How To Overclock A GTX 1060 To 2100mhz Boost

Just a quick video showing you how to overclock a Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics cards to 2100mhz boost. I am using Msi afterburner to overclock my gpu, Full credit to Guru 3d for the settings
Card used For overclock is a Palit Super JetStream, Please be warned you attempt this at your own risk.

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GTX 1060 – US UK
  • Knallert Mads

    OC for my asus duel gtx 1060 3gb is116%92ºc202380

  • Crim zyy

    we have the same video card and i went to their website first then i found out your video second im just checking if there are any other place to check

  • stijn steyaert

    thats not really how to overclock you cant just take settings from somewhere, every GPU overclock's difrant. and for pascal (GTX-1060) is the memory a bit more important, if you can give a little from your core clock to get a higher memory clock it will have more preformance then overclocking the core, and pascal dont like the heat, i make sure my GTX-1060 never go's over 60°C. my voltage is stock and my core clock is +100 and memory +800 core:2050 & memory:8808 and i have a gygabyte GTX-1060 6GB windforce OC G1 gaming. and every gpu runs other core and memory speeds when theye are at stock settings. not every GTX-1060 is gonne go over the 9000 memory mark... just saying.

  • sangeeth c george

    Can I overcloak my gtx 1060 laptop? ???

  • Dekron

    Thank you sir, with exactly the same GPU, an i7 7700k, 16 gb ram DDR4 I was running AC Origins at 60-70fps constantly, I was able to reach even 120fps in some areas of the desert, very stable settings.

  • Macca_Boys

    3d mark crashed with these numbers on my EVGA GTX 1060 6GB SC. Was able to run core clock @+90 and memory clock @+450

  • Fox250R

    Why does yours stay at 1620 and 4006 MHz? Mine always drops to like 170 400. When I alt tab out of a game I see it goes higher but goes right back down

  • Xpect Abend.

    omg is yours 6 or 3 vram

  • Cave-man

    my msi gtx 1060 6gb limits its power only at 108?

  • Dragon Hunter

    my gtx 1060 msi 6 gb cc 140 and mc 300 max temp. 78


    got mine to 2100 mhz gtx 1060 mini

  • Cave-man

    can someone send me the settings for my MSI GTX 1060 3gb?

  • skateboardcraze

    Very strange. Everyones GPU runs at 70c, but my 1060 runs at 44c maxed out for hours benching. Stock fan speed

  • Alex Wahad

    guys just set everything to the max, the 1060 will handle it

  • Jakab Gipsz

    Gigabyte 1987 MHZ clok max.

  • Rick_

    I wanted to share a video I made. I modified the GL702 for better cooling and seeing some free performance gains based off better thermals alone.

  • Blu

    Mine is stuck at 139mhz! Pls help.

  • mygtavideos

    GIGABYTE GTX 1060 G1 Gaming 3 GB. MSI Afterburner settings:Core Voltage + 50, Power Limit % 111, Temp limit 80c, Core Clock + 110, Memory Clock + 500. Fan settings are auto/standard. Default settings was showing as Clock: 1595 MHz, Memory: 2002 MHz, Boost: 1810 MHzNow it shows Clock: 1705 MHz, Memory: 2252 MHz, Boost: 1920 MHz. After many hours of gaming I can say that in reality it consistently boosts to 2050 MHz @ 65ºc. My highest ever recorded temp is 71ºc but it normally runs in the 64ºc to 68ºc range. Crank the settings too high then it just gets too hot and performance is automatically throttled back, or the OC just becomes unstable.

  • Blu

    i have a gt 630 1gb and im getting my 1060 in a week cant wait.

  • Fox250R

    My GPU clock says 139 lol

  • Savage

    What? Without Voltage increase?

  • ademite

    I got evga gtx 1060 6gb ftw and managed to go from the average 40 fps to a whopping extra 7fps from +88core/+400 mem ive got like 20 or so extra 1060's might try one of the ftw+ or ssc and see differences in the different models. But yea I'm definitely impressed with the extra stable 6fps. Can probably get an extra for so I'll have to do more testing.

  • Kahcai Lee

    Is it a constant thing or dependent on the game that you're playing like it utilized 2100MHz for Borderlands 2 but 1544MHz for csgo

  • lösegeld günter

    why is ur card every time on the maximum mhz .. my are changing every time :( pls help

  • Mariosdfg Taper

    i have a graphic card palit 1060 and i tried this overclocked and its very appropriate with numbers..unfortunelly palit's utility for overclocking sucks but i handled it ok..i didnt maximize the power limit cause im afraid a little bit..after al i dont have an ssd yet or a second memory i make pations till i get those in few days..nice video though..a lot of thankx for this overclocked tutorial..if i need to raise power limit =15-16..plz let me know

  • Mateusz Paul

    Would IT be safe to overclok my card like this on 450W Power supply?

  • Rubster

    Can I use this on a HP Omen computer with a gtx 1060 and intel core i7-7700?

  • KungFu Spider

    I managed to overclock mine to 7.3 ghz, needed liquid nitrogen cooling and an RGB case,i can run crisis 30 fps on ultra settings!if i didnt have my 128 mb of RGB ram i dont think i wouldve been able to do it,thanks for the tutorial realy helful

  • Mochirba Cissehamed

    Bro does it work fine with my EVGA Gtx 1060 sc 3gb?

  • Mr. Heisenberg

    Nice tut. Ive found with my GTX 1060 Armor 6gb ocv1 that my max oc is +225 on the core clock and +500 on the memory clock. which raises my gpu clock to 1759 and my boost clock to 1984. Can I run afterburner within Valley? So I can see whats happening? Windowed mode doesn't work so well. Superposition is another nice benchmark to try.

  • Mattis N

    Lol meine läuft stock (gtx 1060 Strix oc) +2ghz boost und 4104mhz memory! ich denke da gibt es nicht mehr viel zu übertakten ;)

  • Yasir Qazi

    hey. i have an asus strix 1060 dc206g.....can i overclock with these settings?

  • Aaron Playz

    do i need msi for this

  • MotorNation

    I had a Radeon R7 200 series.... It was awful. Lmao. Bought a EVGA GTX1060 3gb 3 days ago for $180. Excited to try it. Need to do some things to my case before i try OC. But definitely excited. Considering the whole PC was less than $400.

  • carlje

    do i have to have a msi gtx 1060 to use msi after burner

  • ShoalKing

    Got a stable "little OC" +50 on Core Clock+510 on Memory Clock

  • DajSonGGPlay

    Im have better options MC 600+ CC 150+ max temp. 76

  • שילה מוזס

    zotac gtx 1060 amp edition work?

  • ooo ooo

    i get easy 2150mhz lol

  • franklin

    Works really good with my gtx 1060 6gb gigabytes thanksJust one question why do the settings change randomly? Happend today when I turned on my pc

  • TDS

    9.1gb of memory usage LOL. Nope. 9.1ghz

  • JD413

    EVGA GTX 1060 6Gb SC getting 2012 MHz stable 2100 peak. It runs stable playing Doom at 200 FPS on Ultra settings 1080p running all these settings in MSi afterburner and then defaulting those settings and trying the same preset in EVGA Precision X OC I actually got better results with EVGA perhaps because it’s my manufacturer and certain presets they each might have.

  • Vannow

    I can push my core clock to 200 and my memory to like 400...over the 400 it starts to like flicker in red (some textures are being just red for like some milliseconds)but as long as i stay under 410 everythings okEdit:I got an kfa 2 oc gtx 1060 6gbIs just realised that i cant even push the mem clock to 250 without some weird picture errors...

  • Not AerosHyper!

    What can happend to my graphic id i put all to Max like in the 1080 videos

  • trancelistic

    My Msi gtx 1060 6gt ocv1 goes by default to 2042 mhz according to gpu-z while playing a heavy game.

  • vicente antonio

    is this configuration OK to use it with my gtx evga 1060 of 3gb ssc?

  • Vegetawarp4

    Gtx 1070ti was born not to be overclock

  • Morbus Bleuleri

    Look GPU-Z show your boost 1958 Mhz but in Your MSI hardware monitor ?? Your Real clocking of the core in games after overclocking is about 2100 - 2126 Mhz. Be accurate.

  • Rudra Shukla

    I have a GT 610 2 GB... getting a GTX 1060 this month😎

  • Random Account

    I have a 1060 3g in my laptop, can i get some overclocking settings

  • Kaptan Kaya

    OC settings for Zotac GTX 1060 3GB Mini ?

  • BoopLoopy

    Heaven benchmark would crash if I went above 125MHz core clock. you must have gotten one of the better 1060's

  • KoulBreker

    Mine reaches without artifacts 2077 mhz in 78°c and 2110 78°c too but with glitches (artifacts) in uniheaven. Is that temp for that mhz good?

  • Valkota

    I just want to know why when I overclock my Zotac Geforce GTX 1060 6gb, the base core speed does not move at all from what I set it to, it just stays at 1506mhz even when I set it to clock to 2000mhz. it also crashes my games when they try to boot up. it has a boost speed of something above 1800mhz but I don't know how to get it to work properly when I attempt to boost it, like is there a setting in the card settings that needs to be checked? I am just confused.

  • Muzaffer Ozen

    I got a stable at +260 core clock and +650 mem. Is that good?


    Mi casa reventó después de este vídeo

  • SkypredatorGaming

    Few hours LOL man, if the Core Clock or Memory Clock is not stable will start to make screen tearing and lines even on the first 1min, and you are saying run it with Heaven Benchmark for FEW HOURS

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