Common BIOS Settings Explained

What are some of the more common BIOS settings you might want to tweak to get your computer running as well as it can?

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  • YugaroGaming

    No hate but he sounds like a more mature Kermit the frog whom moved to a new place and started a new life and as he started sorting his life out he also started to gain a different accent whilst keeping his throaty accents 😅😂❤️

  • Jim Will

    I might just be too much of a noob but I wish they didn’t use screen shots and recorded going through settings instead

  • borny hitch

    is this linus tech's boyfriend?

  • Ni ck

    Good lord dude, Bios has an O in it not an A.

  • HappySlappyFace

    4:15 the left middleThe ram is running in dual single channel

  • Lael Hansen Toe Sucker

    4:17 I’m using that bios and can’t find my intergraded graphics to use my dual monitor :(

  • Clyde Lupyu

    what if i enable uefi network stack is it helpful?

  • SylentBrian187

    I build this pc and it works perfect but how do I go back to the home screen because it keeps bringing me back to the bios whenever I turn it off and on

  • Krimp Barnes

    At least he said boot correctly. Enjoy the ''BAIOS''😅😂

  • FaK Fatkids

    Only a psychopath would pronounce bios “bias”

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