Mining Ethereum vs Ethereum Classic vs Burst

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  • Javier S.

    the calculator for burstcoin mining is not accurate. cut the total at less in 50% to get a more accurate total.

  • Crypto Market Tv

    A friend found two RX 480 GPU's for the price of $200 each ! Why not put them to work and mine some crypto. On my last video I talked about how investing in crypto is more profitable than mining crypto but since my friend bought some GPU's for cheap and we are splitting the cost I have decided to try my hand at mining. The two most profitable coins right now are both ETH and ETC based on June 20th 2017 prices. I Do feel ETC will go up to $25-$30 soon while the difficulty won't be as high as ETH in the long run. Looking to add more hash power to the mining rig I will be looking to buy more GPU's. With ETH and ETC prices staying the same I'm looking at 4-5 months to start making profits.Burst has also grabbed my attention as external hard drives are relatively cheap in comparison to GPU's but as I look at the numbers of mining Burst it takes about 5-6 months to break into profits. All in all mining for profits takes speculation than the coin your mining will go up in value. In the long run mining pays off in a sideways market. Being that I'm bullish on ETC I plan to mine that soon!BUY SELL OR HOLD ! Let me know what your going to do.

  • CryptoDave

    Don't forget you can mine burstcoin and also ethereum on the same machine, burst mining doesn't take a lot of cpu or gpu power for mining.

  • mr69er2011

    400$ is not a deal and the seller is not desperate maybe the builder is more desperate to buy a 2nd hand 400$ cards.

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