How to Mine Monero (XMR) Updated 2019 Cryptonight_R Algo

A new updated video guide for 2019 showing how to get started mining Monero on the new POW algo Cryptonight R / V9. I show you how I'm mining Monero using my GTX 1080Ti graphics card on Windows 10 and how you can start mining, setup your pool, miner config e.t.c.

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  • α β γ

    Hello, please i make all what is in video, add wallet and start it, but when xmr comes to my wallet please ???

  • stef nieberg

    very old AMD HD7950 2gb 422 HS

  • dastardlyman

    im getting 900 hashes on second hand sapphire rx 470 nitro 8gbthese cards are still the best value for miningbut no-one believes me except carter from bbt - and what does he know???;-)

  • Don Huan

    hi, what is better, one 1080ti or four 1050ti ? thx

  • Learn How To Build An Income Online

    Great Video, been waiting for this one.

  • jadoei13

    Anyone else getting lots of rejected shares with vegas on windows 10 using stak-xmr on nanopool and the latest drivers?Edit: Running at 950mv with -73% power using about 83 watts per card from the wall running at 1100h/s, clocked the mem down to 1080mhz in the hope of reducing rejected shares, but it didn't help, neither did the 950mv instead of 925. Total system runs around 5200h/s for 4x vega 64 and a 1950x @ 3Ghz, drawing about 570 watts

  • leandro giraldi

    Hello my friend, how are you, I stopped mining, I have 2 rx 470 and a rx 480. and today is no longer compensating for the mining. big hug. Leandro do Brasil

  • (Crazylord) B € C

    GOOD ;) Nanopool example Monero ;)

  • mafelas mafelas

    Nice video I’m getting 1043 h/s on my rx 480. Subscribed.

  • SmashBoomBam

    How do I setup my threats to get 1900 on a Vega 64? Can't find any docs online.

  • Ioanamoni Pohrib

    make a video whit electroneum . plls. tx

  • Classborn

    AMD RX 560 4GB is doing $0.33 per day mining Monero with Cudo Miner, multiply by 3 and that should be the profitability of AMD RX 580. In other words, your AMD RX 580 should be doing $1 per day with Cudo Miner mining Monero.

  • Steve Dvernichuk

    You talked about Vega, how does the rx 580 fair mining XMR?

  • Manoel Ramon

    I am a former monero miner.. by the level of current difficulty and the cost of hw and energy, my conclusion is.. buy the coin not the rig... you will make much more money.

  • BlackMambaTV

    I started mining in this pool with 5 gpu GTx970 and everything is working properly, but since I added a sixth, the latter does not work, the drivers are updated, the 6 GPUs all work together with other miner but not with that of this monero pool. could you help me ? thank you

  • Sparky 84

    Hi I just got a vega 56 msi card. I’m new to mining and just starting as a hobby. When u run the mining software how do u get the monero coins? Do u need to link a monero wallet? Also what settings should I use on a vega 56 card? Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you

  • Nemesis Turtle

    Hi, Im new to crypto and looking to buy monero without giving id. How would i go about this? Cheers.

  • FaceToFace10101980

    One question: is it still worth to mine monero or some other crypto these days? I mean at moment a monero is about 50€, but my electrucity costs are much higher than that. Look at whatomine for a comparision.

  • Taurus

    Awesome thanks for the video

  • azoresmarine

    Once again great, concise information. Great help, thank you.

  • Alex Martinez Jensen

    How long time, does it take to mine 1 x Monero

  • Escape3000

    How to mine with CPU?

  • Barry Cartwright

    for me it's coming up as virus or malware

  • Yennefer

    It works fine (so far). Thanks, man.

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