Mining Monero On SMOS with AMD / Nvidia GPU

A video showing how to mine Monero on using the XMR Stak miner for AMD & Nvidia GPUs.

Here's my miner config for the xmr-stak-v2.4.2-cuda8 miner in SMOS

--currency monero7 -o -u 4BHbSFA4FUTBPu7rbaVrAtSXZ81jD1uacRdovFU5X3ywLhKSwHr654zd2NWRat4QtYjm52LgAgGgSCgb4vSnndufTHuki9Y.miningsky -p x

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  • Debbie Glaubitz

    Hay Lee Great video. I had a problem with only 1 dash before currency. Fixed that issue now I get this error: Parameter unknown ‘amp;ndash;o’ Miner ended/crashed. Restarting miner in 10 seconds . It is in 1 large cycle. Any Ideas?

  • VillageCity

    ETH is now more profitable again. You can run your numbers at whattomine plug in your hash rate and power and it will give your estimated payments. My 1060 x7 rig does 172 mh/s on eth and 4000 on XMR. It earns about 1 us dollar more a day on eth

  • Rudy Garcia

    I’m still new to mining, thinking of building an amd rig on smos. I’ve read that I need to change and cards from gaming to compute. Does smos make the change for you? Or do I need to do it prior to installing cards to rig? Thank you for your help

  • Janis J

    I got 3681 hashes second with monero and 158MH/s with ethereum so monero is less profitable for me. I have GTX 1060 cards why my hashrate so low??? I got 460hashes second per card???

  • BradleyJamesBZ

    Hi, thank for your nice work!! Im using 6 RX580 and 6 Nvidia 1060 in a single ring and I get an error " result rejected by the pool" and the only way to fix the problem is reload the miner, but if you don´t see the msg could be 8 hours with the same msg, I didn´t overclok the gpus, the pool is Nanopool, any advice?

  • Bare Bones Mining

    Hey Guys! I subbed to your channel a couple of months ago and am really glad I did. I'm starting my own youtube channel called Bare Bones Mining. Finances are very limited for me and I'm building my very first rig. Got all the components except GPU's. I will be buying them one at a time till I have a complete set of about 6 Gpu's. Any help and advice on what coins or software/hardware would appreciated. Thanks!!

  • Phil Hackett

    Thanks Lee, do you have a video for setting up SMOS? Does it run on a USB flash drive? Cheers


    how to write the names a lot of workers on the same command line in the group because I tried and failed ---- EthDcrMiner64.exe epool ewal addres.worker1.worker2-epsw x---- I tried this and it didn't work.

  • CarTaxi ES

    @theRickmeister3 I do believe in Monero too!! And when mining (XMR) is not profitable anymore or requires a hashrate too high you can upgrade your system or switch to (ONION).

  • Julian

    Lee I have a important question !!! I finded GTX Cards 1060 3GB at a very nice prices but there is a something wrong .The Core Frequency is 900 MHZ !!! What is your opinion ??? Can I mine Ethereum with this Cards ??? Please respond ! Greetings from Russian Federation to the Great Britain . Have a nice evenining !

  • saeed 0c

    hey man. antminer Z9 is here !! make some video :)

  • Edvard Kranich

    hey; Lee!Does xmr-stak have a Dev fee ?

  • :Hasankhan.

    Thanks for the vids, just wanted to ask is there any significance to the to the ratio of blocks detected and results accepted by the pool on smos? I mean I sometimes get 6 blocks detected in a row followed by 2 accepted results and sometimes get 1 detected block followed by 2 accepted results by the pool.Can you explain this? Its happens on the exact same overclocked settings.Also heard that its not only about your hash rate but also about how many jobs you do i.e 'blocks detected/accepted results' on smos and 'new jobs/accepted shares' on nicehash.I'm not sure myself if it actually matters as from what I have seen on nicehash, In my experience no matter how slow it looks on nice hash in terms of actual new jobs submitted/accepted vs hash rate I found that the daily estimated amount to be similar. But maybe I'm missing something as nicehash's daily estimate jumps around, understandably, so much.If you have time maybe you could look into/explain it to the viewers.Thanks mate, keep up the good work.

  • Arun kumar

    hi im getting error in SMOS, even running with ur confing in latest XMRSTAK. thanks in advance. Error: [ 69.913210] amdgpu 0000:03:00.0: VM fault (0x02, vmid 7, pasid 32769) at page 2054582, read from 'TC0' (0x54433000) (8) [ 69.913234] amdgpu 0000:03:00.0: GPU fault detected: 147 0x0550c402 [ 69.913243] amdgpu 0000:03:00.0: VM_CONTEXT1_PROTECTION_FAULT_ADDR 0x001CBC63 [ 69.913252] amdgpu 0000:03:00.0: VM_CONTEXT1_PROTECTION_FAULT_STATUS 0x0E008002 [ 69.913264] amdgpu 0000:03:00.0: VM fault (0x02, vmid 7, pasid 32769) at page 1883235, read from 'TC0' (0x54433000) (8) Rig is rebooting due to system error. It could be caused by too much overclock/undervolt.

  • Crypto

    "we start by opening up owr browser " pffff ... this guy is a joke but so boring

  • theRickmeister3

    Worked like a charm on my rx560s!!

  • David Shadford

    Thanks for a great tutorial, I'm up and running. Nanopool default min payout is 1 Monero (XMR) which is too high for me, under settings in nanopooI am able to change it to a minimum of 0.3 however it rejects my request stating incorrect password. I believe the password field is actually looking for an email address. However I have no email address set up in Simple miner, how do I incorporate my email address?

  • wearediffrent

    Where did you see the Cryptonight end of th year ?There are many Cryptonight coins out there and forks just begining.Every Coins brings his diffrent cryptonight algo also many diffrent miners.can you make a Video about that ?

  • Guru Subramanian

    Excellent, you videos are very useful. I was struggling last night to setup this, but my rig was crashing. After seeing your video, I set it up the same way with nanopool, it worked great. Can you please tell me what are the clock settings for Nvidia GPU, I am using 1070Ti.

  • Coki Cvetkovski

    can u gave me the line for nvidia gpu. with this line i cant mine, its say parameters error

  • Hari Rama Krishna Gurram

    Hello, im trying to configure my SMOS for mining XMR from Nanopool. i'm using Cryptopia as my wallet. when i try to get my XMR deposit address from Cryptopia, it is showing me a paymentID and the address. Not sure where to use the paymentID in SMOS. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  • theRickmeister3

    Trying this out now thank you for the in depth on XMR. not many people believe in XMR. i do!!

  • Yumi Chan

    what to do with the monero private key?

  • Samer Senbol

    Hi Lee,Thank you for your efforts...could you please show us how we can make overclocking to our AMD GPU onSimplemining.netThanks again.

  • Lukáš Šlajferčík

    Hi, i using SMOS long time, most time for ETH mining on RX 580 and ZEC on GTX 1060. My question about XMR is about own config of stak-xmr in SMOS. Stak-XMR have own config for gpus in amd.txt which i found also in SMOS in home directory/miner/xmr-stak but when i edit it here, after restart/reload is replaced or newly generated. So do you know where or how edit it for aply this modified config? For example for RX580 is autoconfigured for ~800 intensity but it is not best value. Thanks for your reply.


    hi, thanks for your video. Could you please put in the comments your bat. im trying to create it but always fail. im doing same you but dont know why isnt work. Please if you can show your bat for monero in simplemining with AMD i will appreciate it.. Thanks a lot.

  • james swain

    Can you start doing more videos. ? No video for 2weeks now!!! And before that 1 per week. Your videos are so good.Please do more 😀

  • Wasp0

    Cheers Lee, just changed one of my ETH miners over to this to see how it goes? Although ETH is way way down, i still feel it is the best to mine at the moment, looking at the markets this morning it seems to have recovered a bit.Will you do a follow up video, when you have discovered the 'Tweaks' to this miner (Showing Hashrate in the console etc etc), as like you i like to see what my miners are hashing at rig level and not at pool level.Thanks Mate, excellent vid again. You are my tutor ;-)

  • Ercan Eren

    Hey this is important! Can i use "xmr-stak-v2.4.2-cuda8" miner with AMD Cards? I have RX 480 8GB and i'm using claymore-xmr-v11.3 but it is not stable i think.

  • hidden cow

    you mentioned that asics are not on monero now. could you explain that?

  • vicky garg

    but I want to mine using aws

  • Julian

    Hi Lee . Helpful video for noob miners like me :) 10 stars !

  • James Rodgers

    Hi i am wondering if it's possible to set up a burst and monero on the same rig? There are sum older video editing work stations on eBay they have a huge amount of hdd bays.

  • G Cova

    Has Anyone Figured out how to see the hash Rate on the miner console ?

  • Techno Blog

    Ether vs monero which one is best for 6 GPU rig

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