Monero GPU Benchmarking (AMD)

Equihash Nvidia version (Zencash)!:

Hey guys! I have a pretty neat video for you guys today. I figured since I'm fortunate enough to be able to have a large array of graphics cards in my disposal I should rank them in terms of efficiency. Hope you guys enjoy!

As always donations are greatly appreciated :D

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  • tim owens

    great stuff again my dude

  • Alexis Seron

    AND SAPPHIRE RX480 NITRO+ = x h/s???? (XMR)

  • BechGameplay™

    Awesome! I Think it's hard to find hash rates on cards on the internet. Most of them don't have proof or are totally wrong.Thank you! :)

  • crypto bullcoin

    R u using it at nanoo pool ?

  • Jason Kefalas

    You can also set power lean on card(s) and concentrate first on squeezing memory and then oc'ing core once you plateau the memory. E.g., I am running (4) Sapphire RX 480 Nitro (no "+") 4G's at 1275 (950mv) core/2200 (1012mv) mem. Total hashrate of ~2950 H/s (~735/card). That is with the latest drivers/stock bios. Total system pull of 362w. I could up the core more, but the efficiency tanks significantly.

  • Aranzahas

    Great review, thanks a lot!

  • Good Mann

    i wanted to buy a few rx 470s to mine, hoping it will get 1000h/s, because its the double performance of the hd 7870/r9 270x. but my current hd 7870 oc gets 506h/s while still only drawing 100watts. that means i will get me like 4 used hd 7870/r9 270x and overclock it, its only 60€ for every card instead of 180€ for a single rx 470

  • Mr.YoLo 'LoDo'

    So i have one question. Is the R7 370 2gb in the same level with R7 370 4gb? The difference in money here in my country is huge. The R7 370 4gb has the same price as RX 460 4gb. Maybe i should buy the RX? Give me your lights plz.

  • belvendran ranjan

    Will Rx 480 still the best

  • WzwNRGKai

    I'm now using an Asus Strix R7 370 2gb and got around 470H/s on cryptonight. But after this video, I'm surely gonna consider about buying an RX 480 😀

  • Pohodacik 007

    power consumption for gpu = system consumption (total gpu + cpu) - system(50w).. ?

  • Duma

    best benchmark i ever & sub

  • Lumbridgecity

    Nicely done! I've been studying the cards from data and grateful to get your hands-on perspectives as I'm choosing which to buy.

  • John kriepto

    Great video thanks. Is there any reason why you only use AMD cards for XMR mining?I have 7x GTX 1060 3GB cards, what do you think i can get on monero?

  • Michael Stokes

    Awesome man. Great info.


    Awesome video is created

  • ThanksMia

    Do i get more Hashrate if i Cum on the motherboard?

  • Timur Muhamedzhanov

    Sapphire RX 570 Nitro+ 8Gb (Samsung-Micron) 1340Mhz gpu (1000mv) 2090 Mhz GDDRXMR 990-1000 H/s 170-180WEth+Sia 30,2/520 (-dcri 18) 255-265W all sistem with core2duo e 8400 in dual mining In idle system CPU + GPU 85W

  • GlobalVortex

    Helpful video. Thank you for posting.

  • niezam07

    Thank you! Subscribed!

  • chaba72

    do you have a video showing how to get the software up, and how you actually getting paid, etc. ?

  • spoonikle

    Yea... well you can throw all those out. RX 550 is 13 hashes per watts at 304 h/s at 22 watts.Plus memory overclocks are better than core clocks, XMR is all about the memory speed.

  • Jonas Faga

    Hello, I'm trying to set up a RIG, the cards I find today to buy in my region Brazil, it's GTX 750Ti 2GB, GTX 1060 3GB, R9 380 2GB and R9 370 2GB, what's mine, today I'm trying to mine Monero, Which each does in Hash rate.

  • James Wildes


  • Alexis Seron

    SAPPHIRE RX470 NITRO+ = x h/s???? (XMR)thank...

  • Goofy

    What the heck was that? A fart at 3:04 ??

  • CardinalHijack

    what mining software is being used here?

  • ThanksMia

    after rx vega came out difficulty of monero to the roof

  • Dei War

    I like your review, some of these cards I was unaware of. Where can I get the spreadsheet data?

  • supernatural_undefined_user Goody Jr.

    Thanks for doing this Mark! I am looking at building a Monero Rig so everything helps!

  • Dagobert Duck

    Nice vid ! So even older cards give good Hashrates, ok are less efficient but I would say they are still profitable ?With Claymore I do ~ 500 H/s (Monero) with my Asus Rx 470 4GB OC-Edition. Test-System (MSI Z97) with one graphic card, ~ 165 W. When I overcock the card from 103% to 117% to 1420 Mhz, with Software GPU Tweak, it increase only to ~ 520 H/s, with ~ 205W (Power out of the wall). So it consumes ~ 33 % more electric power for only ~ 4% more H/s. So, the reason is the miner itself, or efficiency of the g_card gets worse @ higher clockspeeds... So when it's second reason, then I would say every card has a "max efficiency, clockspeed", mabye it's the default settings, that's how manufaturers dimension their card, or yourself has to find out that clockspeed... That are my results for Windows 8 in the last two days... What is little bit strange, because 3-4 days ago I made on same system, but Windows 7, about 550 H/s without overclocking...??? Is the reason because of OS or Mining-Difficulty changed ??? Or maybe I have in some kind already killed a little bit my card with overclocking...

  • Olegasphoto

    Those cards are junk

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