How To Mine Monero (Nvidia GPU)

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  • Ovidiu Mihai

    i downloaded it and when i started the miner my antivirus found like 5 files as malware... so if not from that page thene where can i get a clean miner?

  • FlameArrow57

    If anyone's command prompt opens and closes right away it means you need to put the phrase "pause" at the end of the batch file.Example:ccminer.........pause

  • lorna martinovic

    BUY MONERO FOR 120 $$ !!!

  • Popescu Nicolae the addres for minin monero

  • Technical Asif

    jahai maa ji tite main

  • Anonymous -

    how do you get the wallet address help me plz

  • John Davis

    Dont use anything from FreeWallet.....STAY AWAY!....literally use anything but that!

  • Trent Mason

    "Apple store for android"

  • Crypto Mania

    Nice video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anna Janiszewska

    Hi i make its all same as in tutorial sayed, by me is no start.bat its only config and there i put my wallet adres and other configurations. So then i save all sethings and louch Finminer its starts but after 1 sec sayed Config does not contain wallet.what is wrong?? please help..

  • Martin Körmöczi Miner App download from this link

  • btc miner

    for free moneromine using your browser using free desktop or phone app free monero foucet earning !

  • NoishDeLaStreet Gaming

    Can we mine monero with cpu and gpu at the same time using different software ?

  • Emil Larsson

    Just found this hidden background miner!! AWSOME!!!!!!!

  • Christopher Cochran

    mcafee wont let me mine


    does the mining takes up space ? if it does how do i reallocate it to my hdd ( d drive) instead of my ssd (C drive) ?

  • Anrico Opperman

    Is this guy South African?

  • money bag

    I got an idea, and I want to share it with you, contact me on Skype as maxwellyes (money bag)

  • Yusuke Kaguya

    Hello we do Tech, can you do a tutorial how to fix 'no amd opencl or nvidia cuda gpus found, exit' it keep happening everytime i try to use this mining method. I already search at forum and all other sources, I found out that lots of people also facing the same issues. I will really appreciate if you are willing to help me to solve this problem. Thank you.

  • lorna martinovic

    1 monero xmr= $168.52 USD BUY MONERO 120.00 USD

  • Anna Janiszewska

    i use My Monero wallet

  • Roger Halt

    Wow, in 6 months it went up $300!

  • Crypto Father

    The worlds largest bounty platform with locked tokensworth over $50m. Get 1000 CANDY for registering, joining the telegram group and more referring yourfriends. Earn Candy from games, daily tasks and giveaways. Click to join:

  • bas9840

    everything seems to work, but when i unzip the file there doesnt seem to be a .bat file in it?please can anyone explain what i might have done wrong?thanks

  • Devin Sharma

    Can I use the XMR wallet address from my Binance account to have the mined XMR directly deposited there?

  • bunny adse

    how to create monero wallet address pls send a link

  • Attila Sipos

    Get 3% discount for cloud mining at Genesis Mining with this code VxjJbB

  • ZeeFF

    "all the cryptomining currencys" wtf? try minable crypto currency ... > back > try other guide

  • Bernhard Meixner

    Thanks for the great video!Monero is awesome, if you want to mine with your CPU or GPU. Then I change everything in Bitcoin and feed an online BTC miner with it. In the long run I think that you get the most with this method. I found the following description about that: With my graphics (10 older used one by 50-80 euros) I'm at about 4,000 hashes, depending on the course are about 150-200Euro per month.

  • Irina Danilova

    Why banksters want to prohibit Monero and promote Ethereum. Must read here

  • linux4dom

    monero change algo i don't found normally can compiled git with new updated monero ^( wolf9766 git is not updated, others git like tpruvot or hyc - no compiled - errors when compilation .

  • Rob's Channel

    Any idea whats wrong as I've try multiple different mining software and i don't seem to be able to get any wear with it? this one the command prompt pops up for about 2 seconds then disappears just after

  • Puru Shothaman

    Nvidia option on nanopool is no longer there! :(

  • Mike Rumbolt

    hey man, i am new to mining and just built a 12 GPU miner. I have 6 Navdia 1060 And 6 Radeon 580 cards. can you explain the difference in cards and what they can mine and is it big differences? I am planning on focusing on ETH with all 12 cards for now. however a little clarification on how the cards are different and if nanopool can do different cards to mine with as the website seems to make u choose one type of card your running. Just waiting for my ram to show up then i am going live. any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

  • lorna martinovic

    Best monero earning Start Date:2018-04-05.......End Date 2018-05-31Price: 120.00 USD !!!!!

  • BooGlubuL

    Disliked. You didnt even show where my wallet address or anything was

  • Abd Goni

    Mining BTC,DogeCoin,Ltc dllspeed ngacir... 5 pake deposit

  • Crypto Mania

    Nice video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Syed Amaan

    I am facing a problem, I am using GTX 1050ti, and it shows 40 not a multiple of 6.

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