Make your own eGPU - Desktop GPU to Laptop // Full Guide

How to make your own eGPU / Connect Desktop Graphic card to Laptop.

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➥ Get the EXP GDC Here
EXP GDC + Dell Adapter -
EXP GDC with Mini PCI-E -
EXP GDC With Express Card -

➥ IMPORTANT - Before buying the EXP GDC check your laptop Compatibility, not all laptops are supported. Here you can find Detail User Manual, Troubleshooting and More

➥ Display driver Uninstaller -

➥ How to enter in Safe mode:
Windows 10 -
Windows 8/8.1 -
Windows 7 -

➥ eGPU Case dimensions -

Nvidia GTX and GT 600, 700, 900 series are working without any issue with the latest drivers.

Nvidia GTX 1060, 1070 and 1080 are working with Nvidia driver from August 2016 -
Personally i test it with 1060 and 1070, everything is working fine.

Nvidia GT 1030 and GTX 1050ti are not working, even i tried with other laptop.

ATI Radeon RX 470, 480 are working good in my case.

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  • Ivan Aguiar

    Hey Andrew nice video! I’m curious if you ever got this eGPU to work with your MacBook Pro.

  • Vetraxik

    Graphicsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, you have no idea how you saying graphic card annoys me, but any way good video


    GTX 1050 ti card can be supported in Dell vostro 2520 Please answer

  • Arun TechNo World

    Can we use for editing video's pls reply

  • Tom Brown

    That case looks really clean and classy! I am going to make something like this in the half term when I get the chance though I am going to make one half as big because I have a Zotac GTX 1060 3gb Mini. Is it possible to get this working without an ATX power supply and by using a ac power brick like the Dell 330 watt laptop charger? I could hook it up to a pico psu to supply the graphics card with enough power. If not, I might sell my GTX 1060 and get a GTX 1050Ti since that is the most powerful card that does not require a PSU cable. Then I can just plug the dell power brick into the egpu dock. My laptop has a 7th gen i3 and 8gb of ram. I plan to add my desktop SSD to the laptop as well since I want to downsize this year due to travelling a lot. Do you need an external monitor for this to work or would it work with the laptop screen?

  • Ruben Morales

    Great video! i have one questionwhat will happen if i want to use my laptop again like a laptop (disconnected from the eGPU)will be running with Intel HD Graphics? will not work? the question is... can i use the laptop without connect it to the eGPU?

  • Takauchi Nishika

    Why this guy sounds like Amstudio?

  • Arab Wolf

    First, thanks for answering my questionSo what you advise me

  • Jason Gooden

    It's stuff like this that scares the governments of the world.

  • adam rizky muhammad

    Can I apply that to my laptop?My laptop is Asus GL552JX, hopefully it will answer as soon as possible 🙏

  • DroidX Hacker

    Does it support Rx 500 & Vega series?

  • Melody Eve

    Can you give a list need to buy on this assembly? I want to assemble this set up. I want to buy it in amazon and I don't know what to search. Thank you so much

  • Mystic Duck

    Do I have to disable the automatic driver installing feature if I’m using a GTX 970?

  • The Indecisive Magic Potato

    Why not show off the laptop, again, after updating the processor and ram to what's the best currently available?

  • Tien Pham

    How can I use gtx 1070 with my old laptop??

  • Nhan Tran

    Hi Andrew. Do I have to uninstall my Intel Hd Graphics 5500? Because when I tried to install a new driver for the gtx 1070 it keep saying that “the graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware”. What should I do? Thanks

  • Emroze

    I did this and the FBI took my laptop away.

  • 髙橋寿明

    i wanna hook this with usb-c help me plz.

  • enchong go

    My laptop is Hp pavilion g6.. is it supported?

  • Relll Er

    Awesome! Can this be used on a nuc using thunderbolt 3.. Or even a mini htpc such as mini stx or mini itx? Thanks

  • O Caixinhas Caixa Misteriosa

    I have question i hope you can help me. can i used on Pc desktop just like you did?

  • OliXtraGames

    I have a Acer Aspire es1-531 i want to boost it with a external gpu can iSPECS:Intel Celeron N3050 Processor (Dual-Core 1.6 GHz / 2.16 GHz Burst - 2 MB Cache)4 GB of DDR3L memory15.6 "LED display with resolution of 1366 x 768 pixelsHDMI output, for large format entertainment on an HDTV500 GB hard driveMulti-format DVD burnerWi-Fi wireless communication N + Bluetooth 4.01 USB 3.0 port: Broadband transfers with compatible devicesComfortable and quiet typing with the chiclet keyboard (flat and insulated keys)Built-in memory card readerMicrosoft Windows 10 64-bit Family

  • James Williams

    Would this work with pci risers that are used in mining rigs? They are only $5

  • T4Techs

    is it now running gtx 1030 or radeon 550

  • vienna sausage

    Low spec gamer is that you?Hmmmm

  • Eddy Noe Domínguez Acosta

    Thank you very much, I was looking for a video that actually shows benchmarks proving it can be used to play games.

  • Arthur Josef Reyes

    Will it disable the wifi feature of the laptop?

  • Yan Lovsi

    $70 for the Gearbest Chineese dock, is actually not that cheap. Considering the immense amount of work required to put everything together and build a frame/care for this, I think $100 is very fair for a job like this. I seen pre-made I-GPU models as low as $150-200 and it makes sense for them to charge this much.

  • kitty purry

    Hi , I really really need your help in using the EXP BEAST 8.0. Im planning on making my Toshiba (P55W satellite) laptop to a gaming laptop using the egpu. My current laptop spec is Intel Windows 10,64 bit,HD 520, 8gig of ram and i7 - 6500U . Im planning on buying a 1070gtx will it be good? would i be able to use the full potential of the graphic card?, if not what do you recommend. ive read that there is a problem in 10000 series in gtx but i dont really understand it. if you agree with my idea please include on what power supply watts ill be usingalso would it work well? i dont plan on making a desktop .also hi bro for the 1st time i found a good video! and can do a real step by step also ill copy your EGpu dock thanks alot hope you reply on my concern <3

  • Gamers on top

    Does this eGPU adapter support Gigabyte GTX 750ti and Windows 10, please riply...


    using monitor ...what's the point then using external graphics card

  • EneZ LIVE

    hi you know, maybe it will work gtx 1060 6gb on ngff ?edit I buy [NGFF Version] V8.0 EXP GDC Laptop External Independent Video Card Dock

  • Blend Cakolli

    is it better to use ddu before installing the gtx or after installing??

  • Michael Original

    Will this push the temperatures of the laptop in dangerous levels? Thank you


    Hmmm I wonder if this is a possible second life for my old laptop which has decent quad core cpu but the soldered on motherboard gpu is deballed(dead)? Hmmm

  • NZ Tech

    Can I use gtx 1050 ti with this setup I have dell inspiron 3000

  • MrBroxMan

    using a USB wifi dongle actually works too so i think this method is fine.

  • Giorgi Bogveradze

    hello i just watched your vid about egpu does it works for lenovo Y50-70 i7 4720 hq 16ram?p.s want use 1080 ti for egu

  • ruthik jain

    Is Radeon 560 compatible with this ? Please help me so that I can buy

  • Tahir Yousaf

    what about rx580 8gb in lenovo t430s ??????????/

  • Reno Saintz

    Deym! We have the same laptop 😍

  • Dojo Games

    Congratulations! Its amazing. Sadly not every laptop supports. I studied This option but them i passed to Desktop portable micro ATX (itx)

  • Arab Wolf

    hi what about ViewMax NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 2GB GDDR5 128 Bit PCI Express (PCIe) DVI Video Card HDMI & HDCP Support * WARRIOR EDITION *...will it work my laptop spec intel(r) core(TM) i7_3520 CPU 2.90 GHZ 8gb ram windows 8.1thank you

  • DroidX Hacker

    I want to run a GTX 1070 ! But you said that it will only work with with 2016 drivers. Can it then handle the latest games?

  • Blastboys

    Do we need Thunderbolt?

  • Yuno Gasai

    If I do this with a GTX 960 and a the 920mx in my laptop, I can still use the 920mx when I'm away from home?


    Bro help me how to make that case

  • BlazingKnight101_GameZ

    Is there a way to do this for under $200 without opening the laptop?

  • Jak Frost

    you could srsly sell those cases bro

  • FluX

    Does the dell xps 13 9370 work?

  • Lich King

    Nice!But i have some questions about EXP dock.You didnt say much about it, such as:The versionAny compatibility (better for newest, oldest. Intel Intergrated better then Nvidia or ATI for work) need more research*The inputs and ouputs of the EXP and what the properties of function (switches, second 6pin, usb .etc).I read here and there but most in case it may not to work or may fry the mini pci port or even the entire mobo or may you win and be like this:"What it feels like to upgrade your laptop from Intel HD to GTX 1080Ti" will be the next thing :P

  • Krishnav Rathi

    Hey can you please tell if it will work For Lenovo Yoga 500?!...PLEASE TELL!!

  • DroidX Hacker

    Can we carry it when we travel by flight?

  • Adlin Ling

    Excellent video. Very informative.

  • Attila Kovacs

    with acer aspire 5742G isnt work. Cant boot

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