GTX 980 vs GTX 1060 Test in 7 Games (i5 6600k)

GTX 980 vs GTX 1060 Test in 7 Games (i5 6600k)
Project Cars
Watch Dogs 2 - 01:10
Grand Theft Auto V - 02:32
Far Cry Primal - 04:44
Battlefield 1 - 05:56
Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta - 07:47
Rise of the Tomb Raider - 08:57

Windows 10
Intel i5 6600k 4.6Ghz
GTX 1060 6Gb 1506/8000Mhz
GTX 980 4Gb 1139/7010Mhz

Settings Ultra, 1080p
  • Jonabob87

    Have you downclocked these cards or are you running them on a psu that isn't beefy enough or something? These framerates are terrible. I have a GTX 980 and it runs the games you've shown a LOT better than this video puts across.

  • Shikamaru Nara

    Upcoming GTX 2060/1160 Could Perform better than 1080 and 1070ti?

  • Byzantine 1381

    Try GTX 980 X2 , I mean SLI and than fight with 1060 6gb !

  • E A

    hmm i already have 980 atm, so its not worth to buy 1060.. need to save more money for 1080 i guess

  • BlubberShoot

    gtx 1060 no sli though ;-;

  • TV Tech

    i saw cex selling a gtx 780 ti for £170 which is a complete rip off, but after watching this video i won't be buying it.

  • Grey Goose

    Wow watch dogs 2 doesn't really seem optimized well

  • myplayre 854

    Gtx 980 preformed like a gtx 1060 or a Rx 580 not bad🧐

  • sPoNgBoB sQuArE PaNtS

    Got one for 115$ from Craigslist and it’s a bit new, it works of course.

  • The5GIO5

    Wait so 2060 will be as strong as 1080 :o

  • Toth Calix Espinoza

    It’s 1050 TI as good as the 1060

  • Igor Kuchko

    gtx 980 more 4gb vram?

  • Alex Nascimento

    GTX 980 too much outdated ...

  • Panservogn

    I have 980, i dont have problems with graphics in any game, but i do see difference(In newer graphic cards)

  • uhMarkk

    I have the same setup as you! You should check out some of my benchmarks :D

  • BulkinKI2L

    10th gen really had changed the gaming world...period...cant wait for 11

  • angelsausage

    basically the same then lol

  • Omni Troll

    no wonder they said gtx 2060 is equal to gtx 1080

  • John unknw

    1060 aorus 6 gb or 1060 rog strix oc???

  • Nickolas Berdzenishvili

    I don't know why, but 980 is still very expensive.

  • Max Mustermann

    After all the recent Nvidia driver updates the GTX 1060 is pretty much the better card now, 9 months after your benchmark. Also keep in mind that a custom card like the EVGA GTX 1060 SC will profit from a higher clockspeed. If you compare a good custom GTX 1060 to a standard GTX 980 the custom GTX 1060 will clearly win plus it has lower TDP of 120W compared to 165W. Conclusion: The GTX 1060 is the better card in late 2018!

  • Abdu Alani

    Guess ill wait for the 11th series i think its gonna be same improvements

  • stevin47

    textures looks better on the 980 ti , how they a cheap gtx 1060 gpu fps as fast as a previous version high end 980ti gpu , you add blurring less textures and less quility to the 1060 boom and it seems as fast as the gtx 980 DRIVERS

  • Mac Pelao

    wow.. so not much difference... so why spend so much more on the 1060... I would get the 980 any day....not worth spending $150+ to gain 5 fps

  • Qoikon

    GTX 980<GTX 1060GTX 1060< RX 580

  • Luiz Fernando

    Thank you. Now i will by a 980 bcoz i have an i5 3570k and this vga used less cpu than 1060. And the price is important

  • EniQue

    Was that a GTX 1060 3GB

  • Snoof

    You all compare them like you could buy this instead of. Think about people like me, I have an 980 sinse release and thought on an upgrade for a good price, but the 1060 is not worth the money in that case so I kept my my 980 and now I'm waiting for the 2080 to drop in price.

  • waka faka

    lol this cant be right..

  • Alvaro Josue Hurtado

    Alguien me podría aclarar una duda que tengo. Hace unos días vi un vídeo de Proto HW & tec, y bueno el tema es que entendí que si el procesador esta al 99% significa que hay un cuello de botella con la gráfica. Que no puede procesar todos los datos que envía la Tarjeta. Es así? O como se sabe cuando hay cuello de botella?

  • จงสู้ อย่ายอมแพ้ต่อโชคชะตา

    GTX980 1080 P 40 50FPS NO GTX980 4GB GTX 1060 6GB

  • riddle

    Hello Good People, I want to know whether my PC experiencing a bottleneck or not. So i run a benchmark but didn't quite understand how to interpret the result. Please just take a look at my video here let me know what you think about it, Thank you.

  • ElaNaTi0N

    I have a 980 and that is as good as a 1060th I could upgrade to a maximum of 1070 if I wanted. But a 1080 is not there because the GDDR5X is and my 980 - 1070 is GDDR5. My setup: i7-4790k, 16 RAM, Z97 Gaming 7 motherboard, GTX 980. And it's still enough!

  • Edward ¡999

    if you can't afford a heater in the winter then i recommend 980 to warm up your family while you play video games :D

  • จงสู้ อย่ายอมแพ้ต่อโชคชะตา

    GTX980 -980TI. GTX1070 -GTX1070 TI GTX1080 -GTX1080TI GTX1080 SLI X2 4K 100FPS

  • Purple Hazeffc

    Not when I just got a EVGA GTX 980 SC for $300. And a new GTX 960 is around the $460 mark..For the $$. The GTX 980 gives the same performance. And yes at the expense of power consumption

  • Dzhon Shepard

    У тебя процессор умирает, ты на процессоре пишешь видео?

  • Ricardo Monteiro

    Unless you can find a 980 for very cheap, i'd go 1060. It has 2 more gb of VRAM, uses less power, less heat, comes with a warranty and will get driver support for longer as well. If you're planing on SLI 980's either do it or go 980ti. It will give you the extra the extra performance you seek.

  • SneakyTW

    If you're gonna be playing games only, get the 980. If you're gonna be doing any 3D modeling and rendering, get the 1060 because that extra 2gb of VRAM is very useful.

  • ferid özmen

    Whats your fps meters name

  • Moha Fly

    1060 easy Win MELHOR PORRA

  • Golden Gamer

    whats this shit i5 6600 k with gtx1060 6gb its not fair lol the gpu is bettter than the cpu so some fps will go down anyway you are recording and no boost so ... you know that

  • Antonio Tameson

    1:13 CPY on the top, this game is pirate? lol

  • Delfox

    Why is the gtx 980 so expensive?

  • Bernarndo Smit

    pero que gtx 1060 e esa 6 o 3gb

  • awaters0206 Legendary gamer

    some of these test the i5 6600k is at 100%

  • EdyCS:GO 1st

    Guys is no GTX980 is GT980 😐

  • Stickman Sajko

    Why is not testing GTX 980Ti and GTX 1060

  • Mons Sidus

    3:31 architecture of gtx980 is better for gta V???? very interesting

  • zombiedis

    so they are basically the same cards, but 1060 is much cooler. Ok. I take it.

  • aLonzoBieberDog

    if RTX 2060 can do the same to gtx 1080. then the rtx is worth the upgrade

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