Common BIOS Settings Explained

What are some of the more common BIOS settings you might want to tweak to get your computer running as well as it can?

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  • Techhh

    but i want ot overclock my rbg led!

  • fadingbeleifs

    these don't prevent an intruder from.... "YouTube crashes"...... lost in silence.thanks Apple.

  • Espaço das Vendas

    Have a group of Facebook or WhatsApp for help in electronic or informatic?

  • Golden0Cloud

    I have windows already installed but it's stuck in post and won't boot motherboard has code Ab on it

  • Noledad77

    Is there a specific setting in BIOS to enable RAM slots? My pc will only boot with 1 8GB stick and the mobo is rated for up to 32gb of RAM

  • shashi jain

    asus optimal settings

  • paul humphreys

    that told me nothing, you talk too fast and you didn`t really explain anything

  • Pacsal

    BIAHS? I had faith Luke.

  • 2WheelBandit

    Can someone please make a video on how to fix a Dell bios that keeps freezing. I can't do anything with my PC because of it

  • bouchnak jihed

    what about flashing a bios what cases we need to do it and we need upgrate ?

  • Saeed Kh

    please turn subtitle

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