Reference Nvidia GTX 780s/780Tis/Titan(XM)s/980Tis are burning out their memory inductors a lot.

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  • Blazing Hardware

    Maybe the cards where used for mining with a riser, i hear risers can severely cause damage........

  • WestOfAsh

    just had my gigabyte g1 980 ti burn up similar to this i have pics if you want to analyze it

  • Tim Catlow

    hi mate i have a 980ti that has blown a mosfet just wondered if you could help me out on fixing it if it can be fixed i can send photos if my card :)

  • Actually Hardcore Overclocking

    Not trying to stir up controversy here. I've just seen way too many of these in way too short a time period to ignore it.

  • WestOfAsh

  • jose augusto segovia

    mi gtx 780 acaba de morir y encontre tu video el inductor exploto

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