FOLM COIN - A Crypto Bank? - Review + Mining Guide for CLI & Awesome Miner

This is a review of FOLMCoin's white paper and detailed setup guides for the FOLM wallet, and how to mine the coin with your GPU via the command line as well as Awesome Miner.

📘Table of Contents:
◆ 00:08 Intro
◆ 00:41 FOLM Coin Review
◆ 17:58 FOLM Wallet Setup
◆ 20:05 PickAxe.Pro Mining Pool
◆ 20:34 nVidia CLI Mining Setup
◆ 24:40 AMD CLI Mining Setup
◆ 29:42 Awesome Miner Setup (nVidia)
◆ 35:37 Awesome Miner Setup (AMD)
◆ 42:35 Add User Defined Coin Profile
◆ 46:25 Final Thoughts
💻Awesome Miner:
💻FOLM Coin Website:
💻FOLM Whitepaper:
💻PickAxe.Pro Pool:
💻ccminer-phi for nVidia GPUs:
💻sgminer-phi for AMD GPUs:
💻FOLM Block Explorer (for difficulty stats):
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  • Cath Exis

    Your videos have really helped me get my Awesome Miner running smooth and fast. The intensity settings are REALLY important! I had a few Algos that would always crash on my system, and I finally figured out that I had to lower the intensity on a couple and that solved the issue.There were some other Algos that I had to increase the intensity on to optimise my earnings. Another thing I found out was that various different kinds of mining software give VERY different performance results; for instance for Equihash, ccminer 64 bit is quite slow compared to bminer! Bminer is around 20-25% FASTER than ccminer.I re-benchmarked ALL cards at the same time to optimize everything and now I have zero issues, no crashes and really good earnings.Thanks so much for all your videos!

  • Jonny Dee

    Great review, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the like button for you!If you are looking to get hold of some crypto without investing or mining, look into They are a co-creation platform were you get rewarded for giving feedback to crypto startups on the platform. You can earn Crowdholding's token as well as DeepOnion, ITT, Smartcash and many other ERC-20 tokens.

  • SwedPool

    Hi guys there you have Mining pool for Folm coin

  • Ziad Nahdi

    can we do this with ethos ?

  • taipanino

    great work as always !

  • Nesquick

    What happen to folmcoin drop 75% cant find no information

  • Pathos69

    Hey goose i have a question. I was using awesome miner for ETC and I was supposed to make 0.46 aday from my 1060 gtx card but I mined for 3 days and never even hit that. What can I do?

  • Mark Curley

    Hey Goose-Tech, enjoy your videos! Point: could you make your highlights of the white paper "yellow" or some other color? The blue is hard to read along! Thanks for your insight into new crypto projects.

  • 2000jago

    Thanks for time stamping your video's. REALLY helps navigation.

  • Kacper _m

    Hi, GooseTech great work! btw. if y put valeu in BTC, awesomeminer will calculate it to USD automatically. ;)

  • orrus1

    Hi Goosetech, was wondering if you might do a guide on how to setup a masternode for Folm coin. On another note really enjoy your videos great stuff, very helpful and informative.

  • CryptoSteve

    Another great video, thanx G-man !

  • chloe pebbles

    Very informative video Goose keep up the good work, this video is going to help out so many people, thanks.

  • Qang Abi

    And your expression when describing about FOLM Bank is awesome. Make me smile. Very enthusiastic.Will be great POW coins after i learn it. Thanks for video.

  • Venger

    @Goose-Tech Verge Coin is in the news today, any thoughts on this cryptocurrency ?

  • Gregory Carnegie

    I've been mining PigeonCoin and I have noticed the difficulty going way down.

  • bojan toprek

    setup masternode video incoming ... ? =)

  • Joseph Oxley

    Hi Goose, great video, just a quick question. How many FOLM do you make / day roughly on the 1080? I'm just checking what im earning is correct.

  • Magdi Elrefaei

    Thanks for the information. Very good video

  • Joseph Oxley

    Hi goose, could you do a video comparing the various privacy features of coins? Such as BTCP, FOLM and some others like BTCZ maybe. This would be interesting since privacy seems to be the way things are going, so a comparison between the offerings would be useful. Great Video!

  • Alfred Wunder

    AMAZING videos GMan .. you are a Godsend for crypto and I THANK you for being so good at what you do:) thanks as always... Godbless and Godspeed :)

  • graffix3001

    So I followed every step for the Awesomeminer setup for Nvidia and when I go to start the worker an error pops up that says there are no supported pools available for the selected mining software. Any suggestions?

  • XBitko

    FOLM review

  • Jefke you want price in USD at any moment.happy mining !

  • Tomás Akino

    So great!!!! Thanks Dude,,,

  • Chuck Garrett

    Thanks for the video and YES on the Masternode. I would like to learn more about them and maybe invest in having them plus mining the same coin too.

  • vitaLickMyButerin

    Please don't die Goose

  • J.Crow, JTMining

    Could you do an explanation on how to buy and sell on crypto bridge I signed up for account and I'm getting rather confused "example I would like to buy 1000 raven coin" have coinbase account and hold all four coins ....

  • Crypto

    whats up with raven at pickaxe? I make 70% more money these days mining raven despite the drop of price . strange. The difficulty is even higher

  • Thomas Turner

    Thanks for the vid Goose! While awesome miner is cool...You keep my brain algo switching constantly!!!

  • Chris Z

    Another great video. I noticed awesome miner now can use Blazepool. Any thoughts on Blazepool?

  • J.Crow, JTMining

    If you're ever in Lewiston Idaho it would be my pleasure for my wife and I to buy you dinner, I truly enjoy all of the content that you put out.... Maybe my eyes are going out but I think that that's a nice set hands in the bottom right corner

  • Gregory Carnegie

    I tried not to type this but the math tutor in me was going nuts.45:30 that actually does round to 13 cents; you only look at the third decimal place when your rounding to pennies.

  • Satish Patel

    Thanks.. Sir How to mine Intense coin

  • Thanos Mel

    Hey Goose Thanks for the video! This folm coin looks like a very good project!

  • Richard Everingham

    Thanks for the information. Very good video. I am on the fence about master nodes myself. My primary beef with master nodes is from an accounting perspective. Have to use FIFO. So lets say for sake of argument you pay the $750 to buy FLM @ 15c so you can setup a master node. You are paid some 48 FLM a day according to master nodes online. Lets say 6 months later you want to sell some of your FLM you have generated for your master node service. Instead of getting to use the cost basis of the master node generated coins , you have to adhear to FIFO and it uses some of the original 5000 coins you got for the master node setup. This means you completely lose the tax benefit you might get of holding those 5k coins for 1+ year for lower capital gains. Also if the 6 months later hte price is say 5c/coin you are now actually cashing out for a loss since the original 15c coins would be used for the sell cost basis rather then the lower values your master node 'mined' them at.The only way to reap that tax break is to wait a full year after getting the coins for your master node before you ever cash out. That is one heck of a hodle in crypto world. Your entire seed money for master nodes and the payments have to be constantly at risk of FLM price fluctuations. If the price falls to 5c/coin then your original investment of $750 doesn't take a simply 3x longer to pay itself off, but it's actually 5x longer because you have to account for the 10c loss on the principal.Master nodes are inherently very close to a Ponzi scheme.

  • Jefke

    USD Price is now listed on front page, nice and convenient for the miners!

  • Dra Kenra

    I didn't know that you can specify your own software, that's really awesome. Thanks for showing it Goose!

  • lae her

    like always, great video. How about doing a tutorial video on setting up masternode for Folm?

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