Reference Nvidia GTX 780s/780Tis/Titan(XM)s/980Tis are burning out their memory inductors a lot.

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  • Dennis Larsen

    Yep. My Gtx Geforce 780 Physx Cuda OC died about 6 months ago. Now i looked it up on youtube and someone recomended the "oven solution" by putting the GPU inside the oven for 8 minutes on 200 degrees celsius. I thaugt why not? So I unscrewed the 780 and saw this burned up little square thing that said "R33" on it and it looks just the same like GPU's in your video. I tried it out anyways. when i installed it in the pc and started it up, the computer actually booted up, but there was no picture on the monitor. As i was going to shut the computer down i heard thi wierd noice and a wierd smell came out of the GPU. When i uscrewed it again i saw another "memory inductor" was blown up... Is there any way to replace theese memory inductors? Btw, sorry for my English writing. I really do suck in English. :) Hope for reply from you @Actually Hardcore Overclocking.

  • Actually Hardcore Overclocking

    Not trying to stir up controversy here. I've just seen way too many of these in way too short a time period to ignore it.

  • jose augusto segovia

    mi gtx 780 acaba de morir y encontre tu video el inductor exploto


    Just brought a used 780 and bingo, same thing in the same place.

  • Mat C

    To think I were debating getting an older Titan; ouch..., awesome information and pcb component explanation! 👍 Also as an odd request/question (if you’ve not already) would you mind doing a pcb analysis of a gtx 590/dual gpu equipped cards and your opinion on them etc?

  • Opty

    evga gtx titan xm r33 is missing 😂

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