ASIC vs GPU mining? Which one is better? Which one is more profitable? Which one has longer staying power? We got our hands on an Antminer D3 and did a bit of testing to check out what the current ASIC market is like. While this may not be true of all ASIC miners in general, the Antminer D3 is a giant pile of wasted cash.

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Thanks to Tancrid "Tank" Muller for writing this video!
Thanks to Reece Hill for filming the video!

    oi mate, love how fast u talk. other vidz are 4x as long and don't even cover half of it! respect, and thx for the input !

  • Jason Gooden

    Swap the fans out for noctua

  • Alfredo

    hello good afternoon, I write to you from venezuela I am mining with 5 gtx 1060 of 6 gb and I already have the money for the purchase of an antminer, I wanted to know if the D3 antwerp of 19.3 gh is going well for my , the electric cost is not a problem, it is free where I have my miners

  • Jack Carter

    you realize you just gave all of your followers a step by step guide on how to tell that miner to send the coins to their wallets

  • 24HR_GAMER

    Theoretically if you didn't have to pay for electricity what is the best way to mine?

  • [GTA]monkey

    Smh I got one for only $135

  • Antoine Jameson

    Seeing the after effects of the machine they proposed with Dash ($300/day theoretical profit during launch time to now $2/day), and a complete takeover of the hashpower issuance with possibly stronger machines mining privately, they should definitely not be trusted gaining traction on other major networks like Ethereum.

  • Bejan Ovidiu

    Dude you must stay calm you will make a heart attack :))

  • Chris Balfour

    ASIC miners start out effectively overclocked. Not that I recommend buying an ASIC miner, but some people undervolt and underclock them to keep them turning a profit. It's all about improving the gigahash per kilowatt hour ratio, until it's favorable. Undervolting is not easy to do, and just underclocking wont reduce power usage much. People that reduced the power draw by 50% have shown less than a 50% reduction in the hashrate, which means the general efficiency of the hashing can be improved up to a point. If the alternative is selling the miner at a loss, then it's not a terrible plan (unless the person modding the miner shorts it out and destroys it).Another use for old ASIC miners is low cost electric space heaters. If you can replace an ordinary space heater with almost any ASIC miner during the winter (and a pool lets you join) you'd get a partial "refund" on the electricity. But, it's a lot of work to set up for this purpose and the default fans are too loud. I was half tempted to buy an old $50 miner just to try this, but winter is almost over (maybe next fall).

  • Brismo

    Just use that money to buy the damn coin.

  • Burner Fire

    Run ASICs during cold winters, you'll be paid for using a heater...

  • Douglas Wahl

    I mean... I hadn't upgraded my gpu in 8 years, got a newish one that paid for itself in six months and now I'm ahead.... a great graphics card that lets me play new games. Sounds like a win to me.

  • installtekz

    I spent 5k on antminers. Not 1 is still in 100% condition. They fall apart at the seems

  • W N

    crypto mining is a complete waste of time and resources for a risky and pathetic return on investment. No one makes any REAL money pursuing this. People need to read about the Tulips saga.

  • Jack Bisson

    It seems like this Bitcoin hardware and overall network could collapse on itself with the actual cost of the hardware and the power consumption.

  • PlayerZERO

    What about the a3? How Much Will it make Usd per day at current difficoulty and 11cent per kw

  • Mark Cohen

    finally someone honest

  • kwastek

    oor you can invest a fuckload of money and buy FPGAs. they will be universal and you'll be able to constantly tweak them at your leisure. but again, fuckload of money.

  • Giorgi Misireli

    If you understand it now, you have problem in your mind

  • Saisoft Tevault

    I'm glad that I found this. I was just about to make the purchase.

  • Fritz Seager

    Talk slowly next time please

  • RyanWake bradtelle

    Could I use those things to heat my house? Would that make it profitable

  • Zag Zagzag

    not heavy... you are weak

  • jeferson silva

    posso minerar litecoin com Asic gridseed blade?

  • RyanWake bradtelle

    Thank you for shaving your beard

  • Brismo

    I heard Bitmain uses their miners to Mine Bitcoin. Then when they develop the Next Generation, they sell off their old used miners(cleaned up of course) as "Tested". So everyone is happy about having the latest tech on the market, but Bitmain is using even better Miners that are not released to the public, until they create the next generation miner. Is this true?

  • jaale cumar

    this was a honest review man ... i subscribed .liked it .. keep up !

  • Harley Me

    cpu's are killed of by gpu's which are killed off by asics... and now, since bitmain is going after ALL the crypto (eventually).. you will have to buy the same # of asics in the entiretly of what isw the bitmain minging rigs. well.. none of them will be profitable for anyone but china...... thanks bitmain for monopolizing a supposed decentralized currency.. Wow antpool pretty much has a monopoly of all Sha256 coins.. hope they go bankrupt.. or they're ruin everyones profit.. how bout we shit on them for a change and firewall of like lil Kim un the psuedo terrorist . lol

  • James Holbrook

    You might be able to get a bigger fan and ducked it down to the right size and use it in the winter to replace a heater

  • Valisapps

    Are you related with those revzilla guys?🤔

  • Raisa Musienko

    OK! Nice. Might as well work on an air field without ear cups! Although I don't mine, I do find your mining videos very entertaining!

  • Tom Erickson

    South Africa? So you are from south Africa? WOW.

  • leonardo zarate

    A video criticizing ASIC miners against GPUs while you have MSI boxes behind you. Well done.

  • Hridoy Ahmed

    5:14 a soul came to his body and the soul was a doggy soul 😂

  • scaleop4

    so it works better as a room heater lol

  • Brian Beauchamp

    Waste of money? Joke's on you, mine has made 600 USD since this video was posted.

  • Jose Rodriguez

    Please make a video on SOLO mining for L3+ and D3 , please!

  • bad boy

    Holo Miner is the best selling Miner company

  • Andrés Castillo

    Where are the GPU miners now? Oh wait, making god knows how little after Ethereum difficulty went through the roof.

  • Aaron R

    This guy needs a haircut bad

  • TurtleFrogHybrid

    South Africa?Why not import to North America or Europe?

  • Krzysztof Bielicki

    With this you can mine new currency - PrimeStone (PSC)

  • Raisa Musienko

    ASIC vs GPU mining? Which one is better? Which one is more profitable? Which one has longer staying power? We got our hands on an Antminer D3 and did a bit of testing to check out what the current ASIC market is like. While this may not be true of all ASIC miners in general, the Antminer D3 is a giant pile of wasted cash.

  • Live2Die

    What are your thoughts regarding Antminer X3

  • Destin65

    The dude that made this is an idiot. Even the worst ASIC still easily defeats a 20 gpu rig in every way you can measure and saves you thousands of dollars in the process.And the gall that someone would whine about the price of a $2500 ASIC when they have to buy $6000 of video cards to even have any hope of mining Ethereum and making a penny profit. How come you don't mention the real ASIC machines, like the ones going for $150. Course,t hat was 3 years ago before idiots took over the market and people came up with the get-rich-quick scheme of miners being duped into trying to get something for nothing.

  • Antoine Jameson

    Good video quality dude

  • Peter Langelaar

    We upgraded it with a custom firmware running the machine at 70 celcius and silence mode dropping the energy to 750 watt

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