Why You SHOULDN'T Build A Mining Rig

I know, I missed the part where we shouldn't build mining rigs so that gamers can get their GPU's back. RIP.

Hopefully this video helps you to understand the pitfalls & negatives of building a mining rig & allows you to make the decisions for yourself on whether it'll work for you or not.

Big thanks to Wootware for sponsoring all of the parts needed for us to build the mining rig!
• WOOT UP YOUR LIFE!: https://goo.gl/LHuwN5

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• GPU's for Mining: http://amzn.to/2CLqj67
• PSU's for Mining: http://amzn.to/2Age26Z

• See What Cards Are Profitable: https://whattomine.com
• How To Build Mining Frames: https://youtu.be/WImVHF9rrC0

For PC parts:
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Video was edited on:
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• Threadripper 1950X: http://amzn.to/2ikITbh
• MSI RX Vega 64: http://amzn.to/2A2JW7Q
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Video was shot on:
• Panasonic GH4: http://amzn.to/2tyKUpJ
• Sigma 18-35 f1.8: http://amzn.to/2tyDKBB
• Tascam DR-40: http://amzn.to/2tRVLxo
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Thank to Tancrid "Tank" Muller for writing the video!
Thanks to Reece Hill for filming the video!
Thank to Rikus Strauss for editing the video!
Executive Producer: Ronald Bodinger & JC Randall

    Still cracking up long after watching this vid! Oh wow! LOL

  • Mike Cherney

    Great stuff! Done like I would!!right on!

  • Crypto Miner Tips

    The 5:30 mark made me fall out haha

  • P S

    For 5k you could learn the trade the real market. Making 8 bucks a day and investing 5k..yep what they say is right. A sucker is born every minute.... 50 cents an hour for a normal working day.. Get Paper route. Sell lemonade lol.. Anything but mining.

  • paul tucker

    Brett - we need to talk soon - you need psychological help for your excitability

  • Krishna Kanayya

    Damn, its even hard to get a GPU with the bald head pony tailers cost!I am not sure how to get one, though I am looking hard to get a one!

  • darthcookiejar

    Yooo that fan bamboozled u.


    Had to revisit this in late 2018

  • stefo's Channel

    shoyld i build a mining rig in 2019?

  • Nemanja

    In my country Electricity cost is around 0.07$ per KWh lol ehehheheh

  • Kill Gh

    What is a mining rig

  • Don Mega

    #1 reason you shouldn't mine is if computer problems pisses you off. just for your mental health, you know.amd cards are better at mining than nvidia anyway. bang per buck that is, but messing with their bios messes up the warranty so could hurt the resale value.btw shouldn't you build a closed case for more optimum cooling? or too risky that all cards would die in the heat due to a fan failure on one of them?

  • Dakara Doshite?

    you guys shouldn't build minings,just let me build it and rich alone

  • paul tucker

    I now need anti psychotic med and im only 4.3 min in

  • vincent Bertucci

    wtf are you all compaining about. you god damn miners are the reason why the prices went so god damn high. and now you are compaining about it? seriously? again when i say miners i mean miners with more than 4 gpus in a rig its your god damn fault.

  • Jason Gooden

    The ASIC miner fan scared me.

  • ONNIT Portland

    Why does he always look angry af?

  • paul tucker

    has he ever thought of taking anti psychotic medication before doing these videos

  • RockManDo KeeperOfTheStones

    Australia 37 Cents Au$ per kilowatt.

  • Outdoor Wolf 225

    Ah but I get free electricity so would it be a good thing too do??

  • Ro F

    dude I'm transfixed by that rig👀

  • aspreedacore

    my electric bill is part of my rent and it NEVER changes as I live in a ROOM... haha JOKES ON YOU

  • Siddharth Chakraborty

    Just such an eye opener. You are just amazing.

  • Tyler Appel

    He sounds like an intelligent Lil Windex

  • FSC 89

    Dude holy hell is your rig really that quiet where it's barely even noticeable sitting in the same room?

  • Indigo Psy

    Electricity 0.27 € / kWh - Germany

  • Lord Jon25

    Put your mining rig next to heatpump = win win!

  • yogibear2k10

    The more people that do this, the less profitable it has to be, surely? If 1000 people do this one month and say 5000 people do it the next month, then I am guessing the currency would be worth a lot less, yes? I would like to try mining, but I cannot afford ONE GTX 1080ti yet alone 6. Heck, I can't even afford a GTX 670. And you can get one second hand for about £40. Perhaps, I can try and get free mining equipment like most You Tubers seem to get. (I know you had to pay for yours!)

  • travis scala

    Stop with the cut screens every 3 seconds, change your voice and speak slower. Your about the most annoying tuber i have tried to watch. Almost.

  • Constable Colin

    Dw abour mining yu can easily become a comedian 🤣

  • mueckenhoeffer

    Lot's of good info in short order. But..dude, ease up on the Monsters. My teenagers assure me drinking 3 per day will cause your heart to explode. Seriously, I do like your videos. I'm just startign on this mining thing. I am using Nicehash as it's great for the totally new. Using my laptop which is on all day anyway, I've made a whole USD0.01 while watching your channel.

  • Kalahari Boertjie

    Nice video, thought you where from SA :-) Lol Enjoy

  • Zane Khan

    yea but do u even lift bro?

  • Ms. Hilton

    I got into mining in August, bought a Threadripper 2990wx a couple of VEGA 56s and 64GB of RAM. I'm attacking mining via the method most say is insufficient (they are wrong) CPU mining. Coupled with Windows 10 for Workstations and Hyper-V, I have numerous virtual systems mining a single coin.

  • Government IS Slavery

    You would be better off going to the gym instead. Get some meat on them bones.

  • JItterRy PoKERy

    Honestly those who made minig rigs hoping to get rich wasted there time and money

  • S.A Ahmadi

    Will i tought im in the worst country ever but turns out i can mine without paying electricity bill for it lol so easy

  • Nanoo Dub

    Hes trying to deter new miners so he can make more dough😂😂😂😂😂🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Harsh Deep singh

    ANYONE HERE IN 2019 :D

  • War Hammer

    I am gonna build mine in a freezer unit.

  • Decilcious

    Will 2 rtx cards do good with nlink??

  • Eryk Halicki

    9:25 "Completely Sceptical" Me too, me too. No, it can't last forever, sadly

  • Juan Arellano

    solar powered is the answer.

  • []HĒŁŁ[] []KNĪGHT[]

    hey, so i did the math, if i buy the asrock h110 and all the necessary parts for the motherboard, which will cost me around $250. And i buy 10 gtx 570 GPUs which in total is only 550 for them all, would i make profit? if i split the money bill with my mom my estimates say maybe...

  • מטטרון מיטטרון

    This is the best disinfo I've ever watched. Thank you.

  • Oswald Oogink

    Hey guys - use old laptop or desktop to mine btc faster than fast with winmax miner app.

  • Iceego Mute

    1080ti making around $1-2 a day** ----July 30th 2018

  • Carlo

    Such a stupid video. Who the hell wants to buy a video card that came out of a mining rig.

  • Joseph S. Restivo

    what protocol do you think the evga nvidia 1080ti mines the most efficiently

  • Curtainfall

    so this is still less than earning money from a minimum wage job but with a 6k dollar investment? i don't understand the lure

  • Genial Jacob

    bitcoing a business created for sell video cards... that's the truth.

  • Constable Colin

    Yu are a crack up lmao

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    Brett, brett, take a chill pill!

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    You talk way too fast for me to listen to you on 2x. But that's not a bad thing!

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