call me name then, select it from Guardian names list... XenophobehomophobeTransphobeIslamophobe Nazi?.................................................

  • GucciSleddyBoi

    my school cant even afford printers now lmao.

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