HOW TO: Set Up Monero GUI Wallet! (In Under 6 Min) 🚀

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Monero is a really promising coin but it's GUI wallet isn't the easiest to figure out. I really like GUI wallets since they are more beginner-friendly, so I took some time to figure this one out. Now, I want to share my process with you! I hope this helps you set up your wallet and get started with the basic functionalities like Receiving and Sending Monero (XMR). Please write to me below if you have any further questions!

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  • Official RyokoBear

    Is setting up wallet be able to receive XMV airdrop? Thanks!

  • StydianX GameTV

    I have a questino: "Under settings > info" it says "Wallet creation height: 0 (click to change)" do i need to change this for me to be able to receive transaction?

  • Eric Scherzinger

    What about restoring wallet from keys like mymonero to GUI wallet

  • David Darling

    Great tutorial, easy to follow. Others should take note.

  • Mr Smith

    My Monero wallet on my Mac is showing it is Connected but coins from paper wallet have not arrived, any suggestions ?

  • Don Wood

    What about Verge XVG about 80th or so on All Cryptocurrencies CoinMarketCap

  • Tim Swoveland

    Not very helpful, video doesn't show you how to get to each page. Why put this up!

  • Dimi Dh

    Very good video, thx for setting this up!

  • Alonzo Turner

    how long should it take for gui wallet to synchronize it has been doing its thing all day any suggestions???

  • Andre Steve

    bro pls how to restore monero wallet from keys n seed and open wallet from file,thnks

  • Carol Dehasse

    You have NO idea how I've been struggling with the damned daemon. I can't believe it. I sent Monero to this wallet that I thought I lost. THANK YOU!

  • Trollzitsuj Horne

    I can't seem to open the application..

  • 필하트

    $10,000 monero to the moon in 2018.

  • Grace (Rebecca Rachmany)

    Not enough detail to install windows wallet

  • Bridget

    Hey is there any NVidia GUI Miner?

  • Jackson Martinez

    Hey there, I try to unzip the file, I click on monero gui.exe but it shows me this: I miss the libgcc_s_seh-1.dll file on my computer.What is the simple way to do this?Thank you

  • Brian Nicholson

    hey i have the gui wallet and its dec 6 today and i started syncing it on nov 27 and it still is not done syncing. whats wrong?

  • Remy TheOriginal

    Is jaxx any good? Or are there any other programms that store more kinds of coins?

  • Fennec

    Too many steps. This will never reach mainstream appeal.

  • adfasodfiuasfoiu iouasoivudsaofiuasd

    Thanks so much for this! Have been reading about air-gapped computer/usb to create a wallet. I don't really have that option. Is this fairly safe in comparison? I'm pretty sure my computer is clean. How does this compare to the github monermoo wallet? Thanks again. Awesome work.

  • Sunil Dahiya

    How to restore monero wallet

  • Henry Salazar

    I have this error. Missing api-ms-win-core-libraryloader-1-2-0.dll

  • Mr Smith

    How do I get a private node for my mac as I do not want remote node

  • bear northpole

    Where what how do I do with gui wallet downloaded .. just open all files on the desktop?

  • Residual Income

    can you store Monero on a Ledger nano s?

  • Andre Steve

    can you tell wht function of daemon and when we need to use it?

  • Inspector William Presents

    Thank You very much for your help

  • Hung Le

    what is the difference between address and integrated address? Please help.

  • Stefano Mandelli

    do you suggest (i mean for paper walllet) after restored with the Gui (to see transactions and the amount of the wallet) to erase gui monero from PC? I ask you that about security. Or there is no problem leave application gui monero inside pc that is always connected to internet?

  • Lisergiko

    Using open source software and 100% anonymous and decentralized currency on a Mac xD ohh, the irony!!!

  • Zed Wolfram

    I'm investing in Monero. There are talks about an upcoming Monero fork with airdrop distribution, is this legit? MoneroV is claiming to be the finite version of Monero. Anybody familiar with this??

  • LastxKing

    Does this make my PC slower?

  • First Last

    6 mins not including the 50 hours of syncing.

  • Vacou

    Thanks, my computer would have needed like 1 week or more without this to synchronize. :D

  • SS Swaery

    good tut for stoners

  • Missy Robinson

    Any thought about the MoneroV (the fork of Monero) wallet?

  • Bit Coins

    thank you man you survived me

  • Maaz Ahmed

    What's the difference between 3 addresses? Address, payment ID, and Integrated Address

  • SImple Miner

    Great video Thanks!...I tried and I can just recommend it! (Monero miner)

  • ZmTopReasons

    ''Remote note is not the best for privacy'' why is it not?

  • 三五瓶逼两拳

    Unable to complete synchronization

  • Bitcoin for Beginners

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  • Tim Swoveland

    Wheres the landing page for the wallet you are showing?

  • MemesForACause

    why shouldnt you leave coins on exchange? what does it mean? good video btw

  • Paul Legaspi

    Who is vs

  • ZmTopReasons

    Hey B4B, is the syncing required? What advantage has it if you sync it. And can i just receive and send w/out the syncing?

  • BlueIceAce

    Thanks for your video! I'm just wondering what type of wallet is this? And after you send yourself Monero from the exchange, is your Monero now safely stored on your hard disk instead of the exchange?Thanks!

  • RMF

    Hey thanks for the video... As you can see by this comment 12-7-17 I'm running late....

  • jon hamm

    Q: payment ID is an insufficient number of digits for what Shapeshift and Changelly are asking for, yet generating new numbers yields the same amount of digits which prevents my desired transactions(conversions)

  • sara jones

    Can you let me know that when will you list $XMV? Thank you in advance! Have a nice day!

  • Flip Coin

    What is the remote node for?? Why do we need to use the node from monero world?

  • Martin Belmont

    How do I backup my monero wallet? Is it necessary like with bitcoin? Anyone help.


    Nice easy and informative video. Cheers

  • Tim Swoveland

    Not very helpful, video doesn't show you how to get to each page. Why put this up!

  • Robert Rose

    Get Monero client has a 4-6 hour download with a 200 Mbps connection? nahhh I'll pass

  • Wayne M

    I Subs Man! Awesome Video On Monero.

  • Gavin Brinck

    great stuff, ez . for simple pc set ups, you might want to go through unzipping the client file !  cheers

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