Gigabyte H110 D3A - Mining Motherboard - Unboxing

This is very late post but I hope someone would still find this useful. This is Gigabyte's "mining" motherboard, the H110 D3A.

You can pick up this motherboard here:

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  • DeuteriumTech

    [UPDATE]I found the PCI-E settings. It's in M.I.T. > Max Link Speed.

  • yes1695

    Solid state capacitors?

  • K Food Factory

    Does it also work to build a PC !?

  • Lenin Gonzalez

    Question: This MOBO have Wake on LAN feature?

  • AudiobookGo

    I've been looking for a good 6-pcie slot mobo, thanks for the review! Currently have 6 cards split between two pc's.

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