Windows Versions As Fast As Possible

Microsoft Windows has a long history of both successes and slip-ups. How did we get from Windows 1.0 in 1985 to Windows 10 today? message: Sign up for your 10-day FREE trial at


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  • irllcd13

    Winsows As Fast As Possible:Windows ME is the best and the one you should be using.

  • KerbalAstronomer8

    Still using win 7 in 2018 my dudes

  • Santosh Kiran

    What happened to Windows ME?

  • lio ajarta

    my friend is windows xp

  • francilene silva

    ce eu uçar o Word no Windows 10 com o meu desenho?

  • Brightwriter

    Windows XP supports a full-screen DOS window and Windows 7 does not. Third-party workarounds exist, but still....

  • Hampoon

    I’m watching this in the future! :D


    Who’s watching on MacOS

  • Blockz

    4:12 What do you mean not pleasing anyone? I like the metro UI!

  • GG!

    Windows sucked and sucks now.

  • Laggianput Nelson

    I am magical memer from 2018. Windows ten is a huge success

  • Adham

    win XP / 7 is the best!

  • Edconox

    1:42just ignore windows 98? ;-;

  • Corey

    You can use 0&0 shutup10 to get full control over your privacy settings

  • Mr Dex

    Windows 7 is the bestChange my mind.

  • Edconox

    does nobody realize the halo reference?Cortana(probably spelled that wrong)

  • Niko 1U

    He left out Windows 98, NT, Me and 2000

  • Josh Guyette

    All paper clips must die! Ii was annoying but more fun than Cortona. :)

  • Cheese

    Anyone here in 2018? Just me? Okay.

  • NinjaCraft

    What i will remember about windows 10: 1. Mouse barley ever works 2. 4 GB of ram aint enough 3. After using Windows 10 on the same system for 3 years, i bet windows 95 is faster

  • TŁB JPøpRøxž

    My dad uses Windows XP’s still today

  • Praveen Pai

    WINDOWS IS THE WROST!!!🤢😰🤪🤦🏻‍♂️🐍🤷🏻‍♂️🤯😭😤🤬💩👹🎃☠️🌪💦💨🍌🥊🌋💻🔋❌♨️🚫🔚

  • MrMeowington

    2:19 That's the Media Center Edition start menu on standard XP...What the actual fuck

  • WutsNotUp

    dislikes from People who have Mac

  • bubbleheadft

    Windows 10: The Apology

  • Tesalan Pasalan

    Windows 10 is the worst operating system ever made

  • Katrianna

    my grandma still uses a Windows xp computer

  • Giant Giant

    You forgot Windows 3.1 !!!!!

  • laughing nutter

    That paperclip emoji first appeared on Office 97 etc.

  • Jamie Nolan

    1:33 micro stoft stopped

  • Sameer Playz RBLX

    I didn't get windows 7 till 2017. I was using windows XP xD

  • wiplash w

    I was a XP user, vista,7 and 10 user

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