Minergate Cloud Mining Day 1

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  • Zigr Life

    Sign up with minergate they are legit mobile mining app works great too!https://minergate.com/a/59bafb35937405c41a70682c


    Has anyone try withdraw it? the minimum withdraw is 0.01 btc and it would be exciting if there is no problem withdrawing

  • fredrick max

    Oh I see, though the video is quite interesting and informative for earning Bitcoin, but still haven't seen any mining system to Mr Bernard Walters mining system, that's currently working for me. Do you know that you can mine 0.2 to 1 BTC within two weeks with he's mining system and apparatus. So I recommend you contact him on bernardwalters@outlook. com for more details on using the system.

  • Tom Keyser

    What are you daily fees?



  • random man

    I know all this. You can reinvest in any of them which makes them lifetime. Just trying to make you more money and save others from thier scam.

  • Robert Vaughn

    Question, would it not be more profitable to just invest that same $ into bitcoin itself and if it goes up as you think it will enjoy the profits?

  • Aaron Duell

    Just a correction Don, your amount of BTC mined per day will change as difficulty changes. That makes it hard to estimate your true future income amounts.

  • Raouf Hamdani

    https://minergate.com/widget/b40fc0cea6db16fc.png ez mining

  • random man

    Minergate is a scam. I have 170000ghs. It only pays 14 dollars a day. Which is less than half what it should pay ever day even with maintenance cost. Use geniusminning hashflare or hasing24

  • strange1ization

    You have to take into consideration that the daily income might go up. However, mining difficulty does go up as well. So it might make your contract not profitable before next year.

  • Bob Yeung

    The income in the first day is 0.44 but the maintenance cost is 0.3537 per day. That's mean you only earn around 0.09 per day??

  • Walter F.

    Warning....Warning....Bullshit Alert!!!

  • ALBO

    Can you putchase a contract with your current monero coins? Like lets ay i have 1 monero coin can i purchase it with the coins insteadm of my credit card

  • A.S.M.Mehedi Hasan Prodhan

    What is the minimum withdraw limit from minergate? Is it profitable now?

  • Stuart Swanson

    after a year of using the contract you almost go even, does the contract continue for lifetime then, meaning you earn on the second year of the contract with out that initial buy in price?

  • callej1

    Do not buy minergate BTC cloud contracts. They used to be good but after Oct 15th they are pretty bad vs the competition. I'll post a video to show people my mistake. I had contracts with minergate that paid ok but now they are horrible.

  • Joey Miceli

    How much does the rise of difficulty affect your daily profits?

  • SworDuffy TT2

    Go to any bitcoin calculator put your hashrate and put also 75% fees and you'll get what you earn here loool they give you just 25% of earnings loooool this is a fucking legit fraud. hashflare wich is known as the highst cloud mining fees taker in this moment takes arround 25% and genesis arround 10% .

  • Donald Francis

    I have withdrawn a few times, no problem

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