How to Mine Monero7 $XMR Fork | Windows 10 | SMOS | HiveOS | AMD | Nvidia

Finally the update for how to mine the new monero7 after fork.


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SMOS script:
--currency monero7 -o stratum+tcp:// -u 428x1gT9FkYaiK3rHhteixPLcAR1FCEw9ACt8XB4kUMCMPAc3DH6brmfRir2H7JvdFfqDC2XAn5rKN5vsJdhd2BgMAEMUzp -p x

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  • Luke Wright

    Any chance you can help me set up HIVEOS to mine cryptonight coins, such at Turtle to pool I have searched, read and listened to any hiveos info I can fins. using Nvidia cards at this time

  • Robert atVitalityStar

    hi S.O.T. I'm wondering if: 1) Can we mine Monero with an NVIDIA/AMD mixed miner and 2) will the Monero difficulty get easier and easier for GPU's or only harder for the ASIC's ? anyway, have a GREAT DAY !

  • David Mas

    can make a vid or tutorial on how to add a ccminer fork to hiveos that supports cryptonightv7? klaust made a cryptonight fork that does this?

  • Greg Seguin

    Where is this link for the windows 10 settings guide?

  • obzen33

    I assume AMD cards do better on monero, right?

  • MrMrfiks

    SMOS script: your script did not work and just crashed my miners?

  • Nelson Torres

    Thank you again for another awesome tutorial!

  • yaz yazmo

    what about windows 7 is it the same as windows 10!?

  • enzo17

    Thanks for this tutorial, I would definitely try mining. I'm not very into mining at the moment because I have been participating in the DeepOnion Airdrop which will be ending after two more rounds.

  • Jeremy Guevarra

    My xmr-stak.exe automatically closes after a few minutes mining. How to fix it? Thanks!

  • Greg Seguin

    Got it going but miner keeps hanging and becomes unresponsive. I looked around and have seen people edit the quick edit but can't find that so... need some help to keep xmr stack stable

  • cepolly

    I tried this but I'm getting an unknown miner xmr stack error. Should add I had the problem on HiveOS

  • A van Zyl

    Mining Monero profitability down the drain again? I just checked whattomine. But difficulty is low?

  • Chris Shuler

    seen lots of ur vids never subbed then saw HTD shirt and MADE SURE I Subbed! lol

  • Maxime Turgeon

    It doesn't work for me on Hive OS. I'm trying to mine cryptonight 7 on Nicehash or IntenseCoin. But the miner never comes online. Any thoughs?

  • Christopher Obel

    after you've mined for awhile on nanopool.. can't you go back and change the minimal payout to less than 1 XMR on the setting tab?

  • Alexandru Dan Ion

    on nanopool you can set to get paid at 0.3XMR go to settings and just dial 0.3XMR it'll save and pay that amount no problem...happy mining!

  • sT R

    hi! i like your videos, thanks for this really good and easy to understand tutorial. so i guess you also like privacy coins? what do you think about making a video about some cheap privacy coins? NAVcoin, Verge, DeepOnion.... :) I really would like to know what do you think about the big partnership from verge. Also would like to hear your thoughts about the future of DeepOnion, next week on friday is the last airdrop. Thank you!

  • SierraRhino

    I got monero7 up and running with nanopool and hiveos last night. I could only get it to run with the template in hive. It wouldn’t run doing it by hand. Weird...

  • Timothy Franklin

    I just get connection errors

  • Tom Marinock

    Great ...Just what I needed

  • Jason Ong

    What's the best, better & good among the 3 OS for AMD VEGA GPUs?

  • ankur jain

    If I have Nvdia gtx1060 6gb gpu then what I fill in Bfactor and bleep

  • Fernando Rivero

    This worked well, but how doI change my payout settings?

  • Johan4j

    I dont finding my Group on RigList but i have added it on Rig Groups !?!?!?

  • Primus Plius

    Visit Vector Technologies @VectorTech1 for AMD original/modded BIOS roms, Overclock settings and undervolt settings! My rigs are doing way better now!

  • ankur jain

    Very simple and knowledgeable video👍

  • 3pezzi

    happy to see another video about privacy coins, i like the idea and the possibilities they offer, they are the next step in the crypto sphere. this is the very reason why i invested in deeponion and xvg (well, actually i have some doubts about the latter but we will see soon..)

  • Mike Argue

    Can you please do a video on AMD over clocking and bios mod on HiveOS

  • RealTech 9ja

    What GPU did you test with

  • Ozzy Bogan Tech

    With XMR on Nanopool, you can reduce the minimum payout to 0.05 just go into settings in your account.

  • KryptoKev

    Discord link is invalid.

  • GanG GanG

    I DID try evry thing and nothing happens when i wanna check my hashrate,it keeps minning AND H is not working any idea?

  • David Shadford

    There is no way in hell I would of been able to set up my windows miner without you, A HUGE HUMUNGAS THANK YOU

  • Anna Janiszewska

    Helo i have a problem i use Claymore CPU Miner 4.0 and its mine only with 3 threds and max 45 h/s where is problem??

  • Bizul

    Monero is traceable and the developers didn't deny it. They only said that it is fixed now and more secure. If you are going to mine a privacy coin, you need something that provides true anonymity by integrating Tor. With blockchain innovation, regulation immunity and a promising roadmap, DeepOnion will surely become the next leader in privacy altcoins once the airdrop is over.

  • W Chan

    Thanks for the video. I wish this could come as early as your last Sumokoin mining video as the profitability has been changed significantly since then.

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