Nicehash vs Nanopool

This video is looking at which miner is the best when it comes to profit.
  • ACSW33TS

    Can you link what stand or shelving you have the cards sitting on? That looks cool and affordable

  • Umar Bagus Adie Sulistya

    What about awesomeminer(miningpoolhub) ? im kinda want my payouts to be in LTC

  • slick1908

    You don't keep the coins you mine because you are not actually mining for yourself. You are mining for others that pay bitcoin to nicehash.

  • AatakFearless

    do you think its still worth to mine

  • Dylan Huddleston

    swapped to NANO about 4 days ago well worth the swap nicehash is a joke these days making almost twice what i was

  • Hassan Khan

    Its actually 0.001 to get a payout on- Nicehash. I get a payout everyday free to Coinbase -everyday (6 x 1080 gtx), 0.001 is around £7 ($10) approx. Lol at informative videos that give out the wrong info.

  • Crypto Fish

    I left Nicehash and moved to Awesome Miner. Just seemed to me they were skimming too much off the top to pay the people who got hacked. I'm using awesome miner and mining pool hub. Only CPU mining at the moment until my 1060's come in. My other rig is running SMOS and has been good as well.

  • Kevin Deans

    Wow, okay I might have to try nicehash again! Thanks!

  • shafa ilmi

    do not be afraid the scam is guaranteed legit

  • Captain Rylen

    Use DSTM Miner instead. You get faster hashrate. It will end up nanopool making more. Do not use ewbf. It slower than dstm or bminer. That could change your outcome. Goodluck and well appreciated on making this videos.

  • Dan Deschambault

    To compare vs zcash, did you let nicehash switch algorithms or did you lock it to equihash?

  • itsB.o.B

    show your overclock on the gpu-s please

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