How To Mine Ethereum - Full Tutorial (Nvidia or AMD | Windows 10)

Want to know how to mine Ethereum using Windows 10? This video is a full tutorial for beginners that will teach you how to get started mining Ethereum using either an Nvidia or AMD graphics card. Setup a wallet, download and install the latest versions of mining software (Claymore), and join a mining pool (Nanopool).

Claymore Mining Software:!O4YA2JgD!n2b4iSHQDruEsYUvTQP5_w
Ethereum Wallet:
Crytopia Exchange:

If you have any questions leave them in the comment section and I will do my best to help.

You can tip me here:
Ethereum: 0xa51427C35106FFd7da3e9cFAA2d51147cEF55259
  • John B

    i setup a metamask wallet but followed your instructions for most of this vid, i am getting 63 mh/s and mined 34 shares in 53 minutes. thanks for the info.


    Did you see ETH in your wallet .

  • Vsevolod Alipov

    Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial. You don't have to say that you have to hit CTRL+V to paste, but other then that, I would say that this tutorial is perfect.

  • Razvan Ababei

    my gpu is very old and probably not compatible even with cuda6.5. Is any alternative to use it?

  • Adolf Hitler

    why does it show 0mh/s

  • sahil Thakre

    HII BRO their is an virus in this folder

  • Sean Gilbert

    are radeons better rate to mine ETHERIUM?

  • rotors r russ fpv

    iv just bought a secod hand rig with windows on i want to mine ethereum its set up ready to go but iv not plugged her in as i dont want to mine to someone eles's wallet how do i change info in bat like email and address as its installed on nanopool what stap do i need to start from what to dooo please help great vid just need some sort of point to start from

  • e ml

    WOW this is so complicated and boring...

  • Kamran Mahmood

    i can't see my mining report on web But Mining Software works very well. In Overview when i past my address <Not Found>server i selected is Asia.

  • Eli

    Are you ever going to tell us how to cash out?

  • Bisikeshan Mahalik

    Can it run in Windows 7

  • Pronkton

    When i edit Start.bat after repeating that step (twice) and it still shows (not my info)

  • ToOoP GaMeRz

    i have gtx 1050 2gb when i start mining it sayed to me cuda error 11

  • stars NBA

    This video was helpful 💯 💯 💯

  • hypo karki

    i have intel hd card which vendor does it belong to?

  • B Klugga

    What rig set up is recommended

  • Sunil Kumar

    How much ETH we can mine from USB miner

  • Mankyjs Jankyjs

    i am waiting 1h and dont get accepted share


    claymore's dual ethereum zip blocked by chrome.. how can i resolve this?

  • adavid30

    hi i followed your tutorial but i have hit a problem when i run the miner is starts ok but hen stops and says "no NVIDIA or AMD detected" in red and closes, i checked in device manager and found i only have a Intel(R) HD graphics, do i need to get a new graphics card or can i bypass it somehow ?

  • Hayden T

    Is it normal to get new jobs but no shares? 25.2Mh/s on an rx 570

  • Chase M

    What should my hash be ? I have a 1060 6gb

  • Nuwan Chamara

    Im new to crypto mining, and i set up everything as you said,, started mining, but what happened we just close cmd window. do we lose the shares or it automatically goes to nanopool site.?

  • Pishy

    thanks to you, i started mining way back in december, 2017. but i have a problem this time. i just formatted my pc to add my new sdd. after the format, I copied my claymore folder on my back-up drive and started mining again. the sad part is that i couldn't mine anymore. :( i just checked the nanopool site and they have a new software for NVDIA gpu card users. but the sad part is that in mines too slow. im using 1070ti and 1050ti as my mining gpu. could you help me on this? :(

  • Swegolf

    windows blocks me from downloading the mining software... it says its a virus. any tips?

  • Alexandru Vaduva Gameing

    hello man can you do a video how to trasform eth in btc or how to withdraw them ? thx make nice video !!!


    I cannot understand the last step of wallet

  • allofUSAunite

    without this I never would have gotten off minergate and nicehash. Thank you very much!

  • Time Lapse Tok

    #JESSEverythingwhy i cant change my Minimum payout? it say incorrect email i copy in my start.bat

  • Redhusky Gaming


  • Alex Bogdan

    awesome info and workout, maybe it will work ..someday

  • jeflin453

    Why does the window just close after I start it up

  • sundar karthi

    what if we have other gpu like radeon still it possible for mining

  • Crypto Coast

    Getting an error immediately after running the start batch file. "ethdcrminer64.exe has stopped working" is this because of the graphic card version compatibility. Trying for the first time. Please help.

  • Midsize_Newt

    When I run my start batch file (start.bat) I am prompted with a message from my antivirus (Malwarebytes) that it refused to allow me to run it due to the program being malware. Can anyone confirm the authenticity of this?

  • Hobbies & Gadgets

    thansk bro great vid

  • David Boateng Adams

    im using nvidia geforce GTX 960.......will it be able to mine ether ??

  • Yankees The best

    i have windows 8, how do u do it on 8? i did everything you told me to do, step by step, afterwords it says amd , or nvidia is not compatible, otherwise when i click on the start.bat it says everything is 100%. I await your response.

  • SnnugleFak

    I have two questions: 1. do the mines start automatically on startup?2.if they don't, how can i turn off that setting, cause a forgot

  • Benny Huon

    Not working over here due to virus detection. And it's already a thing from almost a year ago.

  • LostIn Belgium

    Hey, I can't seem to mine eth at all, I've tried a lot of different stuff and it just doesn't want to do anything also I have a msi rx 580 armor 8gb with mircon memory and this set up only gets me about 15mb/s now the reason for that is known to me, sadly when I upgrade to the msi settings that allows me to compute instead of graphic isn't allowing me to mine anything at all. right now I can mine everything but ETH and ETC on the minergate app. I have win pro 10, only 4 gb ram but made a virtual memory to 16gb and still nothing. I've been all over trying to get help but no one seems to care lol

  • sundar karthi

    what if we have other gpu like radeon still it possible for mining

  • Deez Nuts

    omg thanks so much!!! dude i love u , no homo shit xD. But really because of you ive earned over 50k!!

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