The Fake Chinese Graphics Cards Problem

I've been noticing a larger number of fake or counterfeit graphics cards online recently, and have received a lot of messages from you guys concerning them, and why they're so cheap. So let's talk about what some people are really selling, and how to avoid the scams.

Thanks for watching :)
  • Someonewhodoesntuploadanymore

    A few weeks ago I saw a 1060 2gb listed on eBay... Yes 2gb... Wasn't hard to work out that that was a scam...

  • amatid cool, this fake or no fake?

  • damoda977도마도

    lol i brought a fake one of this 1080 ti vulcan graphic card on wish app for fun cuz it was legit 0.05 cent and 1 dollar shipping waited a month it came and the stats it was running at equal to a gtx 960 xD shit 5 cents plus 1 dollar shipping

  • Tony C.

    I bought one of the GTX 750 Ti's that had just started to appear on Ebay. At that time higher specification cards had not started their Ebay run just yet - thankfully. Of course you guessed it - It was a GTX 550 Ti. I did NOT know what Ebay's actions were if a complaint was made? Ebay would contact the seller and demand a free postage return shipping label sent to the buyer along with the seller refunding the purchase amount. Since fake graphics cards are so rampant on Ebay, they need to make it a requirement that each and every graphics card auction must contain in the description exactly what Ebay's actions are when dealing with fake and/or non-working graphics cards. Along with "if" the card is NOT like it was advertised, then the refund must include a 10 percent up-charge paid to the buyer for all the trouble involved because of that bogus auction. They need to be in a larger print and in an obvious place within the auction page. That would stop all these bogus cards whether outright fakes or broken cards. It's up to the seller to make sure that what they sell is 100 percent legit! The old ruse that the seller might use is: They had no idea the card was a problem and I didn't know it wasn't up to specifications. I've been duped by my seller too. That's total hogwash from the Ebay seller! Ebay is doing good in shutting down bogus sellers and I know this firsthand because I reported an Ebay store that was selling graphics cards at "too good" prices. Directly after Ebay got my complaint, that whole store was shutdown immediately. Ebay did NOT give the seller a chance to correct their honest mistakes(cough - cough). IMHO - my recommendations are what Ebay needs to do! Praise The Lord and Godspeed to you all - Proverbs 19:23!!

  • Joel Ghany

    thanks for the warning

  • Gaetano Preta

    i got a gtx 1060 3 gb and it works damn so good ...i think to buy another one soon - it's very cheap

  • Hyago Arruda

    Which driver link to download this graphic memory that you are using in the video?

  • Gerald Meachem

    argh! After I hit the buy button I immediately had that sinking feeling that it was TGTBT. I actually hoped it wouldn't show up. it identifies as a 960 in device manager, but neither Fornite or Overwatch will get past the startup screen. I was hoping it was going to be some chinese factory that made the cards for real just making a few extra unbranded ones for themselves. I guess not.


    nha, bad tip, its free money, 1 buy gpu 2 get refunded 3 sell as what it really is 4 profit, do again and again or if u want a free gpu just grab one of these 550 ti or whatever but watch out it has the right vram or it will crash

  • headbuster03


  • TechNoPhobe

    How do you get a full refund and don't have to return the product? HOW does that work? (Tried to research it on YT but couldn't find anything.) I'd like to do it, just for fun, but I just KNOW it WON'T work out for me ... cuz I have NO good luck in life. What's to stop the seller from asking you to RETURN the product to China? WHY aren't you required to return the item? I found a video card that's advertised as a 970 but I KNOW it's NOT ... for MANY reasons ... and I'd like to order one just to get a "free" video card. Any chance you could make a vid about the process? LOVE your two channels! Keep up the GREAT work!

  • ButterToast Toast

    So i just bought this card and now im starting to think its a fake plz help meeee

  • rapper250

    Its a scam but you might get lucky like paying $150 for a 1080 but ending up with a 970.

  • N o B o d y A t A l l

    FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just received a Fake fucking 1050 Ti 4gb. AGHH WTF. i am new to pc's and its so annoying and ugh. Waste of money.

  • Krills Daily

    Pro tip: if your modern graphics card has a VGA output on board... its fake.

  • Mr.GamerWR

    Why do i have the 2gb versions of these

  • jutubaeh

    gtx 970 1gb 3x 5 vga cön -. ^ ^ 34 euros with free chippynG ^^ ps oh 1 fan 970 XD really they must be desperätt - böld ^

  • Kemalettin Sarı

    Reason of the fake cards we can't sell genuines, even with lowest profits :(

  • Icebear ツ

    Is it me or just the thumbnail's quote from Toy Story.

  • Mr.GamerWR

    Well i was gonna get gt 710 but i was scammed by the fake gtx 750 ti but at least gtx 550 ti is better than gt 710!

  • GebraZebra

    I found a new fake one on bang good, plz check it out I think its a fake tho

  • chongtak

    I don't understand why Ebay doesn't move a finger towards this issue, these fake cards are all over the place even hiding actual deals.

  • joe nodden

    Plot twist: A scammer buys a fake card from another scammer to transform into a double-fake card. Fake-card-ception

  • Bob Simpson

    The chinese sellers on ebay are getting smarter. They are now describing the gpu cards as "modified to enhance performance". So be careful when you buy one. Ebay will not protect your money if you buy a card that the seller states it has been modified. Polite was of saying counterfeited. Thats why these sellers do not get shutdown.

  • Tech Dunk

    Do you need to sent it back if you make a claim it's fake?

  • jutubaeh

    gts 450 4 gb ? hm 680s didnt have that much !

  • Mike Van Leeuwen

    I just ordered a 1$ card from wish.I have a buyers refund if its a total scam, im interested to see if it will work at all.

  • ekdromoi

    go straight you dumass, you have to build up speed before generating lift

  • Billy Bong

    I didn't watch the whole video, so I don't know if this was mentioned, but I think this started with ali express several years ago. And from what I could see, they were taking pretty old nvidia cards, then flashing them with a fake bios that would say an 8800gt was a gtx 770 or something. There are '1050ti' on ebay that are like £65. And you can tell they are probably something like a 550ti in reality, because they have 15 pin d-sub ports on them, whereas on a real 1050ti you have to use a d-sub to dvi-i convertor.

  • jutubaeh

    gee id like me som rare über klönky zötacs or other tri fän topp ö the leinessxs beföre they becöme cöllectörs stuff but the mining l8Lie ^ ^

  • Kai Po

    Who is also from China?I saw that one of the fake GPU in 1:10 is from Hong Kong and I am also from Hong Kong. Damnit

  • Lucas Deruyck

    I bought one for 20 euro's but i know i bought this because i want a gts 450

  • Qingyang Du

    Found a AMD Ryzen HD 1060...

  • Fear GX

    people are stilling falling for this. I searched for GTX 970 on Australia ebay and the normal used prices for legit products with real brand names and designs are about $200-250 AUD. Then there is tons of SPONSORED GTX 970 fake cards claimed to be in Australia for $98 AUD. Me looking at the product due to being tech savvy, I could immediately tell they were fake. But what surprised me, is the card is selling well, and the seller has sold at least 25+ of them in the last month. That is over $1500-2000 profit a month off a completely fake product. People as recent as today to last mid April are still buying these and falling for it.And ebay does nothing at all. I've reported so many of these sellers months ago with other fake products, fake locations, but ebay doesn't delist them, ban them, or do anything to stop it. It really disgusts me.

  • Mr. Gong先生

    No, they are fake buyers.Fake buyers in China is super common.One time I sell my iPad on eBay, A fake US buyer claim the box is empty And stole my iPad.It’s very common more than60% Chinese sellers are fake, more than 90% Chinese buyer are fake.They have a process to make fake reviews

  • John Sullivan

    Another way of detecting a fake card, especially for the 9xx and 10xx series cards is the VGA port, as these series of the cards (especially the 10xx series cards) only have digital connectivity.

  • TerribleInfluence

    So I won this one on eBay and I see in the desc it says runs like a 550 but title is a 1050 ti and I got it for $41 is that not good

  • MattVon Scruger

    THANKS! i was about to buy a gtx1050 ti from chins

  • misterx zxc

    Still stucked in Nvidea gt 8500 😁😂😂

  • Mannard Mann

    XHVGA takes a 400 or 500 chip, puts a new shroud on the card and calls it a 1050

  • aleon1018

    video card time capsule?

  • soadmanutd

    What u think about these ones

  • Hyago Arruda

    Which video driver did you install to run gta 5?

  • pedro Arias

    better than dont having! :D

  • alexandre diakhate

    well, they are so cheap that you can SLI 2 of them and you are done !

  • jutubaeh

    2:05 very close for my likinG... is that öl 2500k? really that bad ^ i mean nö k XD in+€L büyärs -.-

  • Swavey Mane

    THEY ARE BIOS MODDED 550tis when u look thru gtx 970s on sale. 970s should be on sale because it only uses 3.5 vram and miners are trying to dump them to upgrade since them and the 1060 3gbs cant load dag file i think with mining.1050tis are good pci slot for 200-230 but if u can buy used 970 since ppl are upgrading. u can win a 980 non ti for 260+shipping on ebay

  • Mahamadou Zerbo

    I Wonder if some dislikers of the video are fake GPU sellers 🤔

  • siam 173

    I want to break chinese peoples ass...the dislikers must be chinese

  • Sgt. Hippie Cat


  • jutubaeh

    itz not really a chip fromm 2010 if you think best cutting edge of tec status or at least mid class say like anything 60 frömm nv... so that 960 in reality is some 5k or 7k600 gt or so at best ^^ or a gf 3 or 4 ti 200 ^ ^

  • Yex

    I bought the ASUS gtx 750 ti from aliexpress that you recomended in your video around 1month ago

  • Tiger Plays HD

    im going to buy a 1050 4gb for £144 but the original is £179 is it fake?

  • jutubaeh

    960 is nö pröb get lö ti which is not far ar pricy as rx 570 or even 1060... wade thats the other way isnt id ^^ maybe get a kalmx bc off ze nöize -.-

  • The Mars Man

    What is the best fake gpu that’s what I’d like to know??

  • Andrew Mitchell

    These are selling fake cards on Ebay 3c_topstorewangyang1st Floor,Junying Shopping Plaza,Ke Yuan Road No. 16,Tangxia, Dongguan, 广东省, 523900

  • Seaboo Productions

    Avoid all gpus on most of them are fake

  • MegaMoto85

    Just bought one after seeing this video, planning on sticking it in a old computer then dispute the item. Voila free graphics card

  • Christopher Bolden

    i bought a chinese gtx 1060 and it actually had a better haven score then my gigabyte gtx 1060. Dont say it's a scam if you never bought or tested one. haters gonna hate.

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