Fix Faulty Nvidia Geforce gtx 1070 1060 1050 Graphics Card Micron Memory Voltage Vram Issue video

Fix for the faulty Nvidia GTX 1060 1070 1080 graphics card Micron memory voltage issue How to fix.Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 BIOS updates to fix memory issues..Nvidia GTX 1070 Memory Issue To Be Addressed. nvidia geforce gtx 1070 has faulty vram /
(Please read the description)

A good list of the latest bios updates and version and where to download them..Also check the version numbers before upgrading the bios.


Check the chipset first using

Bios update links below


If you bios update for your card is not above check there web site and see if there are any updates for your Nvidia GTX 1070

Remember this is only affecting cards with the micron chip set so
check your card with GPU-Z first..

MSI, Zotac and Asus, all use the original Samsung memory so they should be fine.Micron memory isn't bad, it's more about the BIOS the cards are running not being tuned specifically for their GDDR5..

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  • Nicolas Juncal

    Hi ! my new pc is: i5 6600k, 2x8 GB Avexir Blitz ddr4 (ram), msi z170a and gtx 1070. But i have 50 fps in CS:GO and other games. How i can solve this ?

  • 9 9

    bro can you help me. i have gtx 1070 i7 on my hp omen 17. but i only get 30 fps? what should i do?

  • thym

    i have a msi gaming x gtx 1070 and micron memory.. wheres the bios update for that?


    dont over oclock ur wont have such an issue like this...i wont over clock my GPU when i buy it

  • lolzas

    youtube to the rescue. Thank you Chase 4fun. Been searching all over google and find allot of solutions but no real answer to why. I had the shit Micron ship will try ask for one with samsung chip but in my country once you open a package and broken the seal you cant send it back lets see what happends. So Micron is not bad just thier Bios that is? when will they fix it if im not lucky to get a new one i need a fix.

  • Chase 4fun

    Guys the links are in the description for the fixes !!

  • Luke

    Asus did say they were working on a new bios on the 10/06/16. So before most other companies. The strix cards are also the least affected.

  • TheSection25

    i installed a msi gtx 1070 gaming x last week that has micron memory and have been gaming like crazy since without a single issue at all ....... i absolutely love this card ........ running most of my favorite games in 2k resolution maxed settings and maintain well over 60fps and some like bf4 maintain 120fps......... i do not overclock the card maybe thats why im not having any problems.

  • juv923

    so I used my Msi cpu-z and it shows in the type GDDR5. Is that good or what. I was a bit confused on what the type would say if it was either or. Thanks in advcance

  • Chase 4fun


  • Fer

    my Zotac 1070 mini has micron memory and Ive been experiencia crashes and screen corruption while playing :/

  • Doug B

    I have a MSI 1070 GTX Z and it has the crappy Micron memory.

  • M B

    VBIOS_GTX1070_AMP_(ZT-P10700C-10P__288-1N435-100Z8-101Z8)Micron_RAM(2016_11) WILL THIS WORK? , I HAVE GTX 1070 ZOTAC AMP! EDITION ( NOT EXTREME ) , PLS PLS PLS REPLY

  • Marlon Sydney

    Thank god I bought mine the same month it released.

  • Zackery Daley

    i dont understand what this video is asking me to do.

  • Alejandro Campa

    MSI download is out!

  • yuriy yakimov

    Well i have a EVGA GTX 1060 ACX 3.0 - model: 06G-P4-6262-KR6GB 192 busAnd current bios are: i think these videos are from 2016 september, which probably came with the hotfix? and yeah this gpu has a GDDR5 Micron.The thing any driver will increase cpu latency so bad on In depth test latency provided by latency moon, latencys will up to 150! ... x.x

  • J J T

    This issue is only for cards with the ACX 3.0 cooler as it does not provide sufficient cooling for the VRAM so it effectively sits there and just boils. Micron memory is actually very good and will only cause you an issue should you choose to overclock. A stock 1070 will not cause you a problem.

  • Martín Ignacio Zabalza

    i have 1070 asus strix , whit micron memory. if changed Bios Card lost waranty? and if have issue, can be ask for change for another card with samsung memory?

  • RB Bedard

    ASUS has new bios out to fix it

  • only126db

    Been trying to figure out why this MSI Aero 1070 seems to suck so bad....... Micron Memory.....

  • Piso Sisa

    I had micron memory on my 1070 gainward and it was running fine but couple of days ago it had a massive drop in performance and I solved the problem by turning off all the unns programs.

  • TheeFreakiishlyz

    The issue is, how do I update my gpu vbios?

  • Fazlul Thasleem

    gtx 770 sc im having this issue

  • J. Shih

    Strange as the GTX 1080 uses micron GDDR5X

  • Jonathan Villegas

    Hey there! So, I was checking the ASUS download center for my ROG STRIX-GTX1070-8G-GAMING and found an update for the BIOS (GTX1070updatebios.exe): -Version 1.02 -2016/12/265.93 MBytes -GTX1070updatebios, 1. DUAL GTX 1070 series now support 0dB function. 2. Improve Micron memory overclock stability.) I decided to download and install the update but an hour has passet and the soft is still running. GPU-Z info: - GPU: GP104 - BIOS Version - Memory Type GDDR5 (Micron) How long does it take to update the BIOS? Should I restart the computer system? I don't want to mess it up. Thanks.P.S.: I found this video after running the .exe file. Dammit

  • Adam McMahan

    ok this video says 1070 1060 1050 , but only focuses on 1070 .. wtf is that why not give a link for 1060s or 1050s

  • Medieval 3D

    Lol I have GDDR5 Hynix :P, I think my problem is due PSU I have one of 550W, I have some restarts when load too heavy resource games as Skyrim Special Edition in all max settings and resolution and with heavy graphic mods, I guess might be the PSU , just I wonder having a 1000W would fix the issue, by the way I dont have any problems in "less resource games", please I kno something about feel free to comment, thannks

  • Zsavage1

    it's an easy fix... take a hammer to the nvidia card and then get an AMD .. I sold my POS 1080.. got 2 RX580's red devils.. and it kills the 1080 especially in VR and running 3 24" monitors (LG) no more artifacts, no more frame drops, and no more stutter, and also have an extra 150.00 bucks in my pocket..

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