Common BIOS Settings Explained

What are some of the more common BIOS settings you might want to tweak to get your computer running as well as it can?

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  • Paul Potter

    Yes, I'm badass. -LinuxI love how much stuff you can change in the BIOS of really old PCs.

  • JayzBeerz

    didn't understand a word he said

  • Mynemislev

    How to download more storage? Wait this isn’t googleRead more

  • anita sebok

    The virus calls i think linux incompatible to windows in the name of windows or microsoft,when it startsYou need incompatibilities listed,to have a proof it exists

  • anita sebok

    The secure boot,one should know what it is,not to let rootkits do it

  • Shoot U In The knee

    Someone give me a good fan speed curve for cpu and other fans

  • John Stancliff

    you guys need to do an episode on the Chassis Intrusion feature and how to use it....

  • TheCraftinFluffy

    9:40 Late Point Boyo

  • Nath_SoM R.

    Anyone knows how to get a menu like in 0:54 in windows 10 since mashing f8 doesn't work anymore?

  • TheCraftinFluffy

    "the Bie Ohss"

  • anita sebok

    To be secure you need to be able to think it over yourself. It begins like I dont understand much of bios but the rootkit does,first of all no proof he does understand anything

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