How To Mine Ethereum - Full Tutorial (Nvidia or AMD | Windows 10)

Want to know how to mine Ethereum using Windows 10? This video is a full tutorial for beginners that will teach you how to get started mining Ethereum using either an Nvidia or AMD graphics card. Setup a wallet, download and install the latest versions of mining software (Claymore), and join a mining pool (Nanopool).

Claymore Mining Software:!O4YA2JgD!n2b4iSHQDruEsYUvTQP5_w
Ethereum Wallet:
Crytopia Exchange:

If you have any questions leave them in the comment section and I will do my best to help.

You can tip me here:
Ethereum: 0xa51427C35106FFd7da3e9cFAA2d51147cEF55259
  • Aneronix -

    Well. This got me going. I was using nicehash but knew I was working for others. This is up and running and I’m curious to see where I’m at in a few hours. Running 3 1070ti clocked 200mhz and memory up 600mhz. Water cooled at 32c. Hashrate is around 44 per card.

  • Monty Sandhu

    Ive tried asking people this i keep getting this error cant seem to fix it hope u can helpGPU 0, GpuMiner cu_kd failed 4 (0), unspecified launch failureGPU 0, Calc DAG failed!Setting DAG epoch #181 for GPU0GPU 0, CUDA error 4 - cannot write buffer for DAGGPU 0 failedi get this in red letters ive made sure my clock speed on my gpu isnt to high i have a Nvidea 1050 ti 6GB GPU

  • Bram dc

    i can't shearch my address in, is this because you need to wait before getting 1 share?

  • Anthony Halstead

    I can't believe this actually worked!

  • Jonas Reece

    when i click start it last about 2 seconds and stops how can i fix this? thanks

  • Ahsan Chowdhury

    GREAT VIDEO. very clearly & thoroughly explained. Appreciate it. Keep up the great work.

  • Qwadwo John

    please the link to the download files

  • Mr. Mogo

    I am getting cuda error 11- cannot write buffer for dagI have tried everything I have found so far on forums and other sources nothing so far as worked any advice?

  • Munyaradzi Chitsinde

    you are simply the best man thanks for your time.

  • SovietEkho

    I have a Geforce GTX 750 Ti and I get this error: No AMD OPENGL or NVIDIA CUDA GPUs found. Does anybody know how to fix it?

  • peermoon

    CUDA error - cannot allocate big buffer for DAG. Check readme.txt for possible solutions. GPU 0 failed GPU 0, CUDA error 11 - cannot write buffer for DAGAny help? Tried like everything I could.

  • Minstrel Man

    I found this to be the most helpful vid on this. One thing even though it did not run because the exe file was being removed i found out that it was windows defender removing it so disabled the folder in windows defender- that sorted it....

  • Gaming ThugLife #RHEC

    I finally got past that, im on the part where you extract the config file into Ethereum>Claymore folder, but when i right click on start.bat and click edit, the window won't even open. :(


    hay I am Asia and in nanopool overview I cant find my account how I should do?

  • TheSpabella

    wonderful tutorial once of the best help me a lot Thank you!

  • NuKe x KuBz


  • kallht

    If I want to mine on another computer, would it be possible to simply copy the ethereum file to the new computer, hit start, and be good to go? Or do I have to do it all (besides creating a wallet) again?

  • Bludduck

    HELPError: No AMD opencl or NVIDiA CUDA CPUs found, exitNanopool wont run, starts up then I get the error then shuts down.I have a custom made gaming computer I made some years ago. AMD Phenom 3.4 Quad Core, 16 Gigs of Ram, Nvidia GeForce 8800 gtx, 768MB, PCI Express x16 Video card, running on Windows 7. I think my video card might be to old, What do you guys think my problem is?

  • Aaron Schofield

    I have a 980ti and claymore requires to use old ass drivers as well as old as miner so rip.

  • murat aktepe

    I guess this doesnt work with win 32x ? I try all the time to open the start.bat or try to edit, but no reaction

  • Tristan Yorek

    i have everything working great thanks to your video, however on nanopool when i copy and paste my address it gives me an error that states "not found" I have already collected 3 total shares? any idea as to why this is happening?

  • WeeBo's Gym

    It says that Keystore is not a recommended way of accessing my wallet, should I ignore this?

  • M Haris

    help me AMD Cards available: 1GPU #0: Devastator (AMD Radeon HD 7660G), 2047 MB available, 6 compute units (pci bus 0:1:0)POOL/SOLO versionGPU #0: set -etha as 1 (ETH algo for slow cards)No NVIDIA CUDA GPUs detected.Total cards: 1All GPUs are 2GB, miner is completely free in this case, developer fee will not be mined at all.See Readme for details.You can use "+" and "-" keys to achieve best ETH speed, see "FINE TUNING" section in Readme for details.ETH: Stratum - connecting to '' <> port 9999 (unsecure)ETHEREUM-ONLY MINING MODE ENABLED (-mode 1)ETH: eth-proxy stratum modeWatchdog enabledRemote management (READ-ONLY MODE) is enabled on port 3333ETH: Stratum - Connected ( (unsecure)ETH: AuthorizedSetting DAG epoch #182...Setting DAG epoch #182 for GPU0ETH: 04/20/18-18:56:53 - New job from GPU buffer for GPU0GPU0 - not enough GPU memory to place DAG, you cannot mine this coin with this GPUETH - Total Speed: 0.000 Mh/s, Total Shares: 0, Rejected: 0, Time: 00:02GPU0 - OpenCL error -61 - cannot allocate big buffer for DAG. Check readme.txt for possible solutions.ETH: GPU0 0.000 Mh/sETH: 04/20/18-18:56:53 - New job from - Total Speed: 0.000 Mh/s, Total Shares: 0, Rejected: 0, Time: 00:02ETH: GPU0 0.000 Mh/sPress 0..9,a,b,c key to select GPU for -dcri adjustment, press X again to clear selection...GPU 0 failedSetting DAG epoch #182 for GPU0GPU0, OpenCL error -38 - cannot write buffer for DAGGPU 0 failedETH: 04/20/18-18:57:09 - New job from - Total Speed: 0.000 Mh/s, Total Shares: 0, Rejected: 0, Time: 00:02ETH: GPU0 0.000 Mh/sWATCHDOG: GPU error, you need to restart miner :(Restarting OK, exit...

  • eager cracker

    this way is not working with normal devices nowadays...right?

  • hyeyoung Choi

    Hi JessWhen i run the start .bat file it opens the command then closes . it doesn't look like its workingI hope you can help

  • Biro Krisztian

    ⛏ DOGECOIN FREE CLOUD MINING⛏ ,or buying miner to extra cash !! Check this site:

  • Sergio Gutierrez

    What is better? Claymore or awesome miner?

  • Caleb Peters

    great video! i do have a question? i have a radeon rx 460 4gb, they claim you can have 2 of them, if i get another will it work??


    Has MyEtherWallet been hacked twice or more by so far ?Unless,i will head out to sign up.

  • Ethan Vanderwaerdt

    When I open the start.bat it pops up for a second then closes. Whats happening?

  • Matthew Alvarez

    Hey man do you have any tips that could boost hashrate a tad bit? Loved the video thanks.

  • Ethan Vanderwaerdt

    When I open the start.bat file or whatever its called it opens then after a second it closes again. Whats happening?

  • Neil Jones

    It works for me I think, says im getting around 26 Mh/s . Just waiting for their website to update so my account is registered on it so I can monitor my progress. :) Cheers dud!

  • Doodle Daron

    my account was not found in nanopool

  • zipperhead911

    Wait can I use any wallet that accepts ethereum?

  • Hip Hop

    hi @JESSEverythingthank you for the videoeverything is clear and correctI have a question: how can I withdraw my ethereum from "myetherwallet" to USD, to my bank account? thank youbest regards

  • Robert Bardita

    at last a proper video

  • maher hussain

    my mine pc keep showing this message "miner cannot initialize for 5 minutes, need to restart miner!" any one can help?

  • sonofchrysalis

    Each time I try to open the start bat file and mine, it opens the window for 2 seconds and then closes it. I can't mine at all

  • MH Yip

    Hi, Could you teach us how to convert to real money?

  • Norwegian Captain

    Kind of new to mining, i have a 3GB 1060, What to mine? Using Nicehasher

  • Ethan Vanderwaerdt

    I don't have a start.bat file

  • Ernest Lekota

    what cryprocoins are easy to mine on a laptop with intel graphic 520/530? someone asked I didnt know what to tell them

  • Lax Fishing

    What is extracting software?

  • Ed Knapp

    Morning I followed you video my epools and start file do have my correct informationwhen i start the miner it comes on and says 7 pools reads my 5 RX570 8GB cards than the wind closes???

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