AORUS vs STRIX: Why My 1080 Ti Showdown Doesn't Matter

AORUS vs STRIX: Why My 1080 Ti Showdown Doesn't Matter
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Gigabyte AORUS GTX 1080 Ti:

Motherboard - Gigabyte AX370 Gaming 5 -
CPU - Intel i7 7700K @ 4.9GHz -

Many thanks to ASUS and Gigabyte for providing the GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards for this video.

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► Edited by Joe Aguilar - ShaostylePostProductions
*Paul also did a significant amount of editing on this one

Music by Kevin MacLeod
Audio file(s) provided by AudioMicro
  • arcade 111

    I chose my parts from the rgb


    For me the AORUS won the fight, maybe your a ASUS Fanboy....

  • Hooda Plays

    Founder edition vs Other of 1080ti

  • Sergey Yastrebov

    You forgot about size - particularly length - something I learned hard way, as I had to cut hdd holders to fit my new GPU))

  • Eric Olson

    $ 720 man miners really jacked that up. I should of got a card then.

  • Dav

    mY gPu iZ a gTx 1060 tI!!1But seriously why doesnt it exist?

  • Benjamin Saucedo

    $720 and $780 for 1080ti's, can we go back in time??

  • RR3Demos

    I made my own PCB plebs.

  • Blazer 6905

    Evga for the win get it ik its not an option but id choose that


    A or S why this video doesn't matter!

  • manhenk

    I find all this lighting in the pc case ridiculous.. I look into the monitor. I don’t need the inside of my computer lit up in millions of colors. Bring those insane prices down. That’s what I would be looking for!

  • ッDragooseem

    And little did we know, later on both of these cards would cost 849.99.... how sad


    Conclusion it's no the size of your junk but how long you can keep it up!

  • Cinimod Esports Offical

    the GTX 970 had 3.5 and 4gb of memory lmao

  • Juan Sambucetti

    What? The led lights up when it's not connected? Fuck, technic problems with my pc i guess...

  • Normalcheese213

    I have a gtx 1080 aorus getting repaired 1 like = 1 pray that it will get fixed. They told me ( frys ) that i could just buy another, and i respond with “ yeah, its not like im a college student trying to pay for my school classes

  • Abiola o

    I'm watching this in may of 2018 just crying at their current prices

  • Shadow Fc

    Asus is always the best 👍

  • Mitchell Gardner

    Great video.. Thank you sir...

  • PINky PIE

    well. i'll go with gigabyte. since i had rx470.. rx480 and r9 fury strix. all by asus. and that shi*y fan made by everflow.. all of them are broken after a year

  • jpthsd

    wow newegg listed the right price before all miners jacked up the price,,,GPU 100% or 150% price jackups,Now the memory crisis,,that's not definitely miners but someone gauged, fixed the price,,I hope FTC looks into it and fine the heck out of every penny of those found guilty!

  • Fatal

    I want a 1080 ti but all aibs look so cool

  • Clorox Bleach

    So i am Lucky? My 1070 is able to clock at 2.1GHz

  • Jestertriks GAMEaholics

    im ordering a motherboard today. if it was you right now, personally. what would you order right now for your own personal gaming pc? doesnt matter amd or intel. just which one would you order right now? thanks, great informational videos

  • Gaming God

    Just buy nvidia’s 1080 ti

  • Evan Howell

    The reason the clock speed is highly on the strix is because paul failed to mention he has the OC edition of the strix.

  • Kenny Plangca

    the 1080ti Strix is sexy af

  • Valentin Ágh

    What is the difference between the gigabyte 1070ti aorus and the gigabyte 1070ti gaming?

  • Aurious

    man, from 780 to 946 a year later wtf

  • James Robertson

    I am being sarcastic frustrated voice but computers don't need rgb lighting why RGB lighting.

  • Graham Dobbs

    How to prove your right: run 3x aorus/strix both oc and non oc and show the avg. to find they're the same on average. (12 runs total of benchmarks to show random vaiance in 1080ti chips)- sidebar i'm drunk and you could do more runs but u get the point b/c ur smart dudes and i'm not trying to troll

  • Adam Strix

    Founders edition +Water Block

  • cronic ,

    my strix 1080 will over clock and sit on 2090 mhz

  • Vorago

    ohhh the days when $60 was a significant price change on a 1080 ti...

  • Rhaast Cc

    I have the Asus ROG STRIX GTX 1080 and i love it

  • Tommy Chappell

    ah i cant decide.. arorus is better at overclocking (has better overlocking software and hardware), whereas Strix has faster fan speed resulting in potentially a super cooled cpu with virtualy 1000rpm faaster than aorus's fans... aesthetically they both look appealing i really couldnt decide on that one... strix is a bit louder but only because it has a faster fan speed which makes sense..

  • Joseph Carlos

    So your basically saying an ASUS Strix 1080Ti performs better than the Gigabyte competitor even though it is tiny bit more expensive. In australia these cards cost between 1,100 and 1,300AUD dollars at both my local store and online websites except AMAZON. When I upgrade to a 1080Ti I am definitely choosing the Asus somehow though.

  • Neelakash Bordoloi

    Is this the Gigabyte Aurous GTX 1080ti XTREME edition?!

  • Caleer

    I had to RMA my AORUS 1080 ti 4 times before just selling it and replacing it with the ASUS 1080 TI, I am never touch gigabyte again.

  • oooppiikkk

    is the rgb only in the 1080ti series, i dont see that on the 70s and 60s or rx series

  • Azizx27

    Only problem is gigabyte software is shit. I have a gigabyte motherboard and gpu but can’t get the rgb to sync, not to mention that the motherboard’s color cycle option skips colors. As to the rest of the motherboard software, you would be lucky if you get it to work.

  • Paulo Nilo Gaid

    wheres the gaming x trio ?

  • dean43v3r dean


  • William Winkle

    Step 1. Cry that I don't have $750 laying aroundStep 2. ???Step 3. PROFIT!

  • CrimsonDante Gamer

    3:35-3:52 what he said is why I went with Sapphire on AMD bought two RX 580's 8GB Sapphire Special Edition's. However Pricing was slightly more expensive then the average RX 580 for good reason's :). RGB, LOOKS/ESTETICS, COOLING AND BUILT QUILTY IS REALLY WELL MADE. Its also one of the fastest performing RX 580's you can get :D ,but that is why its more expensive. Its also one of the best looking RX 580's you can get with the ability to be able to light up.

  • funbucket09

    Strix is way better. Auros takes up too much room

  • Cazan Delureanu Sorin Manuel


  • Mingxing Yu

    All my games crash when my Aorus is over 1700

  • Pasha Defragzor

    Asus ftw. I want 1060 because 1080 is too powerful for my needs and the price is huge

  • GrayWolfShaman

    Are they both 2 slot cards?

  • Teh509

    The best 1080ti is the cheapest one you can find, non blower style... obviously.

  • Mr Pickle

    You sound like levelcapgaming XD

  • XtremeGamingWolf

    they both spiked in price D: The ASUS ROG STRIX 1080 Ti is fluctuating between $1099 and $1499

  • Aurea Alicia Bernal

    I got my aorus to OC at 2050mhz :) Got lucky

  • Mike Buck

    I think i chose pretty wisely. EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 ELITE GAMING BLACK, 11G-P4-6796-K2, 11GB GDDR5X two of these beauties for sli.

  • Agremen

    All back plats do shit for cooling its just about looks...If you want better cooling you better with out one!

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