Make your own eGPU - Desktop GPU to Laptop // Full Guide

How to make your own eGPU / Connect Desktop Graphic card to Laptop.

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➥ Get the EXP GDC Here
EXP GDC + Dell Adapter -
EXP GDC with Mini PCI-E -
EXP GDC With Express Card -

➥ IMPORTANT - Before buying the EXP GDC check your laptop Compatibility, not all laptops are supported. Here you can find Detail User Manual, Troubleshooting and More

➥ Display driver Uninstaller -

➥ How to enter in Safe mode:
Windows 10 -
Windows 8/8.1 -
Windows 7 -

➥ eGPU Case dimensions -

Nvidia GTX and GT 600, 700, 900 series are working without any issue with the latest drivers.

Nvidia GTX 1060, 1070 and 1080 are working with Nvidia driver from August 2016 -
Personally i test it with 1060 and 1070, everything is working fine.

Nvidia GT 1030 and GTX 1050ti are not working, even i tried with other laptop.

ATI Radeon RX 470, 480 are working good in my case.

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  • Shiv Bhanu Singh

    Is there any way that 1050Ti would work on exp GDC???/ -_-


    If we have to carry the laptop to classes, can we EJECTE THE GPU??

  • sajid khan

    My laptop unable to detect the gpuI am using gtx 1060Expresscard version

  • Kirk Baldelovar

    Will this work with my dell inspiron 15 3576 8gen laptop? Im planning to try this with gtx 1060 6gb graphics card..

  • Project Diva Player

    can I use this thing to my old laptop?Btw,it is VAIO VPCEG15EG

  • Iron Villager

    Very nice video! However, I'm still worried about my laptop. I'm still using a Lenovo Ideapad 330 with Intel Core i3 7120U, 8GBs of RAM and Intel HD 620. The intergrated graphics card can't handle games or animation & modeling well. Is it possible to use eGPU with this laptop?

  • imr

    can it work with rx 570 and will an i7 3632qm bottelnecking it (i already have the device but not yet bought the gpu)

  • Mike

    Works great with Thinkpad T410 in case anybody was wandering :)

  • Info Tech

    also tell me that gdc work on this laptop or not?

  • Abdullah Slehin

    Iv a dell inspiron 15 5547 laptop with a i5 4210u processor. Can my laptop suports egpu?


    can we use our built in laptop monitor?

  • Karlos Ramírez

    So, gt 1030 and 1050 ti are not working, but i need to know if gtx 1050 (not ti) work on laptop, i gonna buy that GPU but now idk if is a good idea, can u help me please?

  • FancyX

    dont u have to config some things in bios?

  • En Asveen

    Is it possible to use a GTX 1070/1080 with the dock?

  • Arti Mishra

    Will it work with a gt 1030 I having a core i3 2.2ghz and 12 gigs of ram

  • Emanuel 500

    Is this usable on Mac?

  • Thomas Roche

    If I were to unplug the GPU from the laptop to go on a trip, would it still work fine?

  • Striffer Gaming

    Works in my laptop?Aspire E52398ESAMD A9 9410Graphics R5 IntegrateThanks!

  • asandep kumar

    My ThinkPad E420 have express card slot is it support nvidia 1050ti?

  • CosyGnu41


  • AgaAnomali :V

    Can i use the internal monitor from the laptop?

  • Eliott Truc

    Please help me the graphics cards starts with the computer and then she shut down

  • Mehmet Bektaşoğlu

    Hello there Can I get an image from Dell 7577 with thunderbolt 3 to hdmi cable

  • Abdullah Slehin

    That was the best egpu equipping vdo

  • Info Tech

    bro plz I asked u about SD card slot my laptop have no express card slot but I have SD card slot in my laptop what u think will SD card slot work with express card?

  • john rosenskjold

    the EXP GDC with Mini PCI-E, is that for direct on the laptop motherboard or can you use thunderbolt usb?

  • Sh3xe

    Why is the GPU on the video, different from the one on the thumnale?

  • nixz y0n13

    can i use my amd laptop with gtx750ti???my specs:g40-45 lenovo laptop a8 6410 r5 gpu 8gb ddr3 ram500hdd

  • Davide Areias

    Best tuturial off all

  • TSL_ALEX69

    I have i5 3210m cpu! I went with gigabyte gtx980ti xtreme gaming and it work really well! i also created beautiful rgb gaming case for gpu and power supply!I had some problems at powering gpu. At first I installed 450w evga power supply but that wasn't enough! when I was playing heavy games like pubg, gta 5 gpu was turning off. So I bought 850w corsair power supply and it worked really well. 850w power supply can handle overclocking too! If you are using heavy gpu go with 850w or more!That's all! :)

  • lucas lane

    Counter intuitive, why use a mini pcie slot and then use a hdmi port the other end, you loose so much performance

  • Cpt Force

    which one is better sir? M.2 slot or mini pcie?

  • The Observer

    Nice custom frame there ☝

  • Charles Adair

    Is it possible to do something like this but include a Hard drive and USB and run it all on thunderbolt 3?

  • Info Tech

    i have hp 15_bs1ne laptop core i7 16 gb ram 2.0 ghz processor

  • L3O

    Hi Andrew, I have an Asus K53SV notebook with Win10, and I want to use a GTX 1070.Do I have only to disinstall the dedicated GPU's driver without also disable the intergrated one from the BIOS? Thanks!

  • Erik Kuhne

    Does a pice to thunderbolt adaptor work here? I don’t really want to open my laptop

  • MeGustaChuletas

    A little smoked Plexi, some Velcro and another fan or so and you can enclose that case. Would look cool. Add in an RGB strip per your taste (or not)...and you'd have one of the nicer looking eGPU cases out there. Great job!

  • Alain Kurniawan

    Is it possible to use eGPU for a MacBook Pro? Or is there specific things to consider?

  • Sam Li

    So, the WIFI doesn't work now?

  • Nicodemus Pimentel

    Assume I use Nvidia card. Can I use the GeForce Experience to install my drivers?

  • P for Pubg

    How to use laptop display card working fine with external but not internal

  • John kenley

    Can an external GPU work for a desktop that doesn't have a graphics card? My pc is a "Acer Aspire Desktop, 7th Gen Intel Core i5-7400, 12GB DDR4, 2TB HDD, Windows 10 Home, TC-780-ACKI5"

  • Fatih Meral

    i have igpu + egpu. Should i disable the igpu? it works together and saperately but idk what sould i do. (i dont have a dgpu)

  • Info Tech

    bro I have a question can gtx 1080 ti support for edc?

  • Info Tech

    plz bro tell me I want to buy gtx 1080 ti but confuse when I think about gtx 1080 ti is supported for edc or not.Plz help me

  • Emrah ÖZTÜRK

    Hi there was a nice video work. How can I reach you? Do you have instigram

  • God Kick

    Will it work rx 580 on laptop internal monitor ?

  • Mohamed Elkhoriby

    can I use it with hp 630

  • Rohit Borah

    this video definitely helped me alot in clearing alot of doubts i had, Can i use gtx 1060 or gtx 1070 for my laptop, my laptop has a i7 4510u processor

  • Ti.

    Its not diy if you just buy the exp gdc dock

  • Subaridzhi Subaridzhi

    actually with some space management u can place a whole system in that frame)) abd u'll get DAN4 case)

  • Andy Anonym

    I have a Intel i3 3110m laptop which graphics card do you recommend

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