GPU Mining Rig Assembly Tutorial For Beginners!!! (Mining Made Simple)

Translations are very much appreciated :)

hopefully this full length build guide helped you get started on your mining rig build. If you need anymore help, or don't understand something not covered in this video check out my channel. I have many videos covering everything a new miner should know!!

Good luck with building your mining rig, any translations are much appreciated :)


Asus Prime Z-270A

Ballistix Sport LT DDR4 2400 8GB

Intel Pentium G4400

Power Supply:
EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 T2, 80+ TITANIUM

EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC Black Edition

YIKESHU PCIe Riser Adapter Card

(NEWER Version)

USB Stick:
SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.0 Flash Drive 64GB

Rosewill Server Case:
Rosewill RSV-L4000C - 4U


RSV-L4000C Bitcoin Mining Rackmount Case Review (4U GPU Mining Case):


Rosewill Rails:
Rosewill Server Rack Rails


Bios Configuration Video:

Download & Install Simple Mining OS On USB (Easier Than Ever):

Simple Mining OS Settings for 1080Ti Video (Overclcoks):


EWBF Miner {

Bitcoin Gold (Nvidia):
--server --user GZSCd13AhpYKcn7CRAupyGN8eQQE5SrqRx.$rigName --pass x --port 3044 --pec

Zcash (Nvidia):
--server --user t1g61eX5C9Gn7cCSLNCCkJdh3pxKRhHrUCD.$rigName --port 3333 --pec

ZenCash (Nvidia):
--server --user znnuRJu3rXwZFNWfkMzacses65WEZ9XvTwr.$rigName --pass x --port 9009 --pec

Claymore Miner {

Ubiq (AMD 2GB GPU):
-r 1 -allcoins 1 -epool stratum+tcp:// -ewal 0x14cD17eacc16303646387c650B937ec9019EEbd9 -epsw x -eworker $rigName -nofee 1

Ubiq (AMD 4GB+ Cards):
-r 1 -allcoins 1 -epool -ewal 0x14cD17eacc16303646387c650B937ec9019EEbd9 -epsw x -eworker $rigName

Zcash (AMD):
-zpool ssl:// -zwal t1g61eX5C9Gn7cCSLNCCkJdh3pxKRhHrUCD.$rigName -zpsw x


I hope my Mining made simple Video helped you start making your own mining rig.

Thanks for watching!!!

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Any questions just post them below I'll try to get to them.
  • crispy racing

    them cards are too close together my my liking

  • evemitchellanderson

    this is why i will not buy used computer parts because of guys like this guy. Did you see how he treated those card omg lol

  • Jonathan Bishop

    Bud, why didn't you put the riser in first, then slap the GPU onto it, no. I wouldn't keep talking about tight squeezing things into the case, or Harris is gonna piss his pants.

  • Robert Bowles

    Hi love your build makes the one i,m doing look lick a kids toy i,ve never built one before but learned a lot watching you i,m in the uk i think they are asleep here boreing mothers i,ve subscribed so i,ll be back takecare Rob uk

  • khana khajanaa

    how do you connect Bluetooth keyboard

  • FallenGod

    What does GTU stand for?

  • Joe Pak

    How does a 42U (with 10x4U cases inside) server rack compare to the grow tents you were using with intake and outtake fans? Wouldn't it be better for GPU temps, Room Temps, Sound, to use the Grow Tents + Wire Frame Shelves vs 4U server cases?

  • Charly Dom

    This is one of the best videos about building from scratch around youtube, not only hardware but right to the very end. Great GREAT job!

  • DopestDope

    he is in the struggle bus man. anxiety trigger

  • California Dreaming

    What did it cost you to build this rig if you don't mind me asking?

  • Cryptonian

    is a closed case like that not horrible for airflow and cooling? i want to use my spare bedroom to build rig and was thinking about using server racks like that and stack them up for convience and space but im not sure about heat

  • Crazy Creeper

    How much does it cost?

  • BooktownBoy

    For someone who's "built so many computers", you would not get anywhere near my kit with your cowboy methods. Awful. How so many people are saying "great video" is beyond me.

  • William Ferguson II

    That GPU support bar can simply be moved forward into the predrilled holes.  And that will put the support in the right place for the GPU's.

  • John Flueck

    Nice video. I appreciate your efforts and professional work on this tutorial; GPU mining rig assembly and boot up.

  • willy milly

    First mining rig build for me , my monitor won't come on .where does connection go from evga 1200 platinum to msi z270 motherboard ? thanks for any help

  • Brandon Nielsen

    would this build work with a ASUS PRIME Z370-A LGA 1151 ATX Intel Motherboard sorry kinda a newb


    Those CPUs are 1,200 now watta hell

  • Robert Bowles

    P.s whats mining ?????

  • Random Uploader

    Do you know how many delta fans can a Asus Z270-A mobo (same one you use) take?

  • Ivan Jakanov

    i like the sound of the fans

  • Tennis Fan

    tdo of each 1080 ti is around 250W*6=1500W + system itself and is it really enough of that power supply to power up monsters like 1080TI? Has it been working stable for you?

  • BigWater59

    Man you over spent on a lot of items including the power supply which you could have gotten 92% for 325. Do some shopping next time cupcake. Ram and processor can be bare bones because do little to nothing. A $30 celeron would do the same job at 1/2 the cost.

  • Jonathan Bishop

    I think Harris is lookin' for a GPU or 2. Or, is that a Cockatoo. LMFAO!!!

  • FunFasoTv

    Great video....I understood everything and where everything goes....

  • Blake Brown

    Watched the full video. Thank you so much for making this seem approachable for us noobs. Quick question. Can the power supply be plugged into a 110 outlet?

  • LokaDok

    how many hashrate / s with 6 gpu like this?

  • BradtotheBone

    God you people suck, get a job.

  • Dennis

    the short screws are meant to be hand tightened and loosened. it's a computer case, not a piece of plywood. plus when using a drill on electronics you are putting foreign voltage and magnetism by sensative components.

  • California Dreaming

    I'm running 6 AMD 570 cards with a rig that I purchased from a builder. I have a concern that the power supply might not be sufficient. It is a 1,000 WATT VGA G3. Can anyone tell me if I am fine or under powered. I know that the cards where overclocked and I'm mining ETH only. Any help?


    I'm serious you going to cut yourself and be bleeding all over the place, lol 6:15

  • Kaleb Setliff

    I was looking at the power supply and wondering where I could get it but hell no am I paying 600 for a power supply

  • Ashish Prajapati

    Excellent video ...great job !

  • Tina mini

    gig9 tokens will be 10 times. Mark my words

  • Steven Hansen

    Noob question I know...If you are plugging the PCI-E x16 GPUs into a riser which then plugs into a x1 slot, doesn't that bottleneck the mining performance? Wouldn't it be better to purchase a mobo that has an adequate amount of PCI-E x16 slots to begin with?Thanks in advance.

  • graffix3001

    I enjoyed the video. Just curios if you just have the server rack in the room out in the open air or did you tent it?

  • Francisco Azevedo

    This is, surely, the most advanced and amazing video about GPU Mining Rig Assembly Tutorial, on the entire web. Congratulations!!

  • Joshua Papworth

    Most videos seem to be made for ppl that alrdy know what they are doing. Thank you for being so thorough. Youre also pretty entertaining even though I dont think you mean to be lol

  • erhan ertem

    How is it even possible to run 6 1080ti on 1600watt PSU? 250w-300w (@ OC) consuming monster cards @ 100% usage which yields 1500watt with just the graphics cards and give a 150w to your mobo/sata powers. You are already at 1650watt peak usage plus not to mention %20 headroom for you not to blow/stress your psu so that doesnt die soon. That puts you minumum PSU around 1980watt. How is that PSU holding, is it holding okey @ 100% GPU workload? If you can respond I would appreciate it. Its a matter of deciding for me to go for a 2 psu case versus 1 psu case.

  • SHA0610

    pretty cool components chosen. Only quality counts that 's good - nice experience to watch you thx for the presentation

  • RabDaBruce

    Love the video been extremely helpful thanks.Couple of questions though, Can this power supply and motherboard run 8 GPUs?Can I use 2 x M.2 to PCI-e adaptors on motherboard?If so how would I power the extra 2 risers if I can only run 2 risers per SATA cable on power supply?Hope that makes sense haha noob here ✌🏻

  • Madd Macc

    Amazing video well done, How much per day would this rig bring ( ball park )

  • Crypto Guy India

    amazing video bro. I learnt so many things from you which i was looking for and couldnt find on other channel. Thanks Love from India

  • RH 0703

    I planned of assembling one but when i watched how complicated it is, i just bought a gundam instead. Much easier to assemble.

  • daddy goodstick

    Angry Chicken is the coolest name on you tube

  • Blake Brown

    Do you need to update gpu drivers after building rig? Or can they operate out of the box in smos? If you do need to update, can that be done within smos or will I need to also boot windows from a usb? Your video has been so helpful. I will be sure to donate once I complete my build.

  • crazyco225

    U didn't see the second set of holes in case u needed to move the bar forward towards the fans, about an inch or 2, good video over all

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