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Fiverr is one of the top marketplace in online, where 100000+ sellers selling their services. Over 3M Gig Services available there.
In this tutorial I have showed that how to marketing with fiverr profile and get more job.

Social Media is one of the best way for generating organic traffic for your website and it helps a lot as well as fiverr gig. Real clients will click on your fiverr gig link from social media and if they like your gig than they can buy service from you. Every website wants marketing and fiverr is not different from them. if you do your fiverr gig back-link than it will show into the top of the fiverr service page and you will get order from there 100% sure.

search engine optimization and social media marketing is the best way for generating more and more traffic. you can apply your own creative way for your fiverr gig marketing.

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