Windows Versions As Fast As Possible

Microsoft Windows has a long history of both successes and slip-ups. How did we get from Windows 1.0 in 1985 to Windows 10 today? message: Sign up for your 10-day FREE trial at


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  • Commando303X

    Umm, how do you manage to just skip over Windows v. 3.1?

  • GreenYarnYoshi

    Update from YouTube:if you have subscribed , click on that bell next to subscribe button to have notified when new video's are coming

  • Toshit Singh

    I used window 95 in my school time 😂😂😂

  • Michael O'Leary

    Windows went crap to ok then great then good now back to crap

  • wade the wallaby

    I know you have a green screen

  • AGuyWhoAnimatesStuff

    I'm young, but I had a laptop with XP and space cadet was my LIFE

  • ANAL RAPER 696969696969669696

    u missed windows 3.1, and 98

  • Jesse the Lawless

    Bill Gates is the coolest need ever

  • The Electronic Brush Music Channel


  • Pengu, Penguin King

    I came for the thumbnail

  • Bear Artorius

    You skipped Windows 3.1😁

  • arthur Gooch

    Not one mention of windows me

  • Extreme Computer Fan

    In 10 year u won’t be remembering anything about windows 10, because it would still be current

  • HuNnY yOu GottA BIG sTorM cOmINg

    I hsve DOS and Windows 95.

  • Tux Penguin

    Episode on Linux? (Either in general or a specific distro?)

  • Tobias Pedersen

    Office has never been include in European release of windows only worpad a glorified notepad dont know abut over at you gyes

  • Blc ME

    I m still using win7.. I like it more.. It's the best.

  • NΛME

    No nore comparing, we love Windows and Mac sucks.

  • rob bi

    have yall heard about the bird ?

  • Toby S

    Correction... NT 3.51, NT 4.0 etc. were non-server/workstation OS that were based on the NT kernel... Windows 2000 certainly wasn't the first NT "client" operating system.

  • Daedric Johnson

    i'am still on Windows 7 i don't like Windows 10

  • jgfjgfify

    My two favorite Windows O.S's are: #1- the glorious Windows XP! I'd still be using it today if hardware hadn't eventually reached a point when i could no longer install it on recent PCs. And #2- Windows 10: Win10 is fast, responsive, and resource efficient, allowing it to run snappy and fast on even low-end hardware. And has a lot of neat and streamlined features. Plus thanks to the existence of Classicshell, i can make Win10 look and act almost just like Windows XP! So i'm kinda enjoying the best of both worlds.

  • Alexander Purvis

    He skips Windows 98, so I skip the rest of the video

  • Arctic Fox

    Linus you should fact check, Apple was actually the first company to make a GUI.

  • MchstícRhchthmsSєvєn

    Is anyone else tired of baked in ads?

  • Christopher Sacchi

    3.1 - yield()95 - Preemptive PIT

  • ThisLittleGiant

    lol the windows mojave days.

  • Tom Daniel

    Who watching on windows ten?

  • MattKarov

    anyone else notice the typo? "widnows?"

  • Russell Tolentino

    Where is WINDOWS ME?

  • Raju

    After using all version of windows, i concluded that Windows Xp is the best operating system till date. Give windows xp as much resources as to new version of windows, xp is gonna run super smooth and speedily unlike windows 8 and 10.

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