Asus Z270 A Bios Settings (Cryptocurrency Mining)

Any questions just post them below I'll try to get to them.

Specs :
Motherboard: Asus Prime Z270-A
Ram: Ripjaws 8Gb 2133MHz
Processor: Intel Pentium G4400
PSU: Evga 1600 T2

Donation are much appreciated as they help me allocate more time to helping you!!

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  • Kiri Santh

    This does not work for ASUS Z370 Prime P :( Help me please!

  • PC Gameplay

    My PC wont boot if I enable above 4gb decoding. MSI Gaming Plus X370.

  • OnixStrav

    You save my day!!! thanks

  • jujube343

    Would this be about the same bios for the ASROCK z270 also? Thanks!

  • sam horya

    HiWhen I install the card, I do not recognize it, please help

  • Daryl

    Thank you so much...👌🏾


    My problem it's working only 3 GPU on board, PCIe Express to GPU not working for Nicehas mining, Any solution?

  • Z

    Can you please explain why to adjust the bios for mining ? Please

  • phatal808

    Can you use the on-board WiFi instead of the ethernet?

  • Danyelle Gfader

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  • Andrew Sapp

    You are awesome. It took 3 hours to find the solution to my problem. Thanks so much.

  • Pezhman Es

    Thanks a lot. you saved my time.

  • Thibault Weiser

    thank you so much! those settings helped me got the most out of my rig, i'm so gratful :) thanks again

  • Sazzad Hossain

    I am using ASUS PRIME Z270-K. It works good till I plugged in up to 3 GPU's. But if I plug in the 4th GPU, the display adapter do not show the 4th one and it do not work. I do not have any problem in my GPU's, slots or raiser's. Please help me in this problem.

  • Zhora Hovhannisyan

    Z270-A PRO - E7A71IMS.120bios plissss

  • Thank You

    Video starts at 4:00

  • Mathew Molnar

    Does these settings work with windows

  • Gallucci Noonkester

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  • george villaflor

    Thank you so much for this video. You have help me a lot .

  • Anthony Lipari

    Why gen2 and not gen1 ?

  • Michael a

    Mate you are a legend! I have had so much trouble getting my first rig working and you saved the day. These can be so frustrating, I had issues from start to finish. I have a prime 250m and the updated bios was a bit different but got there. Its working well now and getting some good hash. The 250 only has 3 slots though, can you recommend a pci e splitter? I have another 3 cards for it and a big power supply so I really want to put it to max use. Thanks again.

  • david aguirre

    you're good bro thanks a lot.

  • bryant singer

    hello . why should put gen 2 ? can i just leave it auto? this my 1st rig mining with nvidia card . can you explaim what gen 2 is.. thx

  • nadjozer

    video starts at 8:22

  • paigow66

    thank you so much, finally got my z270-a to see all 7 of my GPUs, i notice this board has 2 m.2 slots could you use them both for 9 GPU? or will it only see 8?

  • d4rkgh0st

    I have a Sus Prime Z370-A and the only thing I did different was to choose Gen3 instead of Gen2. Any ideas on what may happen?

  • Jonathan

    Thanks for video ! What is the difference between Gen1 and Gen 2 ?

  • Mikel Bengoa

    I'm having trouble running more than 3 graphics cards. Whenever I plug in my 4th card it wont let me get into BOIS. In order for me to run my 4th or 5th card (I have a total of 5 GPUs) I have to daisy chain on one of my PCI-E cables. I'm wondering if setting my PCIe Bandwidth Configuration to X4 will allow me to daisy chain. Can you please help me out on this?

  • Chad Williamson

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

  • Chernyaga

    сука ну ты и долгий пиздабол, жевал сопли 15 мин, то что можно было за минуту показать

  • angeluy32

    I had a problem with my 4th GPU. Thought it would be rendered useless. Its a good thing that I found this video 'cause it worked like a charm. Thank a lot man for this video. Continue helping out newbies like me. :)

  • ElGuy ARc

    I got the New Asus z370 motherboard. And I can install Ubuntu 17.10 with no problem . But ones I install 3 rasir the computer wont load to the OS. I got no issue with Windows 10. any tips please?

  • Jonathan

    Is it true that you have to install every video cards 1 by 1 with this motherboard ?

  • ogikilla

    I have made all the changes to the bios but still can't get more than 3 gpus to be recognized. Help me please

  • Ayman , اسرار الانترنيت

    how i can get this OS ?

  • Marlon Bussey

    Does it matter if you download the bios with gpus already hooked up?

  • Andzej Baranovic

    Hi all. The problem i am having (even when i have same connections as yours) my monitor not switching on. Says no signal and then all black Any advice ?

  • raja marwah

    With a recent BIOS update, I can't find 4G Decoding option in Boot anymore? Any ideaThanks

  • angeluy32

    hello.. is this also applicable to asus strix z270e gaming which i am using right now for mining? thanks.

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