Make your own eGPU - Desktop GPU to Laptop // Full Guide

How to make your own eGPU / Connect Desktop Graphic card to Laptop.

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➥ Get the EXP GDC Here
EXP GDC + Dell Adapter -
EXP GDC with Mini PCI-E -
EXP GDC With Express Card -

➥ IMPORTANT - Before buying the EXP GDC check your laptop Compatibility, not all laptops are supported. Here you can find Detail User Manual, Troubleshooting and More

➥ Display driver Uninstaller -

➥ How to enter in Safe mode:
Windows 10 -
Windows 8/8.1 -
Windows 7 -

➥ eGPU Case dimensions -

Nvidia GTX and GT 600, 700, 900 series are working without any issue with the latest drivers.

Nvidia GTX 1060, 1070 and 1080 are working with Nvidia driver from August 2016 -
Personally i test it with 1060 and 1070, everything is working fine.

Nvidia GT 1030 and GTX 1050ti are not working, even i tried with other laptop.

ATI Radeon RX 470, 480 are working good in my case.

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  • Kemal Kurt

    Hi! I have amd e2900e cpu and amd r2 128mb gpu. What should i buy?

  • GrzybekGamingHD

    in a notebook you have a one or two cards?

  • A. Aqil

    At 5:27 you stated the connection from HDMI need to be connected to PCIE, If I have Thunderbolt 2 can I use HDMI to Thunderbolt 2 instead ?

  • Derposaurus

    Do I need an expresscard and mini pci-e?

  • EJ San Jose

    Great video! I like to see how much of a difference does a laptop with discrete gtx1080 vs egpu setup? I seen some videos with this comparison but not with exp mini pcie setup instead using TB3 that said it will be great to know how this setup compete with TB3 counterpart.

  • ItsMeKian

    Because I use a GTX 1070 my gpu uses the August 2016 drivers and with those drivers I can't utilize Geforce Experience. How to fix that?

  • Jimmie Thomas

    I have an Dell Inspiron with 7th gen I7 7500u and the graphic card I wanted to use was Raedon rx 570

  • M D

    Would a Lenovo ideapad 220 with Radeon a12 and r7 work?

  • toontownlegomaster

    I want to try RX 580 on Macbook white 2009 with windows 10 installed.

  • Paras Kumar Sharma

    is rtx 2070 compatible

  • archiko telos

    I already have a dedicated eGPU, should I go out of my way to build this?

  • Deemax

    Instructions unclear. I got my D stuck in a microwave

  • ABK.1221

    Can i launch my celeron n2840 2.57 ghz notebook


    Any issues with CPU/GPU bottlenecking?

  • Fajars support u

    can use USB THUNDERBOLT?

  • Mr. Cochpotatoe

    can you show how you built the case?

  • tiger koenigs

    can i replace gpu dock with pci-e riser which usually for mining?

  • PUBG#GamingWith VampireMOJO

    this is my System Config, 2.2 GHz i5-5200U with integrated Amd Graphics m330, and with ram 4 GB DDR3L, and which Graphic cards it will support for playing high end games.(can i use zotac 1050ti 4GB) 15Ac123tx HP

  • That Guy?

    This is probably the most comprehensive video I've found on building a DIY eGPU. I'm looking to build one myself (awesome case you made, btw) but for a small form factor desktop instead of a laptop. Currently, I'm not able to put a full-size GPU in the case because there really isn't enough room for good one (i'm stuck with stuff that isn't much better than the intel 650 integrated stuff). The kit you put together though, would that be the same parts I'd need to connect to a HP lubin motherboard? From what I seen it has a pcle slot, just not enough room to fit a big card.

  • Mohammad Ali

    I have x230 lenovo 4gb ram i5 3rd gen, hdd320, zotac GeForce 1060 6gb mini and dock express with 500watts SMPS . I installed 368.81 drivers, it working slowly..any suggestion to improve performance ?? If I install you suggested drivers then it will well ?

  • Fellar 031

    What happened if you use internal display?

  • Mark Reymund Mamauag

    Hi my laptop is Dell i7559 i7 6700HQ GTX 960M, i want to upgrade using this method. What is the best graphics card for my laptop? I will use external monitor and what kind of cable do i need? Pcie or ngff? Help me pls

  • UrbanaticLemonade

    Great Video as usual

  • Supreme Leader

    what is your laptop model ?

  • PANDA Visual Art Work

    Is this working on Asus x451ca ?

  • Shahzad Riaz

    Please HELP!I have Asus N550JK 16GBDDR3 with i74700HQ and GTX850MI want to install GTX1060 on EXP GDC v8.5 kitPlease guide me what settings should I do on Asus?Should I uninstall 850M drivers first?what if keep all GPUs IntelHD graphics, GTX850M, and GTX1060.should I operate laptop with the battery?how can I switch to intelHD, because I don't want to be on eGPU setup all day?

  • Khel Mho

    Can anyone help me? I'm using Lenovo Z470 and it has built in GPU called Nvidia GT-630M. So I disabled this in my bios called "UMA". I start my laptop and it stuck in Lenovo boot logo. What do you think could be the problem? My first attempt. I have 8gb ram on this laptop and when I start my laptop, it's all black screen. My second attempt. I change my ram to 2gb and when i start my laptop, it stuck in Lenovo boot logo. -second attempt: I just follow this thing on manual guide for EXP GDC Specs for my eGPU: Antec 520 PSU Palit GTX 750 Ti

  • Mishka baros

    hi...Andrew i have old laptop cpu i5 M 560 what gpu compatible i need?

  • Azan Syazani

    Have u tried using the express card ? any problem with it?

  • Knife

    Can I use the ASUS Zen AiO? It’s like an iMac


    What desplay driver did you use on ati radeon graphics? I have sapphire toxic r9 270x installed but i had a problem with the drivers coz some setting are missing.

  • knid mils

    so you need a custom driver..?

  • André Cunha

    Hello mate. How you made the holes in case before you fix the trims?

  • karlo x

    I get erorr 12 pls help...ive spent a lot of money for it not to work :(

  • Ryan Rayen

    Bro i have Intel core i3 Sandy bridge, what vga recommended highes? tq

  • J. Canayon

    i have a lenovo x230 i5 Hd4000what Videocard is compatible you suggest?? Thanks 🤓👍👍

  • Bekzod Zaribbaev

    How much was this all together?

  • Dexter Never

    Nah bro, I remember that the speed of the WiFi PCIE in the most laptop is very low, when you connect it to any kind of GPU, you will definitely lose some performance. So I will only recommend this method to those people who only plays CSGO or league of legend.

  • Romnick dela Cruz

    Hi Cat and Andrew, i want to know if you are having stability issues? usually my setup is crashing whenever in heavy load gaming like (Resident Evil 2 remake) my system is: HP 15-bs103ne, 16gb ram, ngff version EXP GDC using palit gtx 760 jetstream 2gb..PSU is thermaltake 650w litepower... Ths psu i think is the one having issue, whenever in full load, it is making noise, and stopping at some point then crashing eventually... please do advise.. more power!!!

  • Mariano Incinga

    I have an express card port, but i don't know if it's much better the PCIe


    I have an HP CQ43 laptop, can I install the eGPU?

  • Techie Garvit

    hello andrew i have dell i7 4th gen 8gb ram ,I want to install gtx 1060 armor edition msi will it work without having any issues and i already have geforce 840m gpu ?

  • H B R

    Hi Andrew, I have i7 3630qm on dell 7720 17r se laptop which also have a separate mini PCIe slot for mSATA, I hope I can use that and which GPU would be best for me, kindly suggest. And will these external GPUs be able to give 4K output to my Samsung QLED TV? Thanks in Advance.

  • Jonathan Delgado

    Hi, if my laptop model isnt in the white and black list what should i do?

  • Zi Young Kang

    My surface book keyboard is broken. So I wonder if I could take the graphic card out and convert it as egpu. Would it be possible to use the graphic card of the laptop?

  • Koloman

    Maybe most structured and informative video on this topic. Thank you for sharing!

  • Lochan Nanda199

    Please clear my doubt. I'm having laptop with specifications i5-5200u 8gb Ram. Which graphic card is better for my laptop for gaming like pubg. Can I use GTX 1050ti

  • amir aizat

    im using laptop acer aspire E 15 i5 gen 5 8GB of ram and using zotac 1060 6gb. i already put 12GB of ram (8+4 ram on laptop) still not detect the graphic card on my pcie. please guide me. and also im using 600w of psu. i already installed the driver also not detect the gpu.

  • 69 indomie

    How it look so clean

  • Ang Kapi

    did you changed the bios settings or not?

  • Nz Ara 50

    how to build the case?

  • Victor García García

    Hi i have an Laptop with Mobile DualCore Intel Core i7-4500U, 2700 MHz (27 x 100), and 2 slots 8GB DDR3-1600 DDR3 SDRAM (16282 MB total)what graphic card need buy?regards.

  • Dr Lee

    Could mini PCI-E to HDMI work with a wireless transmission?


    can i use nvidia gtx 750 ti in my lenovo laptop ? ?

  • KevinTx

    One of the videos about this topic well explain, thank you so much!

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