Reference Nvidia GTX 780s/780Tis/Titan(XM)s/980Tis are burning out their memory inductors a lot.

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  • yakine fort

    Hello man, i have a 980ti with r33 fried and 1r0 that shaterred.i've purchased them to replace them, once i solder them, will it work in your opinion?thank you

  • Black Dante

    Hi do know where is located circuit of fan controller/voltage ,on me titan x fan do not work I replaced it to new one but still fan do not work the, rpm is working an I have 12v on pin 1 and 2 .

  • Wahyit Cheung

    would it be possible to buy that memory inductor and replace it myself? my 980ti went toast tonight

  • Curve Ahead

    I wish I'd never heard of this video but one of my EVGA GTX 980 TI just burned. The location seems different though, the burnt chips say 024 and U9, closer to the edge, on the left of the power plug.The annoying part is that for some reason the other card doesn't get detected by windows (I was running them in SLI) and I'm stuck in 1024x768 right now.

  • Actually Hardcore Overclocking

    Not trying to stir up controversy here. I've just seen way too many of these in way too short a time period to ignore it.

  • DegustoDelSol

    Does anybody have the specs for the R33 inductor? I found a ton of diferent ones, but do not know the exact specs to replace :(

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