Ethereum mining RX 480 mining rig with 188mh/s tutorial setup.

Ethereum mining RX 480 mining rig with 188mh/s tutorial setup.

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Ethereum mining RX 480 mining rig with 188mh/s tutorial setup.

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188mh/s miner -

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Ethereum mining RX 480 mining rig with 188mh/s tutorial setup.
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  • Z

    Do you use a wired keyboard or wireless? What’s better

  • Martin Wallington

    Hi good videos! My Claymore miner is stuck on 25 MH/s mining Eth tried editing the bat file to overclock and tried MSI Overclock nothing seems to make it mine faster! Did update my RX580 8GB drivers as well bit stuck! Any ideas?

  • Noor Uddin

    This might be very old video but I think its not a good idea to have connected so many sata cable from one interface to riser. :|

  • JeneralSimon Adv

    How much eth did you found (monthly basis) on this set up?

  • Windsor Kitaka

    question, when i try to under volt while dual minor my system doesnt respect the settings, but in single mining it does. any idea? i understand dual mining uses up more power but surly it should still follow the settings.

  • Jackab Marti

    Limited Stock GPU and Mining rigs Avalible

  • Andrés Fiore

    Can you show us how to modify the bios Guntis? or put the rom below in one link to download. Thanks

  • Flesh Is Weak

    Can i ask sir about the proper settings on msi afterburner sorry for being a newbie.. i just want to ask how to lock the msi afterburner settings because whenever i overclock my 3 radeon gpu only keeps on resetting what am i doing wrong? Only the msi afterburner setting keeps on resetting after a couple of hours only one gpu resets and the other 2 stays the same

  • Miko Espenilla

    How much you making a day?

  • Bart Valcke

    Is it safe to use those  SATA cables  to connect the risers ?  is the SATA cable powerfull enouch  to feed the riser ?

  • ProGaming

    then how much dollar do you earn a day for this setup? im planning to build a rig but i have no idea for mining and if i can get a profit from it do send me a tips for first timer

  • ZeusVFX

    is this even worth the price of the setup, it would take so long to make the money back

  • LYM Gaming

    nice info man so speed is base on memory clock speed on vga or clock core? anyone know?

  • gz n

    Buddy this isn't a tutorial... your for example just saying ok i changed some bios setting and now its 31mhs but your not showing what and how..

  • Narasimharao Pelluru

    Hi, I am trying yo get the Saphire RX 580 GPU's with memory from Hynix or Samsung. if it comes with micron memory, it wont be that good for mining. Can anyone help me where I can find Sapphire RX580 with Samsung or Hynix memory

  • Bitcoin Lover

  • Crypto World

    mH means mini hash. MH means mega hash.

  • TurboCoin

    Can you tell me the dimensions of the rig. I would also like to do the 1.5mm x 1.5mm profiles from the alu profile or better

  • Jay 1rst place

    Did you get your money from Putin?

  • Ionut

    How you can unplug the monitor so you can mine and you can remotely use the pc ?

  • Zoltan V.

    Hi Guntis! Excellent video as always.Can I ask you which software did u use for the BIOS modding and loading?Thanks!

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  • MafiaProtectron

    please stop hogging all the GPUs

  • CryptoHaze

    Hi, what cable do you connect the sata riser cables too? 11:52

  • Plamen Ivanov

    Can you share with us what exactly you modified in the bios?

  • Bolorito24

    you now are millionare.

  • steve harris

    wow nice set up how much does this cost to build? thanks.

  • glare whatsappvideos

    I have Rx570 with me and I want to increase hash power by clocking and mod.Can you provide me with resources how to do so..?

  • Henrique Losada

    What software are you using to mine?

  • nenad petronijevic for

  • Xavier Vallhonrat

    What motherboard did you use?

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