Windows Versions As Fast As Possible

Microsoft Windows has a long history of both successes and slip-ups. How did we get from Windows 1.0 in 1985 to Windows 10 today? message: Sign up for your 10-day FREE trial at


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  • I’m a Blender

    My grandma uses Windows 8 she's to stubborn to upgrade

  • Dar TGF //Dar The GoldenFist

    Got 8.1 still like it

  • Ko Ma

    and where is windows NT?

  • Antphoneigh

    Omg I totally forgot about “plug and pray”.

  • Ferguburger 11

    I literally watched this video right after updating my windows 7 laptop to windows 10

  • I’m a Blender

    When I upgraded from xp to 7 last year, we discovered windows ten in a notification. It sucked! It's my pc, its a dell mini computer meaning good parts don't exist.

  • Ko Ma

    where is windows 98?

  • Velizar Peshev

    First DOS-free OS is Windows 2000!

  • LodiLovesMuffins

    "new and improved start menu" Yeah sorry Linus Windows 7 start menu is even better than the Windows 10 start menu

  • Chase

    Am young and I still use Windows 95 boi

  • villagerfromlati vii

    2 0, 3.1, 98 ME, 2000 is missing

  • Kai Yu She

    Windows 95 first to have internet access for default.

  • ImBulletm9

    If you run Windows 8 and up, and not Classic Shell, what are you doing??

  • N3gat1ve Zer0

    I love how he didn't mention windows 8.

  • Sicknasty Pro

    I use windows 7 like a boss


    I like that the windows 95 cover with disc is from sweden.

  • Shimi Shimi

    Im watching in the future....

  • Lemon

    lolol i like windows 8 becuz it was one of the first operating systems that i have used, but now im using win 10, yay, FREE UPDATES AND ADVERTISMENTS !

  • Abdulmajid Nasir

    Windows 8 start screen is better than 10's menu

  • Gerardo Garza García

    Fuck that paperclip. I wish I could unwind it digitally and torture the shit out of it, bending it in all different directions and breaking pieces of it.

  • Hexed

    by the way, windows 10 is shitat least is better than 8but in terms of performance, no other surpasses windows xp

  • VOX3L

    You lowkey forgot the Windows 2.0-3.11 generation as well as W98 and 2000... and ME

  • Razgriz

    What about windows 98 though?

  • Physical Manifestation of Cancer

    Wish one provides the highest frames for minesweeper tho?

  • TerraLeo

    Wait...Windows 10 is considered an update?

  • Josh Miller

    worst: XP best: 7. done.

  • Wolfie Productions

    you forgot something under windows xp.m e m e s

  • I live in a computer

    What about windows vista

  • NeedForSpeed1967

    Windows XP is my most favorite os; Windows 7 is my most favorite os that’s still supported. Also, tbh I really hate win10. Idk why.

  • RandomGuys 2

    Ey i just saw that the picture of windows 95 on cd was in swedish

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