Windows Versions As Fast As Possible

Microsoft Windows has a long history of both successes and slip-ups. How did we get from Windows 1.0 in 1985 to Windows 10 today? message: Sign up for your 10-day FREE trial at


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  • Carlos Spicy Weiner

    I still have nightmares about vista....l

  • PackRat A.K.A supermonkeybros190

    You forgot some windows os’s like windows 3.0

  • 『Alt-F4』

    I basically grew up on XP from when I could remember first using a computer, then jumped straight to Windows 7 around my mid-teens, then straight to Windows 10 now that I'm an adult

  • Andreas Westling

    Omg u forgot windows 2000 pro, best os

  • MYST1C

    Here's a joke: windows 9

  • djlowtek

    Windows 3.1 should have been covered here

  • Akomedias

    The first commercialy available os was the lisa os in 1983 wich was an os for the Apple Lisa.

  • sajid ali

    Watching it on Windows 7 professional

  • Viva la China

    Still think window 7 is the best

  • Andrés Eduardo Clavasquin Regalado

    Can you talk about an operative system called Lliurex?

  • josheeyz gaming

    At least Microsoft listened, unlike most of these money hungry ass game developers

  • Severe Deteriorating Brain Matter

    Windows Versions As Fast As Possible

  • Freckles Aviation

    I liked the win 8 start screen

  • Prashant Dhuri

    You missed Windows 98 and ME

  • Dominik Ciepłuch

    windows 8.1/8 didnt please anyone? but i like it

  • Ginger Cheesecake

    Windows XP is the best. Startup and shutdown sounds.

  • juanpax64

    programs > applications (learn, microsoft, no one want propitary uwp "applications)

  • Omid Ash

    What the F. are you talking about. I am trying to change my dammage motherboard, or replace a higher capacity HD, and there I could get issues with boot up or Microsoft authentication. I search for Windows 10 Pro on sale by Microsoft store for $250 whereas on Amazon for $7 same product! Da! do a little bit of research and give a 21 century information about Microsoft OS versions, rather than talking about windows '95 🙄 By the way it would be great if you could review Home, Pro, Flash drive, Server/Workstation etc. - you're dismissed 😐

  • João Vítor Costa

    I actually liked windows 8.1...

  • Afrocanuk

    What I don't understand is why are there post Windows 98SE new motherboards being sold with ISA slots & chipset that's not fully compatible with Windows 98SE? Whats the point of putting ISA slots on these boards when even Windows 2000 & above does not support them?

  • Shreyas Mahadeva

    @1:11, wait, so there was something before 32-bit????

  • Gene DeClark

    I'm not trying to be difficult, but so much of what's said in this video is incorrect, I couldn't let it go....

  • Paprikagamezz lols

    windows XP is my fav and windows 7

  • Frank Tenpenny

    who's still using windows xp on at least one device

  • Brian Berthold

    anything newer the win 8 just sucks

  • DC technical

    Where is windows 2000 me Vista etc ?

  • Tong Zou

    I'm still using Office 97

  • NamelessThug Playz

    I wish puppy and clippy come back in windows 10

  • PrimalMiltos

    We didn't have to wait 10 years, this Windows 10 already sucks.

  • TheVesylum

    Does this guy have a monopoly on talk guys that talk about stuff

  • Adlyn Mas1293

    when you go to walmart and saw windows xp on the casheryou say :HAH WINDOWS XP USER HAH

  • Chilly Aardvark

    @2:27 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

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