Make your own eGPU - Desktop GPU to Laptop // Full Guide

How to make your own eGPU / Connect Desktop Graphic card to Laptop.

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➥ Get the EXP GDC Here
EXP GDC + Dell Adapter -
EXP GDC with Mini PCI-E -
EXP GDC With Express Card -

➥ IMPORTANT - Before buying the EXP GDC check your laptop Compatibility, not all laptops are supported. Here you can find Detail User Manual, Troubleshooting and More

➥ Display driver Uninstaller -

➥ How to enter in Safe mode:
Windows 10 -
Windows 8/8.1 -
Windows 7 -

➥ eGPU Case dimensions -

Nvidia GTX and GT 600, 700, 900 series are working without any issue with the latest drivers.

Nvidia GTX 1060, 1070 and 1080 are working with Nvidia driver from August 2016 -
Personally i test it with 1060 and 1070, everything is working fine.

Nvidia GT 1030 and GTX 1050ti are not working, even i tried with other laptop.

ATI Radeon RX 470, 480 are working good in my case.

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  • mufti fachrudin

    how about amd rx 580 4gb? will be supported?

  • Mohiit Ramchandaney

    Hello i just saw the video and i need a lot of help as i am not that much aware about the docks and pcie slots my laptop is z51-70 lenovo which has an i7 5th gen and 8gb ram and i have not seen anyone do a egpu set up on this and i am very confused I got it opened and i think the laptop has a mpcie card that was occupied by rhe wlan card which was inter dual band ac 3160 i need help with what gpu should i buy and what dock should i buy please i need help thank you so much

  • Gus Roberts

    Will it work alongside a laptop gpu

  • Armando Ramos

    Is Gtx 1070Ti supported? Thanks. :)

  • Felix DX

    Que procesador tienes?

  • CosyGnu41

    My laptop has a thunder bolt 3 connector, what should I use to connect it to my egpu? Also, I have a GTX 1060(laptop version, obviously) should I even make this setup? Thanks guys! Also, will I bottleneck with an i7 7700hq? I want a 1080ti

  • AznJungleFever

    Dang it I wanted to ask you about the 1050ti

  • IIShadowxd1-2

    I got a Hp Elitebook 2570p what is supported?


    On my laptop I have a sd card reader, can this be used for the express card?

  • AvoidingZombies

    I have the same mouse pad! :D


    Es una buena idea pero sólo usa de 4x a 8x líneas pci a diferencia de las 16x pci que usa habitualmente.


    I Have Dell 3537 i7 4th gen Laptop Exp Gdc Support or not with 1060 gpu

  • derren wri

    Not bad , why not huh?

  • Jeffrey Fap! Here

    great tutorial, you should have more subscribers than linus tech tips

  • Fra Zuppi

    use 2x or is too boring

  • Alan Xu

    thunderbolt card actually isnt that expensive right now, its like 100$, plus a dirty cheap PSU you got yourself an egpu bay. and also akitio node is selling for 220$ right now.

  • Andre Fahrezi Kusuma

    ahey bud, does disabling instaling device can solve 304 error/the gpu not working/suddenly bluescreen?im tired following all website suggest, cause it doesn't solve my problem

  • bhavesh shetty

    E gpu can support RTX 2080ti

  • Yazan Hattar

    Hello i tried this method i remove the Wlan card from my laptop and then i tried placing the PCI-e but it's too thick it wont fit can someone help me please i already bought the graphics card xD

  • Unito1

    Hello,great Vid! Does this work on Lenovo B50-30 Type 80ES Laptop with 8gb ram ,an Intel Pentium CPU N3540 2,16Ghz, and a Intel HD Graphics ? Doi need to run an external Display?

  • MrBrunofcl

    I have core i5 4200u.. i need an external monitor ?

  • crysisownz

    Will a 1050 be good though without the 6pin?If not i might just get myself a gtx960 which goes for $50-70 now

  • Kan 05

    @Cat and Andrew i have a dell latitude 5289. i want to add a egpu but i dont want to use a moniter. i have core i5 7th gen. DO I NEED AN EXTERNAL MONITOR. THANK YOU

  • H T

    Now i need to organize it, my 1050ti and 1060 work fine. Thank you for the case.

  • Nicodemus Pimentel

    Can I use this with RX 550 or higher?My laptop is Acer Aspire V3-772G:i5-4200mGt 750m8GB ram

  • achraf sassi

    Hey my friend is i 5 3230m work with egpu with big thanks for your answer :)

  • Dicas Rápidas de Photoshop

    That aluminium case looks nice, just cover it with semitransparent plexiglass and its going to look awesome! ;)

  • mike angel

    Any laptop we can use egpu thanks for answer

  • rickard1200

    Is an i5-3210M CPU enough to not bottleneck a graphics card like the GTX 1060 or GTX 1050ti?

  • Mouse EE

    search THE google?, google? Lemme bing it

  • Nirvash Type 0

    Is my Lenovo Thinkpad L412 with Intel Core i3 M370 2.40GHz can use that EXP GDC ?

  • le bon nerd

    can you do a video on how to do it with thunderbolt? cheers

  • GyroJam

    Will it work with a gtx 950? Also what is the recomended wattage for the psu? (for the exp gdc)

  • muhammad seth

    hello, how much fps will I gain if I use gtx 970 with intel i5 3210m? can i get around 30-60fps in some modern games? ( sorry for my bad english)

  • Arun TechNo World

    Can we use this in hackintosh

  • Akshay Kumar Chhetri

    But can it run Crysis ?

  • Ron G

    Can this method be used onto a desktop computer that doesn't obtain a pci slot

  • Daniel Mahon

    Can you connect external dual gpus

  • Kirtiraj Sardesai


  • Official_ Zane

    can use RX 560 on it???please answer is important

  • macieksoft

    14:44 "you can save money for buying new laptop or desktop computer" Funny. When you buying a desktop computer why would you use eGPU?

  • Rob Dunfy

    I found TB PCie card in the UK for about £70. But I don't suppose the TB port is bi-directional. It does show that TB licensing is probably not that expensive.I think the problem with TB, at the moment, is Intel requires a licensing fee and I am sure they will want to know exactly how the TB chips are used. So if a small company wanted to create all the parts for DIY eGPU, Intel would say no. I guess eventually the price could come down.

  • Zoro The Annihilator

    i have dell inspiron 5558 with i5 th gen 2.2Ghz processor, can i add an egpu to run pubg smoothly?

  • Noman Khan

    Does it work with Dell precision M90 laptop, core to due with 4gb ram, actually its original gpu died...... plz recommend which card to be use, thanks

  • acrock21

    so my pc has its space maxed out with 2 580 rx's .... i want two more .... would this be a viable option, would it work?

  • Days_After

    Is That support RTX 2070 GPU.

  • Drew7822


  • SpongePython

    I have a question does a alienware m15x work with it?

  • Mr 1080

    this isn't apple so don't say logic board

  • NeorGaming7 Official

    you are my hero dude,nice video

  • khim tv

    is that compatible to a laptop unit HP 9470m ?

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